News Briefs – 04/14/2018

I always see lots of r/K related stories I think might interest the readers here, but I only have time to blog about a few, so here are some news stories that might be of interest. You can skim the titles and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest.

China is pulling investment money out of California. Think the rabbits are fleeing a shithole now? Shithole status increasing, and rabbits are about to be really fleeing. Trump needs to have that Mexican wall make a right angle when it hits the border between Nevada and California, and head up north to keep those liberals trapped. But leave a big beautiful door for the Conservatives.

Comey says getting bullied as a child prepared him for Trump. There are two types of people who get bullied. Those who fight the bully and vow never to bully themselves, and those cowards who get bullied and then wait for their turn to bully. Don’t wait for Comey to run head first into gunfire, and don’t expect a word he says about Trump to be anything but bullshit.

Conservative’s Campaign Message rejected by facebook as shocking and disrespectful. It read, “I’m proud to announce my candidacy for State Senate. Lansing needs conservative, West Michigan values, and as our next State Senator, I will work to strengthen our economy, limit government, lower our auto insurance rates, balance the budget, stop sanctuary cities, pay down government debt and be a Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment leader for the people. Find out more at”

Zuckerberg doesn’t see what Facebook is doing as censorship. Either facebook is having an effect on elections, in which case it needs to be regulated, or it isn’t having an effect, in which case it shouldn’t be allowed to censor anything.

Latinos are firebombing blacks in LA to racially cleanse their territory. You will see tons of this when the Apocalypse hits. It is not logically driven, or thought about – it is purely instinctual.

Gold is coming back against Bitcoin. If you understand the machine, you know the Cabal can take bitcoin whenever it wants. I suspect it is just using periodic thefts of it as a tax, and perhaps has the ability to track it, and thus uses it to catalog illicit exchanges. There is a limit, as if they took all of it, it would become worthless overnight. But I would love to see whose is taken. My guess is most thefts befall cabal enemies preferentially, though we never find out.

Google will soon be able to parse out voices from a crowd. Already possible with multiple mics and waveform triangulation. But mixing visuals and sound is new. Watch for AI-driven lip-reading soon.

Supposedly Syrian refugees are fleeing Germany back to Turkey, and turning up missing in Germany because of it. Either things are worse economically and aggressively in Germany than we are hearing, or the Cabal is disappearing them for some reason, and this is the cover story. How much is a full suite of tissue-matched organs worth? Monetizing the refugees like this might make sense, or at least more sense than importing Muslims for no reason.

FBI is already leaking privileged material from Cohen’s archives. There are no rules these days, it is just all open warfare by any means possible in all directions. I do not know how Trump fixes that, outside of some agency like the Taxpayer Advocates office, designed as an oversight for all government transgressions, and bestowed with incredible surveillance powers and the ability to destroy any government agent at a moment’s notice. The question then is how do you keep the oversight agency from being penetrated and taken over? Seems difficult to overcome, so it might just be the final death throes of an empire.

Mexicans threaten to stop helping US against drug cartels if troops go to the border. The Cartels are probably Cabal front-organizations, and the Mexican government is probably under Cabal control. So don’t seal the border or we will stop pretending to try and seal the border.

Pete Olson says Bill Clinton told Loretta Lynch, “We killed Vince Foster.” Quite a sales pitch to let Hillary off. If Q has that on tape (and I wouldn’t be surprised if given the impromptu nature of the meeting, they didn’t think to get rid of their phones), wow.

Did Trump tell Putin that he knew the Syrian attack was a fake? From here – “Many people were wondering why he used such strange wording such as Gas Killing Animal, and why was it in caps? Many people began looking for the meaning of GKA. A website that list different military codes lists GKA as a following. “GKA – Discreditable Incidents – Civilian or Military” “ Q uses a lot of caps-related acronym-type secret-messages.

Prominent Muslims promote arming Muslim youth, and taking over the USA. These characters will erupt into crazy in the Apocalypse. They will assuage their amygdala-angst with the idea it is all opportunity for them.

Tell friends about r/K Theory, because itz coming.

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10 Responses to News Briefs – 04/14/2018

  1. Mr Twister says:

    With the crowd voice recognition thingy…
    I predict a resurgence in the art of Ventriloquism. .

  2. TC says:

    For what it’s worth, the News Briefs addition to your blog is excellent.

  3. How will the Muslims think it’s good for them when their distant relatives are dying en masse? Surely their countries will be worse off?

  4. Anon5 says:

    “There are no rules these days…”

    Here’s the rub: the USA was never, and is especially not now, one nation. The only thing holding it together besides the bribe money (e.g. gov’t jobs, welfare, Social Security) and force of arms is a vague belief in “muh Constitution” and “rule of law.” Academics call this a “civic religion.” But as the religion’s gods are proven false again and again, people will stop believing, and the hot civil war will start.

    So in short, leaking privileged communications is a rabbit move: gain short-term benefits while further eroding what little credibility the Feds have.

    I expect to see a correlation between “brazen violation of legal rules and norms” and “secession as a solution” appearing in cuckservative blogs and papers. It wasn’t all that long ago that bowties would spin and monocles would pop out at the mere suggestion of secession, whereas now you can at least bring it up as an option.

    What I’m uncertain about is if this is a deliberate plan by the Cabal to burn it all down (Hitler in the bunker situation), or if the rabbits are so rabbit-y that they simply can’t help themselves or think long-term. Why else would they do things now that will lead to them getting helicopter rides in the future?

  5. Dave says:

    I once read that 13% of refugees allowed into Germany disappear without a trace. To which I replied, “Amateurs. If I were in charge, 100% of refugees would disappear without a trace!” Nacht und Nebel, dirtbags.

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  8. causingfitna says:

    I have spent about 2 hrs on your site. The r/K theory is very interesting.

    • To me, the most interesting part has been what it revealed to me about the political world. Everything is controlled and scripted, and every person you see is reading a script from some powerful forces. Since I am not controlled, it is all hell to get people to hear about r/K Theory, no matter how much it explains, or how groundbreaking it is. You will not see it in National Review, or hear it on FOX, unless it is in front of enough people that they will look ignorant by ignoring it.

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