German Retribution Begins

Refugee center burned down:

In what could be the first “blowback” response against German refugees following Monday’s deadly Berlin terrorist attack in which a Tunisian jihadist killed 12 people after ramming a truck in a Christmas market after swearing allegiance to ISIS, Germany’s Morgenpost reports that on Friday a suspicious fire erupted at a refugee center in a Hamburg suburb, destroying 28 residential units in the blaze.

There were no injuries among the building’s 37 inhabitants although two people are still reportedly missing after the blaze. The firemen did not find any corpses in the debris and assume that they are alive. The spokesperson was initially unable to provide information about the causes of the incident as the investigation continues. According to eyewitnesses, a violent bang was heard in the neighborhood before the fire erupted.

Hamburg’s fire brigades were alerted around 5pm local time at which point authorities were dispatched to deal with the flames. When rescue teams arrived, they found a crowd of about thirty people watching the building burn to the ground.

And the splintering begins.

Knowing what is coming, I do not oppose this. But I still feel it is too early. The patriots who do this are running the risk of being taken out of circulation before the whole nation is ready to really deal with the problem decisively. It is my own belief that dealing with the migrants will be like taking off a Band-Aid. Wait, let the population grow more angry with each attack by the Islamists, and then when the majority of the nation is ready, get rid of all of them all at once.

Still, if it was my child killed in the attack, I can understand.

I have to warn people, these refugee centers can be under surveillance, and if they are, the surveillance will be hiding quite effectively. There may be terrorists like the Christmas Festival terrorist who are bedding down there, and teams are maintaining a watch overnight. There may be migrant criminal gangs who are operational there, and who are being watched at night to document late night forays to meet confederates. There may just be surveillance there because word has drifted out that local K-strategists who you don’t even know have spoken about burning it down, and you have the bad luck of showing up as the surveillance is set up to catch those other K’s. There may be in-person teams in hides with sightlines to ingress and egress to the area, there may be traffic cameras, or even privately owned cameras that will capture imagery to be retrieved later.

When doing these types of things, you don’t leave something like that to chance. It only takes one instance of being caught to screw up your life for a good long time. For that reason, the operators who will survive the coming unrest will be assiduous every time out, and they will leave nothing to chance at any point.

We are past the point where you can assume that you are all alone at any moment these days, and especially if you are doing things like these. If you are in Europe, and one day find that you have to choose between some form of action, or seeing your nation fall to savages, be very careful, do a thorough counter surveillance sweep for all vulnerabilities from cameras to in-person before doing anything, mask your identity at the scene, and lose any tail you may have grown during your nightly activities. Do not allow who you are, to be documented at the site, and do not lead anyone back to your home after the night’s activities are done. If possible, have a large group of unidentifiable people show up, most of whom appear to be present innocently, to make discerning who is who, and who exactly did what, difficult.

In Europe, your government is presently the public relations, surveillance, and direct-action support for the Muslim invasion. Take it seriously, and do not act rashly, without carefully taking measures to protect your anonymity from the machine.

Spread r/K Selection Theory, because with it, the government would be forced to take the sides of the K’s

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5 Responses to German Retribution Begins

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  2. Alice says:

    I expect you are right and this is certainly excellent advice but it seems plausible, especially with two inhabitants missing, that this is another terrorist action. They pay no price for the destruction and have no concern for possible injuries and deaths from the fire.

    • Duke Norfolk says:

      Yep, suspiciously nobody was hurt. So they burn it down themselves thinking that it will create sympathy for them and give them more grievances to lay on govt, and they don’t give a damn about the destruction of resources, of course.

      What they fail to realize is that this will all backfire on them, just as the BLM riots and cop killings have done here in the U.S.

  3. cairennhouse says:

    And, while some Germans are ready to take action to get rid of the invaders, for others the invaders evidently aren’t arriving fast enough, so they’ve decided to go to them. “European Lefties Plan to March on ISIS While Waving White Flags”

  4. Duke Norfolk says:

    Flaming arrows from afar! LOL

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