Do Blacks Have K-Instincts?

Black dindus like Michael Brown and Trayvon get a lot of press, but does their clownishness eclipse a much stronger tendency toward K-urges in a silent black majority?

People are noting that Black Panther seems as if it was a Conservative movie, in which the characters were rewritten to exist in Africa:

Wakanda is ruled by King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), who is also known as the Black Panther. T’Challa is big on border security, believes Wakanda and Wakandans should come first, and fiercely protects his country’s culture from outsiders, including refugees. If this is all starting to sound familiar, it should. Also like President Donald Trump, T’Challa’s beliefs are not based on race. This is not a “black thing.” This is a culture/survival thing.

Even the progressive Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) — a more-than-capable spy and the woman T’Challa still carries a torch for (can you blame him?) — does not argue for open borders, liberal immigration policies, and a massive influx of refugees. She merely wants to export vibranium to help mankind.

The arrival of Erik “Killmonger” Stevens (an underused Michael B. Jordan) puts all of these arguments on hold. Killmonger (such a great name) is a man with mad killing skills and a burning grudge against Wakanda. T’Challa might be the Black Panther, but Killmonger is a Black Panther in the Huey Newton-Bobby Seale 1960 black nationalist sense. Like the Black Panther Party, Killmonger was born in Oakland, California, and to him everything is a “black thing.” He wants the vibranium exported in the form of weapons to overthrow white people…

If T’Challa is Trump, Killmonger is Black Lives Matter.

It is interesting, because white leftists will see this movie and want to migrate to T’Challa. The imagery of a K-selected foreign nation, hostile to outsiders, strong and wealthy, will fill them with positive sensations and awe because of that deep instinct inside r-strategists to love out-groups and want to migrate to them.

Meanwhile blacks, who have much less of that r-strategist, migrant-loving psychology will see their own people in that strong, nationalistic position, rejecting of outsiders, and they will like it too. This is one movie which is designed to appeal to white leftists and black K-strategist urges. Together, those two groups may comprise a larger potential audience than just conservatives alone.

It is an interesting marketing/production strategy. It might just be enough to make the movie a hit, despite what one would expect given the historical precedents of movies leftists aggressively shill.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because r’s love K’s too, but only when the K’s have knives at their throats

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17 Responses to Do Blacks Have K-Instincts?

  1. ned flanders says:

    my hypothesis would be that r-k would differ between 100% African African-American blacks and mixed African-American blacks . it’s an open secret in the african-american community that many lighter skin blacks are prejudiced against darker skin ones. i’ve seen-heard it firsthand.

    the passage below sure sounds r-ish.

    According to historian F. James Davis,

    … slave girls often courted a sexual relationship with the master, or another male in the family, as a way of gaining distinction among the slaves, avoiding field work, and obtaining special jobs and other favored treatment for their mixed children (Reuter, 1970:129). Sexual contacts between the races also included prostitution, adventure, concubinage, and sometimes love.

  2. Pitcrew says:

    Short Answer: Yes
    Long Answer: It depends

    In the US, the African-American community (distinct from black Africans) has been subjected to so much leftist brainwashing and assault that it, as a group, will likely never go K. Even if a nuclear war happened, there would still be chattering about reparations decades later. K-selected African Americans need to separate themselves from r-type African-Americans, black Africans, r-type Whites and also K-type Whites, and build their own stable K communities just for them. If children on a playground can’t play nicely with one another the adult separates them. It’s just common sense.

  3. L.W. says:

    Might be the movie is a subconscious (maybe not so subconscious?) bait and switch by the Hollywood r to bring those misguided black K into the fold.

  4. Lovekraft says:

    Apparently the post-credit scene had Mr T’Challa speaking at the United Nations about a desire to reach out to the world and share his technology. He’s also investing in some Oakland properties.
    So he’s either a hypocrite (homogeny for Wakanda but not for the West), or he abandoned his nation’s core principles.

    “First, he goes to America and buys up a bunch of buildings in the projects so he can “make a difference”. Then, in a post-credit scene that made me groan audibly, he goes to the UN, announces their intention to start aiding the world and taking a more active role in it, reveals their secret advanced status (since up to that point everyone assumed they were just a poor nation of farmers) and gives a “Can’t we all just get along” speech that rivals anything ever said by any milquetoast, white-guilt-addled liberal. Something about “there’s much more that unites us than divides us” and all that hippy-dippy garbage.”

  5. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:


    Ps: Leftists should all be forced to go live in South África, to see how well it works for them.

  6. Lowell says:

    The movie is anti-nationalist to it’s core and thus CANNOT be K:


    “There is nothing “nationalist” about this movie. If anything, it’s about how a nationalist(T’Challa) learned that his nationalism was wrong.”

    Africa does not produce K-strategists any more than Hawaii does. The lack of winter means that you will never starve as long as you are willing to eat bugs. This breeds an r-selected low time preference into the population. Whites and Asians had to figure out how to store enough food to last through until the first harvest of the next year. They had to process delayed gratification or they would eat all their seed crop before the end of winter and have nothing to plant after the snow melted.

    American blacks lived in similar conditions in the American South during slavery, which actually reinforced r-selected tendencies within the population because as they were valuable property, they never had to worry about starving. All the r-selected tendencies stereotyped today were present during slavery, according to the Thaddeus Russell’s “A Renegade History of The United States.” Male slaves would often bounce between plantations, fathering children wherever they went, and then abandoning them to go back to their master’s house before they were in too much trouble.

    And then emancipation, and suddenly the black man had to play to by white man’s rules, which were still K-selected, or he would STARVE. His children would starve. By WWII they had figured it out. The data from the 1950’s shows rising incomes, rising educational rates, lowering birth rates, higher monogamy rates than whites – in short fewer numbers of high quality offspring. So K-selection. Thomas Sowell likes to point to a cold war era study of the black children of American servicemen stationed in Germany that supposedly proves black children are just as capable as white children, but that’s not what it actually proves. It proves that K-selects are competitive with other K-selects. That data proves that it takes multiple generations for K to become dominant within a population, but IT CAN HAPPEN. It did happen.

    But their race remains far more vulnerable to r-selection, as evidenced by the drugs, promiscuity, and welfare dependency that the 1960’s ushered in that basically undid all the progress of almost a century in just ONE GENERATION. American black inner cities are now more less on the level of major cities in sub-Saharan Africa. Failed economics, obscenely high crime rates, aggressive dominant females, majority promiscuous single mothers these are the results everywhere blacks are allowed to reintroduce r-selection. By contrast, everywhere they are required to play by K-selected rules, they do so just fine.

    If you want to fix the black population, take away the welfare. All at once. Shock the system. Let them find jobs or starve. Make them watch as the people celebrate the deaths of their single mother raised criminals. Never let up, never give any handouts. In one hundred years or so K-selection will dominate their race and you will get Wakanda.

    • If you want to fix the black population, take away the welfare. All at once. Shock the system. Let them find jobs or starve. Make them watch as the people celebrate the deaths of their single mother raised criminals. Never let up, never give any handouts. In one hundred years or so K-selection will dominate their race and you will get Wakanda.

      I agree completely.

    • Duke Norfolk says:

      Well put. Very concise summary of blacks in America.

  7. This is the first movie about politics I ever recall seeing that both me and my fervent Democrat daughter-in-law could both enjoy seeing. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a try.

  8. Iprefertostayanonymous says:

    Let’s face it. A good chunk of the black population really isn’t the brightest. Aka they operate a lot more feral than your average socialised and domesticated white person. Doesn’t necessarily have to do with them being more K, but with them lacking the mental capacity to be as /r as some whites are.

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