Howie Mandel Describes Being Hypnotized

Interesting to watch Howie be relieved of his germophobia:

And Howie describes what it is like:

“It is kind of like you are at a party and you had drinks or Xanax, and you don’t care anymore.”

It is not entirely true, because he also was not forming memories well – something the amygdala is responsible for through salience assignation. But the not caring clearly and no memories means his amygdala was turned off. With his amygdala off, he was just a robot without his own directions to follow.

People understand hypnosis through doing it, by learning through trial and error, and experiencing firsthand how to press the buttons. But I am beginning to see it through another perspective – that of amygdala. The amygdala is the mechanism beneath the hypnosis. Howie had his amygdala turned off, and in that mode, it was as if Shatner had taken a nap on the deck of the Enterprise in Star Trek, and the crew was taking orders from whoever happened to speak.

I think an amygdala-based understanding of hypnosis may open the field to people’s understanding better than the experiential model. I am beginning to see how that little misdirection of focus can put the target’s amygdala on a sideways path, where it is disabled, and nobody is in control of the bridge. After years of self analyzing the sensations and emotions produced by amygdala as I go through life, I can begin to feel in my mind what Howie was experiencing.

The interesting thing is, as you learn the techniques, I think you actually train your own Shatner to come awake when they are attempted, because you are attaching flags to them, and those flags can focus the amygdala on recognizing the techniques, and that can turn the amygdala on and focus it when someone attempts to shut the amygdala off or focus it elsewhere.

I’m also realizing that in promoting r/K by focusing on r/K, I have been doing this somewhat wrong. Kim Kardashian has nothing to promote beyond an unusually large ass, one which is just like millions of other unusually large asses out there. But by understanding the amygdala in her audience, even indirectly through instinct, she produced an $80 million dollar a year product from that relatively common asset, and millions of followers are now cheering her every move and in doing so, filling her bank account.

In this r-world, success often has nothing to do with your product. Success is actually solely related to the actions you want taken by your target consumers. The best product is usually not going to get the consumers by itself. It may even suffer, because you devoted energy to your product which should have been devoted to manipulating your potential consumers into adopting it.

The mechanism you need to grasp is the human computer on the other end of the equation, which you want to follow a specific behavioral path. Your product can be a component of that, but like a tire on a car, it is just one part of a much larger mechanism, and cannot do the job of transporting you to your objective by itself. You need the engine, the frame, the steering wheel, the brakes, and so on. Focus on your product, and you will end up wondering why your really great tire can’t get you to the grocery store by itself.

Most counterintuitively, for an overwhelming number of potential target consumers, your product is irrelevant. When selling books, the majority of book buyers are known in the industry as “nonreading buyers.” That is actually the phrase publishers use to reference them, and they are the ones who create bestsellers. That is, Fifty Shades numbers do not come from ardent readers who want to read your book. They come from people who rarely read, and who probably will not even read your work. Make a good book for readers and pitch it to readers, and you will likely never be a great success as an author, at least by the standards of the big houses.

Thus, if you want to be a successful author, make a book of any quality and see to it that status-conscious people see buying it as a means of increasing their status, or that people who want to belong will feel belonging when they buy it. When the majority of book buyers don’t even read books, you realize that the quality of the book is irrelevant to success.

There is a parallel there to promoting an idea like r/K into the masses. The idea is great, but what about the other half of the equation? The decisions made by those people are what will decide r/K’s fate.

r/K will eventually overtake the world. The only question is when God has chosen for everything to come together.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because the amygdala is everything

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10 Responses to Howie Mandel Describes Being Hypnotized

  1. rien says:

    This would then also imply that an r-selected population would be easier to push around (by the govt) than a K-selected one.
    Entirely apart from the fact that K’s are more loyal to the group.

  2. dc.sunsets says:

    Everything you describe is part of the impulsive mind, run from the limbic system (of which the amygdala is a main part.)

    Some people are high-spectrum herders, meaning that the urge to blend in with the herd is especially irresistible. Is this synonymous with rabbits? Possibly. But every person is on that spectrum because everyone has some pull from the impulsive mind. It is also the engine of addiction writ large.

  3. mobiuswolf says:

    Have you ever been hypnotized? Various dabblers have tried on me to no avail.
    I thought it would be useful to quit smoking. (shrugs)

    • Never, but I can begin to visualize it, I think.

    • Sam J. says:

      I have before it was at an EST training, (the training is redundant as it’s the “T”). This is back when they were straight brain washing. They changed it later after being sued by Scientology. I think it did me a great deal of good. It was a long, long time ago. They had everyone lie down on the floor and they played a ocean sound while taking. I have no idea what they said or did. I just remember being relaxed right before going under.

  4. Pitcrew says:

    Most people never read the books they buy? Say what? Mind = Blown. We live in such a crazy world sometimes.

    And if certain large assets were trying to hypnotize me, all I would be able to think about is how dirty they must be. So many people must therefore be largely immune to hypnotism.

  5. John Morris says:

    Solution should be obvious. You need to either expand your book or write an entirely new one. Describing and explaining r/K is only Part I, you needed a Part II explaining in detail how the reader can USE the new knowledge.

    For another alt-right example, Vox Day didn’t just enumerate his Three Laws, he didn’t just demonstrated how they work, he went on to teach how you can leverage the knowledge to survive their attacks. That made it instantly useful and not just an academic work. “Buy this book if you want to live” is a good elevator speech.

    “The world is about to change, learn what is is coming, why it is coming and then learn how you can be one of the winners when the dust settles” would be a pretty good elevator pitch for ya.

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