Scalia Thought The Supreme Court Was Under Surveillance

This makes you wonder:

Andrew Napolitano: Justice Scalia told me that he often thought the court was being surveilled. And he told me that, probably four or five years ago.

More on the video on the Senate being under surveillance too. Scalia only told Napolitano because they were friends – I’d assume he didn’t want to get a reputation as crazy. It makes you wonder how many out there are keeping their stories to themselves.

The vast majority of these stories originate in that time frame. Go back farther, and the stories become isolated and rare. But four or five years ago, suddenly everyone is beginning to talk about it. My guess is Obama finally got one of his own into a position of power at the top, and they realized the power of agencies that answered to nobody and could shut down all other LE investigations.

I hate to say it, but surveillance is the first phase in attack planning. If an untrained Supreme Court Justice saw indices of surveillance, he must have been blanketed. And as this site has pointed out, this type of thing does not roll out piecemeal. Scalia was under full coverage, just like Will Smith in Enemy of the State, only with a lot more operators on the in-person side of it.

The thing with surveillance is, once it starts, it needs to maintain full control at all times. It doesn’t have many vulnerabilities, but those it does have, if they are found and attacked, are major, catastrophic vulnerabilities. But to attack them most effectively, the target probably needs the element of surprise. They need to get out of the bubble.

Once Scalia was under, he would need to be kept in the bubble at all times, because if he broke free and they lost control, then within a few minutes in a phone call, he could unleash all hell upon everyone, and nobody would see it coming. So he was probably under coverage at that ranch, when he let his security detail take its leave. I would bet they had somebody there right alongside him undercover, just as if they were regular members of the lodge.

It makes the whole being deeply Catholic but being cremated all of a sudden, with no autopsy, despite being found with a pillow over his head, look awfully curious. It also brings Robert’s vote on Obamacare into clearer focus.

My belief is, this is probably the first step in the transition to a dictatorship, even if those involved do not see it now. I just don’t see any other reason a known patriot like Scalia, without the faintest hint of anything questionable around him, would get this too. It would appear somebody is moving the first few chess pieces to take control of everything. Knight to Bishop.

The one thing is, there is also a huge risk. I don’t think surveillance people understand it, because my impression is their society is so insular, and most are raised in that world from childhood. If you are raised with it, doing it seems like no big deal. Since everyone is under, who cares if somebody is listening to your conversations in your house. Everybody is getting it, it is done a million times a day, and they may even be doing it to each other. No big deal.

But for people who have never even heard of the idea of anybody but a mob boss or a drug kingpin getting it, it is shocking. At some point, vast quantities of average people are going to suddenly feel about the government the way a rape victim feels about her attacker. And my suspicion is it will happen right as the government’s free resource party comes to an end.

Of greatest curiosity is why surveillance is doing this so openly, when they have the ability to hide. They have the ability to go covert, to the point trained spooks won’t see them. They can cut back manpower so only one person is in sight and hand coverage off frequently, increase technological monitoring with devices even trained TSCMs can’t find, and evaporate around you. They could have kept Scalia completely in the dark.

Which means they probably wanted him to know. And now he is dead. Think about it. The only explanation which makes sense is whoever is giving the orders at the top has as little regard for a national security tool as they have for conservatives like Scalia, and they have engineered a real life Xanatos gambit. That has to be the radical left.

Mark my words, of all the facets of Apocalypse that threaten, this is second, only to the largest of deadly pandemics. Even the diversity brigade will pale in comparison to whatever we are heading toward here. Civil War, the conservative-right loaded into cattle cars, there is no telling how it will end from here. But whatever it coming, from my perspective it looks beyond cataclysmic.

Surveillance is the first phase in attack planning.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because any Apocalypse in mirror is closer than it appears, and a damn sight bigger

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  2. glosoli says:

    So,let me see if I can give you some hope re your forecasts of an apocalypse.

    I don’t believe that will happen for a few reasons.

    Firstly, financial (my profession): the world knows that the current international monetary system cannot last much longer, so preparations have been made for many many decades to move to a mutli-polar currency system, when the time comes. It’s all set up and ready (email me if you want more details).

    It is inevitable that the US dollar will collapse in a heap, so there will certainly be a brief period of trouble in America, but it will likely be very brief, because they all know it is coming. Maybe it will last a few months at most, but I expect just a few weeks, and a deal will be done, and a new dollar launched, and the US deep gold reserves will be mobilised to settle debts and as reserves behind a new dollar, which will slot into the new system very easily.
    That’s all good news.

    I also believe that the new world order relies upon avoiding global war and maintaining what looks like nationalist nations, but all under the total control of a UN run by the new world powers (Israel, China and Russia…none of them are good guys, all socialists and satanists).
    So, they will fake up a war against radical Islam, Europe and the US will expel invaders, and then to ensure nothing like that can ever happen again, the world will be forced/cajoled to come together under one new combined judeo-satanist religion. If you do not comply, you will be gulaged.

    The other reason no apocalypse is likely is that they will revalue gold, to devalue the debts, and also trillions of debts will be allowed to default this time around. With gold as (say) 6,000 euro an ounce, that’s a lot of wealth created, especially in the East. So, the world starts to enjoy growth once again.

    The middle classes will be wiped out in the West of course, but that will just lead to much lower living standards. The days of the worker having foreign holidays will be gone, the masses will pay the price, whilst the leeches are already in gold and hard assets ready.

    I’d actually prefer an apocalypse to be honest, a reset, with k-selective peoples rising through the adversity. But instead we’ll be lorded over by the Chinese and the Arabs and the satanists. And most won’t even realise, as none of this will ever be revealed by the mainstream media, or by politicians.

    Maybe, eventually, with the help of a new Maunder Minimum-esque mini ice age, an uprising will start in the usual places (Europe, where Christianity stays alive). Or maybe God gets fed up with it all, and arranges a more appropriate reset, Revelations-style.

    Bear in mind Trump is about to visit Israel, Saudi Arabia and Rome, the 3 centres of evil.

    I’ll stop there, as that’s my current hypothesis, subject to ongoing revision.
    Best wishes.

    • Nobody can really tell how it will play out, but I have seen a video of a fat woman who wrecked a store when the cashier told her the EBT system was down. If the changeover isn’t instantaneous, much of the cities could quickly be taken down to rubble by the vibrants, and that alone could trigger the Apocalypse.

      Then there is the gold in the Federal Reserve, which could easily be gone when the time comes.

      My guess is all these ultra rich a buying bug out holes in New Zealand for a reason. But nobody can really tell when the system is this complex and there are so many pivot points.

      • Pitcrew says:

        The gold in Ft. Knox was probably emptied in 1989, the Air Force flew it to Saudi Arabia so that they would pump as much oil as they possibly could before they ran out, problem is they thought that would be sooner than it has been. This is one direct cause for the collapse of the USSR by the way. And the gold in the New York Federal Reserve isn’t owned by the US. That gold is foreign.

  3. Timothy Zak says:

    Those without understanding of Mass surveillance sneer that “nobody is actually listening”, nobody is interested, “nobody cares to listen to my phone calls”. It’s just metadata. “I have nothing to hide.”

    What they have failed to comprehend is that it is only the metadata that is genuinely useful. It does not take very deep contemplation to understand that destroying someone above all is about finding their place in society and undermining it.

    Metadata is all they want from the masses. Of course they don’t care about us. They only want to trace the links among men in order to control them. Their interest in mass surveillance is instrumental to their aims. The only ones who have anything to hide are those who threaten the projects of governing powers.

    The only real way to ensure you have “nothing to hide” is to give total obedience. Now add Sharia…

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