Fashion Echoes The r-selected Reversal Of Sexual Dimorphism

In liberal minds, this is progress:

Then, five minutes before the runway lights dimmed, the expectations compounded. Bryan Grey Yambao, my seatmate, leaned over and said, “This is so fashion,” …

And as the first look walked out, a man to my right said out loud in pure exhilaration: “Gender! So last season!”

What would result lived up to and, in fact, beyond the hype—and it was a privilege to witness. Not a moment too soon, and somehow fitting for the final day of the menswear loop, Palomo sent out a lavish and over-the-top collection that, at its core, gave a bejeweled and feather-trimmed middle finger to the unaccepting and the regressive. How fabulously timely.

“It’s about the sexual self,” said the emotional designer backstage, cheeks streaked with lipstick smudges. “There are boys looking for other boys—seducing and being seduced. Some are virgins and you can only look at them.” Each of his models was male, but wearing clothes that might traditionally be categorized as female—though, in his book and increasingly so around the industry, clothes are clothes and can be worn by anyone.

As the population goes increasingly r, it is like looking at another species. And yet, it follows a consistent pattern, all holding to the model of r-selection, and occurring in the face of a resource glut. In r-selection, these fancy-boys will be more attractive to the manly women than the real men such feminists try to socially delegitimize.

It is counterintuitive to think specimens like this would have greater fitness than traditional K-selected males, but when fighting is not necessary, fighting is a Darwinian disadvantage. And in truth, I do not think I could actually bring myself to beat one of these characters to death, even if they attacked me. It would just feel like killing a handicapped child. I suspect after parrying one of their girlie deathblows, I would turn away in horror, screaming, “Just go, just go!” And they would live to fearfully boink a manjawed feminist ball-grabber yet another day.

So what does r-selection do when fighting and being beaten to death is a Darwinian disadvantage? It causes r-selection to evolve men to adopt the appearance and manner of handicapped children – and that appearance and manner is itself actually evolutionarily advantageous. Females in r-selection, on a deep level, know this and seek out male mates with those traits, so their offspring are inoculated against being beaten to death too. I would say it is elegant in every way – except in the result it produces.

There is no other way to take such a bizarre set of circumstances, and not only make them plausible, but make them understandable – and even predictable.

Without r/K Theory, a person is truly blind to the world – but sadly of late, not blind enough.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because – just because

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8 Responses to Fashion Echoes The r-selected Reversal Of Sexual Dimorphism

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  2. Zanjero says:

    The last fifty years of the attack on strong fathers continues to yield it’s poisonous fruit.
    The Frankfurt School succeeded beyond their satanic dreams of malicious intent.

    But a storm is a-brewin’…

  3. Pitcrew says:

    You have to wonder what our species would turn into if there was just an endless supply of food. Within a few thousand years I reckon “mankind” would be hives of demented, low-IQ, midgets in orbit around various walrus-like “females”. Gestation times would also be much quicker. If that kept up for a few million years we would go all the way back. Primates, then rodents, then snake-like amphibians, worms, sponges, single celled organisms and eventually just DNA replicating in a pile of goo.
    something like this,
    it’s RNA without any K selection's_Monster

    It would still be evolution though, DNA adapts to its environment.

  4. Nathan says:

    To me this is the most visible test of the new r/K theory you’ve laid out. In the past increasingly bizarre and feminized behavior was denied or dismissed. Women wearing male clothes, women voting, gay pride parades, etc. I don’t have any quotations to back it up, but my guess is feminists and liberals always denied society was on a slippery slope. But with each new generation the slippery slope to women being men and men being women is harder to deny.

  5. SteveRogers42 says:

    A little warning next time, please. If I had been eating…

    Where did that last poof get them traps, though? Same gym as Michelle Obama?

  6. chris says:

    They have the same fashion taste as the ruling district from the Hunger Games.

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