East Germany More K-selected Than The West

Counterintuitive, unless you know r/K:

A government report published on Thursday looks at why rising far-right violence is a particular problem in former East Germany.

Recent police statistics have laid bare the problem with right-wing crime in Germany. In 2016, 23,500 right-wing crimes were committed, and violent right-wing crimes jumped up by 14.3 percent.

Eastern Germany represents around half of these crimes, despite making up only 19 percent of the German population, according to Iris Gleicke, the government’s commissioner for east Germany.

But Thursday’s government report cautioned against stigmatizing the whole former communist area.

Gleicke said at the presentation of the study in Berlin on Thursday that the findings showed that most people in the east are not racist. But she added that the majority were far too silent on right-wing extremism.

The report focused on three districts in which far-right violence has risen markedly over the past two years – Heidenau, Freital and Herrenberg.

Heidenau and Freital, both on the outskirts of Dresden have made national headlines for far-right violence. Herrenberg, a district of Erfurt in Thuringia, has also become a stronghold of the far-right scene, according to the report…

The people of the towns in the study are only confronted with Germans who undergo hardship…

Which part of Germany has a history of shortage and suffering? Which experienced more K-selecting stimuli? It is a fascinating experiment, because the shortage and suffering is mixed with attempts at communist indoctrination, while the resource glut was mixed with an ideology of freedom and K-selection. Yet even still, the population remains K.

The shortage built an epigenetic profile in these East Germans which is more K, regardless of all other influences. It would erode, if given free resources for long enough, but apparently it can only degrade so quickly.

It is hard to believe that back in the cold war, western freedom and success was sowing the seeds of a societal breakdown, while the bread lines and misery of communism were laying a foundation for the very psychology that would one day save the west.

It is very counter intuitive, unless you grasp r/K Theory.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is easier to create K with that than to endure communism

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4 Responses to East Germany More K-selected Than The West

  1. Mikeconnors353@gmail.com says:

    East Germany has a colder climate than West Germany – more K. EG also less r1b & more Slavic R1a.

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  3. Pitcrew says:

    This is good for Central Europe. Eastern Germany, Poland, Hungary and the Czechs just might be strong enough to resist the future Caliphate.

    • Backed by Valdimir Putin and Russia? Makes me wonder if that is why the left and Hillary were so eager to win the election and start a world war now, before the Russians go really K in the Apocalypse.

      Then I could see Putin spreading SVR out throughout Europe putting skin penetrating carcinogens in footbaths at Mosques all over Europe, and then sitting back for six months, as the Muslim threat evaporates.

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