Gorilla’s IQ Is Greater Than Average Somalian Migrant


Koko, a lowland gorilla born in 1971, is currently the most language-proficient nonhuman, according to the Gorilla Foundation, which teaches ASL to gorillas.

The gorilla has a vocabulary of more than a thousand signs, understands about 2,000 words of spoken English, and initiates most conversations with people, according to the foundation’s website.

Her IQ is between 70 and 95 on a human scale—100 is considered a “normal” human IQ.

Average IQ of a Somalian or Ethiopian is 68-69, meaning over half the migrants are literally not as smart as the lower ends of your average Gorilla like Koko.

Extrapolating from there, that would mean that Germany would literally have been better off importing 1 million Gorillas like Koko, dressed in human clothes, and turning them loose on the streets of Germany.

I would even bet there would have been fewer rapes, less drug dealing, and the Gorillas wouldn’t have been as great a cost, from a social services perspective. Their language skills would have been better, what with the signing, and not being Muslim, they wouldn’t have brought all the problems inherent to radical Islamists.

And if a liberal argues, tell them to argue with the IQ tests, because SCIENCE!

Koko feels ripe for Meme’ing, given she outclasses the average migrant in every way. I wonder if the Chans will ever take up that idea?

Tell others about r/K Theory, because Koko – that gorilla’s alright

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9 Responses to Gorilla’s IQ Is Greater Than Average Somalian Migrant

  1. Mr Darcy says:

    Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! Ya can’t make this stuff up!

  2. Pitcrew says:

    What about Harambe?

  3. gxg says:

    Okay, I LOL’d at this one. It would be even funnier if it weren’t so sadly true. Gorillas really would be better. Aside from the benefits you covered, they wouldn’t be petitioning for family reunification, demanding voting rights, or producing gorilla-human hybrids to further terrorize future generations.

  4. I guess my old comic books were right after all…

    May or may not be meme-able but posting it for fun anyway.


    There are about a billion old ’60s DC Comics with covers playing on the “super-intelligent gorilla” trope. Surely there’s fodder there.

  5. gaffer says:

    Actual gorilla IQ is probably too low to measure. Gorilla instincts are much better than humans though.

  6. English Tom says:

    Is Koko a Dreamer?

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