NATO Auditor Found Dead

Mucho suspicioso (courtesy of cleaned up google translate):

A senior Nato official, who was dealing with sensitive files, was found dead last Friday in Andenne, in the Belgian province of Namur. His family dismissed the thesis of suicide…

According to the journalists, this encounter is surrounded, Of mysteries, as the senior official was the owner of three declared weapons, but it is a fourth, undeclared weapon that fired the deadly shot.

According to Mr. Chandelon’s relatives, he felt threatened. As he had mentioned to his entourage, he thought he had been followed and had already received “strange” calls. Within NATO, this 60-year-old was the Auditor-General who led him to deal with money laundering and terrorist financing. A profile likely to expose Yves Chandelon to danger.

You know, I suspect a lot of dead bodies could be averted if the people doing the strange phone calls and cryptic threats could just spit the fuck out whatever it is they are trying to say.

That said, notice the strangeness of the times. This is the decline. Resource gluts blunt amygdalae, and deteriorate the adherence to rules, morals, honor, and regulations. It also produces an insatiable addiction to resources in the rabbits near the epicenter of the glut. As a result, at the top you will get a lot of pockets of graft mixed with a desperation to avoid any consequences. Once resources start tightening up, and the threat of people chasing down all that missing graft rises, so too will desperation.

It is dangerous times.

Help spread r/K Theory, because when they are following you, you may have problems

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  2. Phelps says:

    THIS ^^^^

    If you are threatening someone to get them to stop doing something, fucking threaten them and tell them what to stop. If intimidation was going to work, they aren’t going to be put off by the directness, and if they are correctly able to infer what you wanted, then any retaliation is still going to happen.

    Stop acting like you are in a shitty movie and just spit it out.

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