Lots Of Q Drops

You’d have to check the link for the whole thing.

Some interesting points:

Q showed surveillance photos of someone arriving at a meeting in Shanghai, and then a photo of an open window in a skyscraper, where he says there was a breach. The open window was apparently opened ahead of time to allow venting of smoke and pressure from a flashbang used in a room where there were covert arrests of the network, which we are not hearing about.

He also points out he predicted Uranium One’s informant reentering the news (which he just did), as well as a coordinated media campaign to claim Trump was considering firing Mueller (which he showed just happened). Even more amazingly, he posted “John Perry Barlow” back on Jan 27th, as well as “heart attacks can be deadly”, and Barlow just died in his sleep of a heart attack. Q posted the notice of his death on this Wednesday. That does make him seem even more legit, if you were doubting him.

If I am reading it right, Q seems to have been hinting previously in his drops that Barlow, and his creation the Electronic Frontier Foundation, was a CIA scam that created tools for media to securely communicate, which were compromised so CIA could look over their shoulder and see who was in contact with the media and Wikileaks. He also implies Snowden, who was close to Barlow and the EFF, was a CIA op as well, who was tasked with damaging NSA, since NSA was not part of the elite’s toolbox and CIA wanted it hamstrung with public scrutiny and massive government control. That would fill in the missing pieces about Snowden, how he managed to go from lowly CIA security guard to top NSA data manager, to operate successfully against a first rate intel agency despite his certain Tier I surveillance, and how he got out of Hong Kong when there was a national security freeze on his passport.

Q also alleges there are medical cures being held up, and medical researchers with cures being killed, so the elites can profit from containing and treating diseases, and this will come out.

And he points out there have been a lot of tests of emergency broadcast systems in the last month.

Which would indicate that there is lots of interesting stuff apparently to follow.

Tel others about r/K Theory, because they win every single day

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15 Responses to Lots Of Q Drops

  1. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    I don’t even watch fiction movies or series anymore, what is happening around the world is the most amazing story EVER. The cabal will fall.

  2. I seriously doubt that the EFF was a CIA created organization. The founders were big San Fransisco liberals. Barlow wrote lyrics for the Grateful Dead, not exactly a right-wing organization.

    What I don’t doubt is that the Deep State would have targeted an organization like EFF, just as they have targeted Tea Party and other civil liberties related organizations. These kinds of groups present an existential threat to the Deep State so it is logical that the elites would want to tamp down on them. We have plenty of evidence that they were doing just that during the Obama administration.

    • It is tough to say. Nobody doing this would be an amateur. Barlow could have been recruited in college, or even high school, specifically to be an agent, and told to act leftist, to keep his options open. Then when the CIA saw the risk of somebody developing something like SecureDrop, they moved Barlow in and had him form the organization first so they would control the development and release. More than we know, these organizations and personalities who just enter the arena and seem destined for greatness are really soaring because they have the help of the influencers, many of whom themselves are under control.

      I’d love to know his family’s history.

    • Zundfolge says:

      The CIA is not a “right wing” organization. Especially since the Democrats swept into power after Nixon.

    • Rob says:

      Uh huh. The CIA is right wing. That’s why project mockingbird made all teh media in the US so right of center…

      • The CIA was hugely right wing back during Reagan and back. And I am sure a lot of patriots today slide out of the military and into it. But like the FBI, the rank and file have to take orders from the leadership, and there is no talking back. And the upper leadership is hugely left now. The last DCI was a fucking Muslim convert who admitted in a poly being a member of the communist party during the cold war.

        • FalseFlagsx10 says:

          @AC: It’s interesting how the CIA was portrayed in “Three Days of the Condor,” starring ultra lib Robert Redford, back in the 1970s. Their “crime” in the film was doing nationalistic things in the dark, whereas now their leadership is treasonous.

          I suspect Q is a white hat aligned with Team MAGA. We know Trump and Don Jr are meme aware and have heard of the chans. Future historians will probably never grasp the nuances and importance of the 2016 meme war. But you can bet Team MAGA recognizes the importance of the chans and The_Donald; a game like Q is perfect for keeping the tip of the spear sharpened.

          • Yeah, isn’t it funny? The left portrayed a patriotic intelligence agency as bad, and Robert Redford ended it all by going to the free and independent press.

            I agree on Q. He is a creation, for some purpose, of Team Trump.

    • everlastingphelps says:

      Created? No.

      Infiltrated, converged, flipped and converted? Absolutely.

  3. Dave says:

    Anonymous conservative, many thanks for detailing the QAnon drops, and please continue to do so.
    No one else on the dissident right is paying attention to this, and although one should always be careful about potential psyops, these drops are fascinating and very relevant.
    It is clear there is a real war going on behind the scenes, and you are one of the only individuals presenting a sober analysis.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Sam J. says:

    OK I’ve been skeptical and downright hostile to Q and felt that Q is nothing but a “hope” machine to keep us static but…I’ve always hopes I was wrong. This does sound good.

    An interesting tidbit of information. The Marines have a lot of troops stationed in the NSA. I know this from a great guy who writes about saving the military money and the effectiveness of military equipment. He complained profusely about the waste of resources. I think maybe the Marines knew what they were doing in this case. The CIA if I understand correctly has troops also but they are normally used as high risk shooters and that sort of action element, not intelligence.

    He does have a lot of fantastic ideas if you’re interested in military equipment and organization.


    I noticed a EMS test last night. It was a bit odd.

    I’ve been reading these and his threats to the Rothschild’s are to me transcendental bliss! This means, if true, control of the FED for the US. One of the biggest problems we have.

    I notice he says #535
    Jan 14 2018 14:18:16

    Tactics shift to threats and hostages to obtain rogue_ops. SILENCE [187] – no risk [no capture – dead on arrival].
    SILENCE [LV witnesses]?

    So I’m hoping they will get to the bottom of LV shooting. This event is what turned me big time against Trump.

    This all sounds good but so far it’s a bust. We’ll see. I’ll start watching his post more.
    TRUST. Q

  5. Sam J. says:

    This is some crazy stuff.
    Jan 21 2018 18:31:32

    They caught them hacking the voting machines. This means they rehacked them and allowed the true vote.

    I’ll quit but some of this stuff is astounding. I sure hope this is not another false lead. There’s been so many. It’s hard to believe anything.

  6. ANON says:

    My take on Q originally was that of amused observer.

    Many of the early attention-grabbing posts, simply could not be true — e.g., no one arrested HRC (sadly). If she is arrested, it will be after the end of a years long process working up the chain, not right out of the gate.

    Moreover, many of the early predictions seemed weak — e.g., “Trump will tweet something important tomorrow.” Trump does this every day, depending on your definition of “important.”

    Finally, the disclaimer that some drops would be disinformation seemed awfully convenient. Confirmation bias of the Q-fans would result in every mistaken prediction being attributed to disinformation.

    However, my skepticism has been decreasing over time and the very recent drops that you mention have brought me around. Naming this Barlow guy and having him drop dead a few days later, posting the very words that leftist scum would use for their new narratives the day before, and several other posts …. We are approaching the point where coins keep coming up tails and (like the gangster in the Nasim Taleb thought experiment), I’m no longer willing to discard the notion that Q is just larping as an intel fortune cookie factory.

  7. Wiggy says:

    “Barlow just died in his sleep of a heart attack”

    Couldn’t have been a real heart attack if truly predicted days in advance.

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