Migrants And Poor On Verge Of War In Rome

Things are heating up:

ROME is on the verge of war as friction grows between poor Italians and and an increasing number of migrants, the city’s mayor has warned…

Virginia Raggi told an immigration summit of European city leaders mayors need to be the first to welcome refugees with “warmth, shelter and accommodation”…

She said the situation is so fragile in the Italian capital’s suburbs between the impoverished locals and those who have fled poverty after facing long and dangerous journeys across the sea, battles between the two groups are imminent.

The poor are naturally heading toward K. The migrants are r-strategists with a insatiable desire for free resources, triggered by anything less than total, perfect ease. As a result, they are both in high amygdala.

Those in a state of K precipitated by hardship naturally have high amygdala functionality. That means they are naturally ready to rumble when it is called for. The rich and comfortable in a state of r are another story. Their amygdalae are deadened by dopamine, so when something uncomfortable is called for like fighting off invaders, risking their own lives, or even just forcing refugees to remain in poverty overseas by refusing them entry, they have no amygdala to drive the action with aversive stimulus at the thought of not acting. That is the difference between the mayor in this article, and the poor communities she is trying to integrate the migrants into.

The thing all of these politicians should consider is the debt bomb waiting to explode. When it goes off, everyone is going to be poor, K, and in high amygdala. And everyone is going to remember these politician’s actions, and view the politicians as part of the migrant-enemy-force.

Tell everyone about r/K Selection, because the Apocalypse is coming, and we need to get all the K’s on the same side

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