Salon Explains The Strategy In Importing Immigrants

Flood the nation with foreigners who will oppose Donald Trump:

One thing that would strongly push the country in the opposite direction than the one Trump intends is for individual states, particularly progressive states in the West or Northeast, to pass laws as favorable to immigrants as the ones in Arizona, Georgia and Alabama have been unfavorable. What if, say, California were to pass legislation extending full human rights to all people present in the state? That would set up a historic confrontation, bringing out all the anomalies in our inhuman immigration regime for due public consideration. “Sanctuary” would become a constructive, constitutional, universal concept, not a purely reactive one against police powers.

Every time we say that we should let immigrants stay because they do the dirtiest work that native-born folks aren’t willing to do, we should remember that we do not justify our ancestors’ arrival with that logic. We deserve to be here because we have a human right to be, just as we accepted this in the centuries preceding racist federal bureaucracies. We are here because we are humans, not because of our utility toward someone else’s comfort.

This is the goal. Fake Americans import foreigners with the hopes that the foreigners will destroy the real Americans for them. Here they are hoping it will happen at the voting booth, but ultimately they are hoping it will happen in the Apocalypse.

This is an evolved suite of instincts. Even if these people were never taught English, and were deprived of logical thought, they would still have these urges. Deep in the cave they would plot to welcome foreigners into their tribe’s territory. They would demand the transgressions by the foreigners be tolerated, until ultimately they joined the foreigners, and saw their own tribe destroyed.

All of the old tribe members they could never have competed with openly would be destroyed, and they would move forward happy – having vanquished their old enemy.

These are the Fake Americans, and they are the enemy of every real American.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is the argument to expose the treason of the Fake Americans

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6 Responses to Salon Explains The Strategy In Importing Immigrants

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  2. nxx14 says:

    Years ago I thought the purpose of immigration was to enable the Leftist half of the country to shut out of democracy the Rightist half. I thought of Leftists as power mad totalitarians.

    Now I realize that the purpose of immigration is to enable the Leftist coalition of immigrants, perverts and feminazis to demographically eradicate white people. Now I think of Leftists as hate driven genocide criminals.

    The apocalypse better come soon and it better be hardcore. One cannot coexist with people who insist on your elimination.

  3. Pitcrew says:

    Sounds like something out of the Old Testament. Right before the Temple was destroyed. For America, the next civil war won’t really be a civil war. It will be Americans defeating invaders and traitors.

  4. FrankNorman says:

    “extending full human rights to all people present in the state”…

    Full human rights? I should hope that everyone there already has those! I’m guessing that the person who said that doesn’t understand the difference between human rights, and the rights of citizenship. Which is creepy. These people think that being a human being is something the government can grant or take away!
    The more I learn about how American “liberals” actually think, the more my opposition to them becomes something not merely intellectual but visceral.

  5. flickyoli says:

    Fake Americans = Jews

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