Now Germans Want A Germexit

Germany begins to take on a K-selected psychology, prone to exhibit splintering:

NEARLY half of all Germans want to hold a referendum on their nations EU membership – with a survey suggesting almost two-thirds of Germans are unhappy and want change in the crumbling Brussels bloc…

About 96 per cent of Germans want the failing Brussels bloc to be become “more transparent and closer to the people”, the independent polling institute found.

The results will come as a blow to Angela Merkel, who has been widely criticised for her open-door immigration policy which saw one million migrants enter Germany in 2015…

Around 60 per cent of the respondents also believe that Germany should strengthen its role within the EU and promote its interests within the bloc, even if it contradicts the views of other members.

When resources are flush, massing groups together relaxes amygdalae, because it indicates conflict is less likely.

As resources begin to constrict, amygdalae light up, and it becomes clear that somebody will be getting more amygdala stimulation than everyone else. At that point, the only way to assuage amygdala is to make sure it is somebody else who is going to get screwed.

Right now, we are seeing splintering beginning to enter the picture, and the resource restriciton is almost imperceptible at the individual level.

This is why, when the shortage increases to Apocalypse-level and the stakes are starvation or survival, splintering can progress to outright war. The amygdala has evolved as the organ which drives behavior. When it makes a decisive call, it has to be obeyed.

Spread r/K Theory, because splintering is inevitable

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4 Responses to Now Germans Want A Germexit

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  2. mobiuswolf says:

    Resources may not be short yet, but there is a ton of excess baggage floating around, that someone is going to get stuck with.

  3. Kirls says:

    Was this an inadvertent (or deliberate) amygdala hijack by Tucker Carlson of Kurt Eichenwald?

    or maybe eichenwald is just nuts.

  4. cuckerino says:

    Actually there aren’t many people in Germany who want a german “exit” this is stupid conservative propaganda.

    this is the “survey”.. 1000 people were questioned (germany has 80 million inhabitants)
    42% of those 1000 said they want to hold a referendum

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