Venezuelan – So We Are In A Dictatorship Now

Very sad phrase:

So we are in a dictatorship. And this one has made new progress to prove to the world it is so. We had Sunday a totally infamous presentation by the president Nicolas Maduro where live on TV he decided who is guilty of what and how. This based on torture. Yesterday he went further on that path convoking the militia to Caracas to stop the massive opposition protest planned for tomorrow and forcing the army to repeat once again their indefectible oath to the revolution and its heir, the dictator. As a bonus he promised to arm the militia, which one needs to be recalled, is not constitutional. But details are not the regime’s forte.

The army today is controlling all the streets it can and all the entries to Caracas to make sure protestors do not come to fill in Carcacas protests. Useless as the opposition is convoking protests in all major cities of Venezuela. You need not go to Caracas to state Maduro is a piece of sh*t: you can do it in the comfort of your own city where repression awaits for you all the same than in Caracas………

The point here is that Maduro seems to go all out tomorrow and he is clearly wanting a confrontation to solidify his dictatorship. Will the army oblige?

Meanwhile tomorrow in Caracas your meeting point for 10:00 AM. I will start from Las Americas #20 if anyone cares to meet me. And I will try to post stuff through Instagram if signal allows…..

I can understand how you come to say that. It creeps up slowly, and you adapt to each successive level of increasing governmental control and oppression. At what point is it worthwhile to pick up arms and fight, when you have enough food to feed your loved ones, and you are not in imminent risk of being killed? It is almost natural for the dictator to assume control.

Meanwhile as the opposition masses, Maduro is arming militias:

As Venezuela’s center-right opposition prepares to stage “the mother of all marches” Wednesday to protest President Nicolas Maduro’s efforts to consolidate power, the besieged leader has called for a countermarch and declared plans to expand the country’s civilian militias.

Maduro, speaking to thousands to uniformed militia members assembled Monday at the presidential palace in Caracas, said they must determine whether they are “with the homeland or with the betrayal of the homeland.”

The president announced a goal to ramp up their ranks to half a million, from the current 100,000, and to arm each with a gun.

There is only one thing to do at that point, and that is to join the militia, get your gun, and wait for the batsign to revolt.

Once you reach this point with a leftist, there is no reasoning with them. They are operating fully on amygdala, and they will do anything to hold onto power. Only a greater threat to their well being would make them change tack.

At this point, Venezuela will either violently revolt, enjoy a military coup, or they will descend into a perpetual morass of failure under a delusional leftist who has no idea how to produce success. Worse, they will come to understand the murderous insecurity which will prevent him from ever honestly acknowledging his shortcomings, no matter how many people he has to kill to maintain the charade.

Never say it could not happen here. The tide of K is rising all over the world. What you see over there will eventually arrive over here – it is the way of nations. The advantages we will have are two-fold. Americans have an aggression you don’t see elsewhere, and it is likely that by the time that overt move by the establishment happens, the economic Apocalypse will be upon us. And a government without money cannot exert control against an armed populace.

Stop the money and you stop the government – if you have the guns.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because we don’t want to one day realize we live in a dictatorship

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to wonder how the left will hamster away the fact that this dictatorship grew out of the left, not the right.

    • infowarrior1 says:

      He is a “Capitalist” oppressor they would say. Socialism is never at fault. Or that he would somehow find a way to blame the proletariat by calling them Elitist Kulaks that oppresses the proletariat.

      Killing the rich when in reality they are killing the poor as the always do.

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  3. Pitcrew says:

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. And we’ll all stay free.

  4. c_arnold says:

    Maduro made a serious mistake giving high powered firearms to female rabbits, especially if those rabbits have children. Maduro’s militia women look too well fed to have shed their rabbit psychology yet. If these militia moms have got children, then a man with a warm smile, a few right-wing friends with a working car, with an ample supply of sugary treats could get those kids to arm him up something fierce and fast. If he happens to have been working with the various communist cells that have been moving through Latin-America over the last 60+ years, then he’s also in business with those cached live ammo stores.

  5. Carl says:

    Maduro is a Jew, btw. Much of what we call “leftist” is really just “Jewish”.

  6. dirkhblog says:

    I’m pretty amazed because it was a dictatorship since Chavez.
    My only question is, will they collapse quickly, then rise again as capitalists rebuild – this should take two years – or will Maduro manage to keep the country in static collapse like Cuba or NORK for another 70 years.

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