Freedom Watch Has CIA Whistle Blower With 47 Hard Drives Highlights Government Spying On Citizens

I will bet it isn’t the big reveal, but still huge:

CIA Whistleblower leaks 47 hard drives & 600 million documents, shows Obama spied on Trump, 156 judges, and SCOTUS.

Larry Klayman does God’s work, and you can bet his life is an oppressive hell.

My own belief was CIA would never be the big spying story in the US. For the CIA to be the big story, somebody would have to have hung the agency out there, and risk everything needlessly by keeping the CIA involved. My own assumption was the big story will end up being some domestic security agency that organized surveillance through either contractors, or lower level government agencies that hired contractors, and left the responsibility with the contractors and/or lower agencies. That way, if anybody ever noticed threads and began pulling at them, all their unraveling would end at private sector entities, which the government would claim acted without authorization.

But it is possible that would disperse too much power, and risk losing control of the operation at the regional level. I’d imagine it is a balance, maintaining the power and control, or dispersing the blame, and keeping it at bay.

It is not impossible they decided to keep control at the upper levels, and this will get really interesting. Or it is possible that this CIA source has intelligence gathered by the CIA on an entirely separate, privatized operation controlled by a select few Obama-liberals.

Clearly the government is trying to suppress this, both at the Law Enforcement level and the congressional level, as you can see in the letter Larry Klayman wrote to congress that Conservative Treehouse put up here:

At some point somebody will discover the secret sauce to expose what is going on. When that happens, it is unimaginable how it will play out, if it is shown all levels of government, from intelligence, to Law Enforcement, to Congress, to the media were all actively attempting to work together to facilitate law-breaking and the oppression of citizens.

It would seem that would destroy every last vestige of any respect anyone had for an already decadent system. If the government ignores the law, and doesn’t care, while treating citizens as enemies, then it is a short jump to the people taking the same attitude, at which point we will decline into dictatorship, and the simple rule by brute force, absent any higher moral imperative.

Who would think that the mid-twenty-first century might be marked by a Russia that is seen as a paragon of K-selected virtue, and an America that is little more than a collapsing dictatorship which viewed its citizens as enemies.

Trump may truly be our last chance.

Tell everyone else about r/K Theory, and the Spooks will hear about it too

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