Trump Notes His Supporters Were Violent

CNN took the bait:

Trump made the admission Friday night during a rally here on the Florida leg of his “Thank You” tour. During the campaign, he repeatedly downplayed violent outbursts his supporters displayed at times toward protesters and insisted that paid activists were instead responsible for inciting violence at his rallies. “You people were vicious, violent, screaming, ‘Where’s the wall? We want the wall!’ Screaming, ‘Prison! Prison! Lock her up!’ I mean you are going crazy. I mean, you were nasty and mean and vicious and you wanted to win, right?” Trump said Friday. “But now, you’re mellow and you’re cool and you’re not nearly as vicious or violent, right? Because we won, right?”

View this from the perspective of a liberal in high amygdala. This is what they would say to try and out-group Trump and his supporters. The idea of the aggression will freak them out, and they would assume it would freak out everyone else. This is their ace in the hole. Get people to see Trump and his supporters as violent, and surely everyone would out-group them, and that would be the end of Trump and everyone who supported him.

Yet here Trump is admitting it openly, and making a joke about it. He is even exaggerating it more than the liberal would think they could ever get away with – and everyone is laughing. It gives a subconscious impression that the entire nation is not just not repelled by Trump, they are laughing with him at the liberals.

Then he finishes the amygdala hijack by pointing out “we won.” The whole thing is cemented in a reality that the liberal is all too aware of.

I do not see a politician talking here. This isn’t a speech to me. It isn’t a joke, or even a message for the crowd. It is most definitely not an aimless stream of consciousness. To me, this is a purposefully organized mass of amygdala stimuli, custom tailored to trigger leftists, and acclimate them to the presence of unavoidable, uncomfortable stimuli.

Trump is something considerably more impressive than 99.999999% of the population is even capable of comprehending.

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8 Responses to Trump Notes His Supporters Were Violent

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  2. Duke Norfolk says:

    It’s like he was sent at just this moment to play this key role in history. Something (quite possibly) nobody else could have pulled off. Nobody. He is the sword meant to slay the leftist dragon.


  3. white person in a tableaux says:

    Did you see this, from Chateau Heartiste?

    Someone says that Trump’s appearing to consider offering Secretary of State to Romney was just winding him up out of revenge.

    If Trump is that nature of guy – and a few other things support that – then yes, this could absolutely be an ‘amygdala hijacking’ not in name but a deliberate and psychologically skilled ‘f* you!’. He is, miraculously, the kind of personality it will take to help crack the poz. Too bad he’s got a max of 8 years – there are no other Trumps in the wings.

    • white person in a tableaux says:

      .. Also, it occurs to me that Trump isn’t a school marm – he’s an /actor/, one who takes action, and accepts that other people are too. Ie that they’re not just moldable ‘subjects’ or ignorants who need to be led to the right path. This is a very pleasant relief.

    • Totally agree, but Don Jr and Eric are very conservative, so you never know.

  4. Phelps says:

    Note also the emotional pathways being built. When conservatives feel like they are losing, they are loud and violent. When conservatives are winning, they are calm and mellow.

    I know which one I think an (r) amygdala wants to see.

  5. Wolf says:

    You know, I’ve often been resentful of America’s status of “leader of the free world” but with Trump at the helm I really am not minding it so much. Hopefully he can live up to our expectations, already many of the moves he’s making before even taking office are very impressive. I’m very happy for my neighbors to the south, unfortunately for me up here in Canada I still have to contend with an embarrasing cuck for a prime minister.

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