North Korea Wants To Fire Off Nuke For Father’s Birthday

Preparations seem to be happening:

NORTH Korea’s dumpy despot Kim Jong-un is expected to test his newest nuclear weapon to celebrate his dead grandfather’s birthday.

The tubby tyrant is thought to have planned the launch of a nuclear device for April 15, in honour of his forebear Kim il-Sung, who founded North Korea in 1948.

Kim Il-Sung, also known as the Eternal President of the Republic, died 23 years ago before handing the Hermit Kingdom over to his son Kim Jong-il.

And activity at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in North Korea has caused concerns among observers that the rotund ruler may be looking to celebrate his predecessor’s birthday with a bang.

A Beijing-based diplomat said: “It concerns me that the North is doing excavation work at two tunnels (of the site).

“Lots of analysis and evaluation will be needed to determine whether both of them, when completed, will be used to conduct nuclear tests simultaneously or at a short interval and what nuclear materials will be used.”

There is talk he may actually be planning to fire off two simultaneously, because activity at both tunnels is heating up. Some say in Jan of 2016 North Korea tested components of an H-bomb, that would be much more powerful than the A-bomb they previously tested.

One day after the October 9th, 2006 North Korean nuke test, Japan had a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit off Honshu, and about a month later an 8.4 followed on, with a tsunami. I wondered back then if there might be any relation between nuclear level agitation of the region’s ground (or even a shock wave spreading out and traveling down to the far side of the earth and then reverberating back up and re-concentrating), and a minor shifting in the tectonic plates that might weaken any forces holding back a release of built up tension and energy. Supposedly the earth is like a drop of water suspended in zero gravity, from the perspective of shock waves.

Given things seem to be heating up geologically along the ring of fire over the past few years, and this test could feature two bombs which are each magnitudes more powerful than any previously, if I were in Japan I might be a little more vigilant for earthquakes following the date in question and after any test. I’d make sure I knew where my exits were, and the procedures for sheltering in the event of one. If those plates have built up some tension, you never know what might jar them loose.

You can bet things will heat up if that little pudgy fuck sets off another catastrophe like the 2011 Tsunami, or worse with his antics.

Spread r/K Theory, because there may be a whole lotta shaking going on

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