If You Didn’t See The Sunday Shows…

I was flipping around the Sunday shows, and saw an astonishing level of anti-Trump vitriol from the talking heads. On Stephanopoulos, the little troll looked orgasmic as Rich Lowry said there would need to be a third party if Trump was the Republican nominee even though that would hand Hillary the White House. Some blonde bimbo who claimed to be Republican then indicated she would never vote for Trump, even if Hillary would win. On Fox, George Will made it clear he would never vote for Trump if he was the nominee. On CBS, Fuckhead Luntz did some focus group theater showing a bunch of people who claimed they were Republicans for XXX years, and they would never vote for Trump, then in the interview after he claimed that was incredibly common, and Trump would destroy the GOP.

I was shocked. All of them kept saying that Donald would crush turnout, he would destroy the down-ticket candidates, and he would destroy the entire Republican Party. Of course in the back of my head is a picture of Jeb Bush, their ideal candidate, speaking to a room filled with seven geriatrics, two of whom are sleeping in their chairs. I saw this article on the NY Times being forced to confront the diverse supporters of Trump:

The New York Times found what it called an “unlikely melting pot” when its reporters descended on a Donald Trump campaign office in Tampa, Fla.

“For a campaign frequently depicted as offering a rallying point for the white working class, the people volunteering to help Mr. Trump here are noteworthy for their ethnic diversity,” reported the Times on Sunday. “They include a young woman who recently arrived from Peru; an immigrant from the Philippines; a 70-year-old Lakota Indian; a teenage son of Russian immigrants; a Mexican-American.”

The Times article included anecdotes from several campaign workers, and drew some common themes.

I mainly bring it up so those who didn’t catch any of the shows could get an idea of what the MSM is doing to try and mold public opinion against Trump. It was so extreme, the primal hatred so strong, and the lies so out of control that I was frankly shocked. If I hadn’t already been for Trump, that would have sealed the deal. The machine is terrified of him, in the same way they were afraid of Reagan.

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4 Responses to If You Didn’t See The Sunday Shows…

  1. bob sykes says:

    If they do manage to silence Trump, they’ll next time have to deal with armed mobs and Mussolini’s fate.

  2. Matt says:

    Trump is not my preferred candidate, but if he does get the GOP nomination, I will vote for him. As far as destroying the Republican Party, I’m hoping that it can be eviscerated and a leadership that actually represents Conservatives can be installed. Failing that, burn it down.

    I spent Saturday at the county/district convention and saw that a lot of the delegates are certainly part of the establishment. I’m a delegate to the State convention and I expect it to be even worse.

  3. thebillyc says:

    I hope the Don fires exponentially higher numbers of government slackers than Ronnie did. And puts peaceful jihadists in with the remaining worthless cucks.

    • chris says:

      He needs to extirpate the leftist hold on academia, education and the media/hollywood. Or else the rot will come back.

      “What good does it do to give a man and fish and he will eat for a day, when you can teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

      He needs to think long-term as well ash short-term.

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