Putin Vows Revenge

He knows pretty soon the gloves will be coming off:

…in Ankara, Turkey, where Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was killed in cold blood by a police officer who was standing behind him during a speech in an art gallery. After he shot Karlov several times in the back, the killer screamed that he did it for Aleppo. The entire attack was caught on camera.

Putin has vowed revenge.

“A crime has been committed and it was without doubt a provocation aimed at spoiling the normalization of Russo-Turkish relations and spoiling the Syrian peace process which is being actively pushed by Russia, Turkey, Iran and others,” said a stern-faced Putin.
“There can only be one response – stepping up the fight against terrorism.

The bandits will feel this happening.”

Turkey took the killer’s mother and sister into custody, ostensibly for questioning, but I’ll bet it was to keep them alive. The truth is, with Islamofascists, unless you make it known that each attacker’s entire family will be liquidated brutally and horrifically after their attack, you will probably not have any effect on the overall process.

If you look at middle eastern brains as programmed by evolution to exhibit strong kin-selection effects due to extensive inbreeding/cousin-marriage, killing the entire clan of a suicide attacker is the only stimulus which would have any potential to alter their behavior, given their brain programming.

Somehow I suspect the Russians will be excellent allies in that environment – and Donald Trump will be no slouch himself.

r/K Selection Theory – because Vladimir Putin said so, Comrade…

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