Gert Wilders , And The K-selected Movement, Is On Fire

Gert is on fire!

Today, the most well-known pollster in the Netherlands, Maurice de Hond, shared the results of his last poll of 2016. To sum it up: Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom (PVV) are starting the new year with a bang.

According to de Hond, the PVV’s (virtual) lead is now 13 seats. If elections were held today, Wilders would get 36 seats in the 150-seat Dutch parliament. Current Prime Minister Mark Rutte, whose VVD has 41 seats at the moment, would lose 18 seats. This means that the gap between the biggest party,the PVV, and the second largest party, the VVD, would be 13 seats, which is very significant indeed for Dutch standards. For example, the difference between the two largest parties in parliament right now is a mere three seats: 41 for the supposedly classically liberal VVD, 38 for Labor (PvdA).

A gap of 13 seats would truly constitute a historic blowout.

I have always hoped that when it hit Europe, r/K would begin to coalesce the political world around the ideas of r and K. One thing which fractures K overseas is the inability of the various factions of K to unite around their common psychological lineage. With r/K, not only are they given cause to unite for political reasons, but the very idea should coalesce them for instinctual reasons as well, by K-ifying everyone.

As r/K Theory unites Ks around their shared psychological predispositions, it will also unite them around a revulsion at the predispositions of the r-strategists. It is a perfectly designed mechanism to drive society into two camps, leaving the minority r-strategists fully out-numbered.

Out numbered is exactly how they should be, when the Apocalypse begins.

Help others learn about r/K Theory, because it is the perfect accompaniment to the Apocalypse

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5 Responses to Gert Wilders , And The K-selected Movement, Is On Fire

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  2. infowarrior1 says:

    The fact that Geert Wilders is pro-gay rights its probable that he’s a rabbit riding the K wave.

  3. davecydell says:

    Had a friend come by the other day. We talked Trump and other topics. As he was leaving I opened a thick dictionary on the nearby stand, to reveal a cut out i/s and a 357.
    Told him I wasn’t out to survive an apocalypse, just go out like Davey Crockett.

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