People Still Don’t Grasp That Liberalism Is Instinctual

When I see these articles, I could blow:

What do these events have in common?

A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter opens fire on a group of Republican congressmen at baseball practice and would have killed them all but for the unusual presence of two Capitol Hill police officers.

A version of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar features the assassination of an actor who, instead of wearing a toga, is dressed to look like Donald Trump.

A comedienne for CNN appears ISIS-like, holding the image of Donald Trump’s severed head – dripping with fake blood.

On college campuses throughout the country black students insist on separate, black-only graduation ceremonies and at one institution black students insisted that everyone who was white leave the campus for a day.

An increasingly-hostile atmosphere prevents conservative thinkers from even appearing on college campuses; and, in some cases, the resistance leads to violence, personal injury and property damage…

Liberalism without Ideas. During the last election, Donald Trump raised a number of issues – some of which were unusual in presidential politics. Uncontrolled, illegal immigration. A changing labor market that is leaving behind blue-collar workers with no college degree. A tax system that is making us uncompetitive in world markets…

The left in America is intellectually bankrupt. And this is a worldwide phenomenon. For most of the 20th Century the ideological left controlled the policy agenda. But in the last quarter of that century, they experienced a complete intellectual collapse. Ronald Reagan was elected. So was Margaret Thatcher. The world saw a surge in privatization and deregulation. Eastern European countries turned to the flat tax. More than 30 countries either fully or partially privatized their social security systems. Sweden adopted a national system of school vouchers.

On reflection, the left was wrong about everything. They were wrong about communism. They were wrong about socialism. They were wrong about the welfare state. Given that history, why would they want to talk about ideas?

… Bereft of any credible policy proposals, politicians have little else to do but focus on identity politics. Throughout the 20th century, the Democratic Party was always the party of division. In the South, Democratic politics was the politics of race. In the North, Democratic politics was the politics of class, envy and ethnicity. Still, there were real issues at stake.

This has nothing to do with ideas, or logic, or reason. These are two diverging instinctual programs. The r-strategists have gone so far r, they cannot face K-selection. Their brains are now driven to the point they will do anything to avoid it. The desperation is totally uncontrollable.

Against that backdrop is the rest of the world, which is going more and more K, both in environment and in psychology. As the rest of the world goes K, it becomes unwilling to submit to the normal r-strategy, of demanding free resources under threat of social out-grouping and ostracization.

So now the unavoidable advance of K-selection is meeting an r-strategy which cannot allow it to advance at all costs. And the increasingly neurotic r-strategy is meeting a K-strategy that is ever more likely to disregard it and simply go K.

Unless a new resource glut is about to start, something has to give, and the only way it will is with violence or misery. Either the r-strategists will manage to kill back enough K-strategists to impose r-selection by force, or the K-strategists will be left free to be K, and the r-strategists will have to face the K-selection they are so horrified by.

But an understanding of how r/K Selection Theory plays out in politics would indicate that peaceful coexistence of r and K is impossible.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is all r/K Theory

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5 Responses to People Still Don’t Grasp That Liberalism Is Instinctual

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  2. Duke Norfolk says:

    Heh, yep, I know the feeling now. The right flounders around (understandably) trying to fathom the motivations of the left; trying to rationalize all the contradictory and hypocritical actions they take. And continuing to think that if we just present the logic and facts to them again, in a slightly different form, for the umpteenth time, they’ll see the light.

    Won’t happen. Gotta use rhetoric to beat them down. And use their own tactics to defeat them. (Cue the principle right and their “don’t stoop to their level” B.S. Sigh.)

  3. Pitcrew says:

    That’s what so many conservatives haven’t understood about liberals. They WANT to kill you. The game they are playing is one of violent destruction of you and yours and they use guile, lawfare, deceit and virtue signals against you. They want to kill you and they aren’t going to play fair, ever. That is the only competition that matters. They appear non-threatening but in fact are snakes, ready to strike you as soon as your guard is down. Many on the right will fall for their acting. That’s what the game of life is, a life and death struggle against deceit. Don’t be a loser.

  4. surakvulcan says:

    I admit I have not read the book yet. I just bought it and it is sitting on my shelf, soon to be opened. This theory does explain a lot of human behavior very well, with one exception: the power of our minds to accept new evidence, to evaluate it, and to choose to act differently. It has happened to me and to others (the people who get “mugged by reality”).

    r/K theory controls animal behavior, which is all instinctive. (Probably plants as well!) I’d guess the majority of people are not reflective, and they stay stuck. But don’t tell me people can’t change as individuals – even as groups. Consider the radical transformation of Japan from K before WW2 to r after WW2. The reverse happens on an individual level; perhaps Trump and Brexit are evidence that the reverse can happen on a social level as well.

    I am too experienced to hope for any type of mass awakening. I hope for a minimally sufficient awakening to stop the slow-motion suicide of Western civilization.

  5. Robert What? says:

    Without a huge surplus of high producers there is only one way that a resource glut can be sustained and that is by slavery. (The Sixteenth Amendment is already a form of slavery.) As K times get nearer I wouldn’t be surprised to see various forms of slavery be legalized or at least cause averted eyes. Of course slavery is not as productive and you probably need ten slaves for each voluntary producer replaced.

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