PEGIDA UK – Splintering Among K’s and Amygdala Motivation Lesson

Watching a K-shift in real time in light of r/K, you see nuances which others will miss:

The UK branch of the far-right German campaign group PEGIDA marked its introduction into the UK political sphere with a series of provocative and divisive statements about Islam and the current refugee crisis.

The new group, which has been set up by former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson, also announced its first planned protest with a message calling on supporters to “save our culture”.

Addressing reporters at a pub in Luton, Mr Robinson said: “We have an ideological problem in this country with Islam. It’s not assimilated in any sort of way.

“Our political leaders and our European leaders are working against the interests of the people with the refugee influx – which is a migrant invasion – and we want to replicate the resistance of PEGIDA in Germany in the UK. It will be very different to how the English Defence League used to do things…

In the early stage of a K-shift, while threat and harshness are still avoidable and deniable, there will be a period where splintering will occur among the right. As a result, some rightward individuals will cling to aspects of r which give them comfort, while trying to maneuver politically and for social reasons in directions other than the K-strategy, as the Cuckservatives of the US do. Other groups with amygdalae only partly trained to react to a single deviation from one aspect of the K-strategy will focus on one aspect of K, from family values and social conservatism, to nationalism, to demands for freedom from government oppression, each to the exclusion of the rest of the K-strategy. They may attempt to compromise, or reduce conflict stimuli on other aspects of K as a strategic move, driven by their amygdala’s obsessed focus.

As the apocalypse goes down, there will be a reversal of the splintering, leading the right to fuse, but this will only occur as violence and threat become undeniable and a necessity that must be addressed. If real violence and threat were actually present in everyone’s world now, the similar aspects of right-leaning ideologues would unite them as allies against the threat, overwhelming their amygdalae’s present drive to avoid conflict. It would be something which would be actively driven by a cognitive desire of the amygdala to alleviate more thoroughly the massive anxiety produced by the threat. As they say, there is nothing like common enemies.

If Muslims were going to start killing people in greater numbers to the point everyone felt vulnerable, PEGIDA would tightly and proudly ally with the other groups, to amplify their power and increase the ability of their mind to alleviate the angst produced by the threat. If rightward ideologues were conducting violent acts against enemies on a regular basis, and you were either with them or against them, this would also consolidate the K-strategists. Threat avoidance is a great rabbit motivator – far greater than morals.

That level of threat just has not arisen yet, but it will.

One example of what not to do:

But Mr Robinson looked to distance it from both the British National Party and the EDL, retweeting a message from a supporter saying it is “completely wrong” to suggest the three are related.

The controversial campaigner quit the EDL in 2013, citing his fear that far-right protestors had hijacked the group and bemoaning its reputation as alcohol-fuelled and violent.

This is partly why I remain here pushing r/K. If you can create a solid fissure within the perceptions of humanity, and highlight that the K-strategists on one side of it can all more easily attain their objectives by uniting around the most extreme version of K and out-grouping the r’s as a common enemy, you could accomplish much more than if all of those K-forces fracture and splinter into a myriad of groups. You will accomplish even less if many of those splintered groups recoil at any thought of the similarities between each other.

Here, nationalism, in-grouping, and rejection of out-groups is a natural and noble urge. Within r/K the choice is not in-group, in-group-lite, or out-group. The choice for PEGIDA here is not if it is aligned with BNP and EDL or not. The choice is, is it aligned with BNP and EDL, or is it aligned with Labor and the Muslims. The choice is r or K – it is a battle. PEGIDA just aligned with Labor and the Muslims against BNP and EDL, at least in the minds of non-affiliated citizens observing, and they will shift their ideological position accordingly. That hurts PEGIDA’s goals.

If they can unite around a purified form of the K-aspect of their ideology, and agree to support each other unconditionally, their numerical superiority can bring the population’s perceptions closer to their objectives than they would ever come close to attaining individually.

Indeed, as The Trumpening has shown, by espousing the extreme position more strongly you expand the Overton window. As you do, the moderate group is assured of attaining it’s objectives merely through the rightward change in the populace’s opinions which that will produce. BNP and EDL desensitize British amygdalae to the idea of patriotic nationalism in its most aggressive form, and they exercise amygdalae producing a rightward ideological shift in the populace. That amygdala desensitization and exercise both drives and allows average citizens to adopt a more moderate form of nationalism easily, without resistance. Since PEGIDA’s real goals are in the middle, that would only benefit its objectives.

Another mistake:

But he said: “If we are allowed to have peaceful, quiet demonstrations, that will appeal to moderate England, people who feel they can bring their children, their grandchildren out,” Weston said.

That is a rabbit seeking to draw in other rabbits to follow him during times of rabbitry.

r/K Theory would predict you move a population to the right with amygdala stimulation produced by threat and aggression, and you move it to the left, practically, with peaceful, safe-feeling demonstrations that turn off the amygdala.

If you want the right to emerge, you want conflict, yelling, thrown bottles, loud noises, ominous drumbeats, and an air of danger and excitement. You want people’s amygdalae turned on by threat and exercising the aversive stimulus pathways, so when an issue which presents danger arises, their amygdalae will care, and that stronger, exercised aversive stimulus will drive the citizenry to take action to fix the problem, be that action voting, arguing, or demonstrating. The first few times they may recoil, but that is merely you desensitizing them to that stimulus and making them more rightward leaning, while teaching your movement’s core follower’s brains to embrace action as a stress reliever.

If you convince the entire nation intellectually, but nobody’s amygdala is strong enough to apply enough aversive stimulus to drive them to get off the couch, you have just ceded your nation to the Cucks and leftists by default, and you had better be ready to console your daughter after her first immigrant gang-rape.

The quickest way to kill your movement in that way is to make your K-strategist demonstrations into Kumbaya-singing drum circles with hand holding, moments of silence, and a finger painting table for the kiddies. If you do that, forget about having a movement.

If you espouse what this PEGIDA leader has just espoused, you might as well work for the enemy, because you are too clueless and stupid regarding the neurological mechanisms underlying your ideology to do anything but weaken your movement. Movements consist of ideas, morals, and the emotional drives to motivate your followers to MOVE. That last part is called amygdala, and it is the most critical element of all, because without it, there is no motivation for movement.

My assumption here is that once the Apocalypse comes down, PEGIDA UK will disappear – and this guy will never have a movement unless he learns the lessons of r/K and amygdala.

Apocalypse – Just do it.

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7 Responses to PEGIDA UK – Splintering Among K’s and Amygdala Motivation Lesson

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  2. You fail to account for outgroup law aka hate speech. People are afraid to talk in public, much less run for office.
    Look up UAF and you’ll soon see why using the middle class is imperative.

  3. cjm says:

    vigilante groups forming in germany.

    • I’ve seen that. I hope they understand Surveillance Awareness, and the prevalence of surveillance. Given Hamburg is a major zone of Islamic radicalism, Germany will have substantial surveillance assets ready for deployment all around. My guess is surveillance is common around Muslims just to keep the government’s eyes open, so any attempts at action now will only reveal the identities of patriots to a machine that is more hostile to them than it is to the Muslims.

      I would also get skilled at spotting technical surveillance deployed in Muslim neighborhoods. Their targets will likely often be under some form of coverage, especially around major population centers, complicating what should be a simple idea to stop women from being raped.

      And yes, surveillance will sit by and watch women be raped and killed, and not interfere. Their sole mission is gathering intel about “operational” activity, and any other crime will merely be observed and noted in the report. Merely the fact a crime is occurring and not being stopped is no indicator that surveillance is not active. I have heard of a teenaged girl who had her throat slit right in front of a surveillance op in the US, as they watched, and they only called in uniform patrol after it was done to clean up the body.

  4. General P. Malaise says:

    very good take on things

    thanks AC

  5. Ralph says:

    I’ve always thought that Eurosceptic groups like Liberty GB, Britain First, BNP, EDL, and UKIP would get more work done if they form some sort of coalition or consolidated movement. Apparently Tommy Robinson (and other members) have left the EDL because they believe the organization has been infiltrated by Neo-Nazis. Since around Robinson’s departure from the EDL, he and other former members have been working with a “moderate Muslim” think tank called Quilliam. Now Robinson wants peaceful protests. Instead Robinson should probably take a page from Britain First’s more confrontational style of dealing with Islamic migrants.

    This is off-topic but what is your take on the population crises in China and Japan and its relation to r/K? I’ve read that Eastern Europe is also facing a shrinking population crisis.

    • FAL Phil says:

      “Apparently Tommy Robinson (and other members) have left the EDL because they believe the organization has been infiltrated by Neo-Nazis.”

      This is a marked difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals do not turn their back on extremists or distasteful allies. They leverage them. Conservatives throw their extremist allies under the bus, for some pseudo-moral reason, not acknowledging the fact that that extremism, political muscle, and correct goals are not mutually exclusive.

      Conservatives are afraid of being called out and painted with the same brush as their extremists by the liberals. But when liberals are called out, their response is, “Yeah, they are out on the edge, but on this issue they are right.” Until conservatives learn to fight to win, they will continue to have their noses rubbed in the manure.

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