A Long Article With Two Interesting Gems

An article on Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man In The World has this r/K gem, as the star tries to explain his own promiscuity in real life:

Goldsmith writes that he knocked around Hollywood for decades, sleeping with any woman he could get his hands on.

‘The attention, approval and warmth I always craved from my mother and never received has forced me to look for approval in other places, namely women. If I couldn’t conquer my professional life I had to conquer something’.

His parents apparently split, according to Wikipedia, and I would assume his stepdad wasn’t that invested given his attachment to his biological dad:

During his early years in film, Goldsmith performed as “Jonathan Lippe”, having taken the name of his stepfather at the age of six. He subsequently changed his professional name back to his birth name, later recalling, “It always made me feel bad for my father, who never caused me any grief about it.”

Genetics probably plays a role in the r-strategy. But here there seems almost a conscious awareness that low-investment rearing, particularly by his mother, would drive later promiscuity. I’m sure he doesn’t understand amygdala, and yet the sensations are somehow able to be perceived as connected at the conscious level.

Then there was this in the article:

His one date with Garland, the star of The Wizard of Oz, left him disturbed.

He writes: As a child actress, she would suffer abuse at the hands of studio executives, who passed her around like chattel…she and the other actors were frequently drugged up.’

Shades of Pizzagate which makes you wonder what the reality is today, given the prominence of the establishment, and the likelihood of its active use of blackmail to maintain control over all of its media outlets.

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  2. dirkhblog says:

    See also Half-Jew Shia LaBoeuf’s biography. Hippy parents, mother jewish, dad christian, alcoholic, split. LaBoeuf has history of assaults, breakdowns, unhingedness.

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