Medical Shortages In Venezuela And Britain

Death is everywhere in Venezuela, and medical care is scant:

Marili Gómez was eight months pregnant with twins in her hometown of Valencia, Venezuela, when her doctor gave her stark advice: She could either take an 18-hour bus ride and seek care in neighboring Colombia or lose the babies.

As she sat in a bare, second-story walk-up in this Colombian border town feeding the newborns, Gómez said she didn’t have to think about the decision very long. Just weeks before that doctor’s visit, she’d lost her 16-year-old son to Venezuela’s violence — he was stabbed more than a dozen times in what police believe was a robbery.

“I had no choice,” she said of the dangerous journey. “I wanted my babies to live.”

Venezuela’s stunning economic collapse — going from one of the hemisphere’s most prosperous countries to the region’s basket case — is starting to have ripple effects in neighboring nations.

In particular, its crumbling healthcare system is generating waves of medical refugees. And while Colombia doesn’t keep track of national figures, hospitals along the border say they’ve been swamped with cases.

Britain meanwhile is having the same problem, even with the copious resource availability of a first world nation:

The number of NHS patients in England who had urgent operations cancelled hit record numbers in November, soaring to almost double the level a year ago, according to government data…

The number of urgent operations cancelled in November climbed to 446, from 357 in October. In November last year there were 243 such operations cancelled.

NHS England confirmed that the November 2016 figure was the highest since such records began to be kept six years ago.

It is amazing that liberals can see, side by side, two completely different countries. Both have the same problems, and both developed their problems as their health services went towards socialized medicine.

Now real people are hurting and even dying, and as badly as the liberals want to seem smart and empathetic to everyone else, they cannot bring themselves to admit the error of their ways. If that does not prove that liberalism is a mental disorder, I do not know what does.

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