News Briefs – 04/17/2018

I always see lots of r/K related stories I think might interest the readers here, but I only have time to blog about a few, so here are some news stories that might be of interest. You can skim the titles and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest.

Dick’s will destroy all black rifles and magazines in inventory, rather than sell them off. A nice little influx of cash into the gun industry from the pockets of the assholes in Dick’s Sporting Goods, before they put their company into bankruptcy. Sell any stock you have, this company is run by idiots.

Ryan says Trillion Dollar deficits were inevitable. They were possible because people trusted the economic system. If that confidence disappears, trillion dollar deficits will be impossible, regardless of if they are necessary. Then Apocalypse.

EPA says Scott Pruit’s $43K soundproof phone booth violated spending laws. A soundproof phone booth sounds an awful lot like a mini-SCIF. My bet is as head of EPA, he is under incredible surveillance by the business industry (probably using the same privatized contractors Cabal Inc. uses for everything else). I assume all Cabal business interests were previously using their control over EPA to hogtie all their competition, and control the economic battlefield using government. He was trying to establish some operational ability to make decisions without the Cabal interests being able to thwart his every move with real time ears-on intelligence, and that is a no-no.

Now the Senate wants to limit Trump’s War Powers. I do not believe I have ever seen a President who is as blindly loyal to the troops as much as Trump, or who will tell the Cabal war-machine to fuck itself as enthusiastically as Trump, or who will avoid war as aggressively as Trump. I suspect every other President I have ever known has waged war for profit at some point, at the behest of powerful interests that demanded it. My guess is Cabal Inc knows Trump will not lose any Military men to pointless expensive Cabal Inc. military ventures in foreign lands during his eight years, and the difference between his Presidency and every other one that came before will be starkly apparent. This Senate effort is being done not because he has shown himself to be reckless, but so they can claim the reason for the lack of war and dead military men is that they passed a law preventing it, and that was what constrained him. Fuck the Cabal.

Obama Admin fought to kill an FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation. “What is wrong with you people?? If this cocksucker wins, we’ll all be hanging from fucking nooses!” Hillary wasn’t kidding.

Russian Reporter dies in fall from window. It is horribly shocking, until you consider Andrew Breitbart, Antonin Scalia, Michael Hastings, Seth Rich, the Parkland Shooting, all the Clinton Bodies, and all the other stuff going on in the US. Know the risks are real, and know the reality. This shit happens everywhere, and more and more the Russians look like pikers.

Backpage CEO pleads guilty, will testify against others. Who those others are will prove interesting. Don’t forget Hef and the Playboy mansion was a CIA/Cabal-Inc. honeypot complete with underground tunnels leading to observation posts hidden in houses nearby. This probably was a Cabal Inc. op too. Where the funding and operational support came from may be illuminating. And the whole takedown has the God-Emperor’s fingerprints all over it. Something is afoot.

Russia is sending armor reinforcements to Syria. In the back of my mind is how well Putin and Trump got along together. They were two giants of history reveling in the moment of their paths crossing. They may have liked it enough to cross paths purposely in the future to some end. You can never rule out they are now moving in tandem toward something together, given the Cabal is both of their enemies. April Showers.

NRA wants to sign up 100,000 new members in 100 days. The true defender of freedom. And the magazine is great. The pocket knives they periodically offer with memberships are nice too.

Suicide machine draws attention at funeral convention. The idea of this appeals to rabbits, because it is an escape pod from amygdala. They tell themselves if it ever gets too bad, they can just get in the pod and press the button.

Greece just lost a pilot who went down while on a policing mission intercepting Turkish fighters intruding on their airspace. No telling where these things go. I think Turkey still has those soldiers they grabbed up. What is left of Cabal may still be moving what chess pieces they can.

Germans fear the rise of lawless neighborhoods. Fears are the exercise of amygdala. The finished product, when the amygdala has developed, is carnage. We are on our way.

Two Black men enter a Starbucks, sit down, don’t order, refuse to leave, police are called, and then once they are under arrest, their lawyer arrives and claims they were waiting to meet him. Watching this now, it appears entirely scripted to me. Cameraman by the door with a perfect shot, the lawyer shows up on cue, just as Police have already arrested them and are about to take them out for refusing to leave, and the lawyer loudly demands to know what they did, a woman off camera pipes in that they didn’t do anything, she saw the entire thing. These pre-arranged incidents are all racial-animators, designed to increase black amygdala, and keep them politically engaged. It is very interesting how much of what we see appears to be produced, and coordinated with the Mainstream Media. We need some rightist agitators to get our amygdala up. The storm might be just what we need. I know my amygdala is jacked with each Q post. And the more I see, the more even things like this jack me up. I do not like being lied to.

Vox Day shows, William F Buckley may have been a homo trolling for young men. He had the amygdala-dysfunction. I cannot imagine doing anything today like even a joint, or petty vandalism at someone I was really pissed at, and I am an impossibly minor player in the political world. Buckley was boffing young men, when he was a Catholic Conservative leader, and surely blanketed under surveillance by everyone. And his nemesis Gore Vidal was reportedly traveling overseas to molest as many young children as he could, and Buckley said nothing. Everything and everyone you saw in the MSM was always controlled. Buckley was taking orders, and his orders were to destroy the real right wing, and demand everyone support massive military expenditures and wars overseas that killed young military men by the scores of thousands. And Conservative, Inc. today is just a subsidiary of Cabal, Inc, just like then.

My mind is exploding lately, and I think it is all the God-Emperor’s fault.

Tell friends about r/K Theory, because everything else is scripted to help the left win

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  1. Most Americans watch a lot of violence on TV, internet, etc. Why are their amygdala’s so weak? I thought violence make the amygdala more functional.

    • I think it is the personal threat component, and the sense of real loss being possible. Fantasy violence we see is more of an amygdala distraction, shutting it off. Bruce Willis blowing up everything from Mangalores to intersteller cruise ships in Fifth Element does not produce the real amygdala that just the threat of being nose to nose with a sizable and capable opponent in a bar, about to tussle will produce. That realization, that, as they say, shit is about to get real is unlike anything you can get on TV.

  2. JimP says:

    Your post on Buckley’s narcissism a while back sealed it for me. I used to *really* look up to the guy – Limbaugh *worships* him – but I got uneasy at how nothing was getting done.

    They were purging their own guys and leaving the left fully intact. A dog with no teeth. Total scumbags. They were constantly ankle biting guys like Buchanan and Derbyshire.

    All this is good, it helps dismantle the iconic status of NRO and better prevent cucks from getting in the way.

  3. bob sykes says:

    We won’t know where the Russian military equipment is going until it gets there. These ships were loaded long before the missile attacks last weekend and have nothing to do with them. Iraq is also buying Russian again, and Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, and India could be buyers

  4. Are people who own slaves r or K? I’m watching a Great Courses DVD set on the “Conservative Tradition”. The American southerners who owned slaves were conservative. Though I read an article you wrote that sees slavery as a result of too much r…

    • Slavery probably begins K, but it offers free resources, so you see where it leads. I think slavery was one major r-ifying factor that produced the Roman collapse. Combined with copious foreign booty, it was their version of our debt spending.

      • Pepemandias says:

        AC, r/K is the gift that keeps on giving. You can run any historical period through that model and come up with some interesting conclusions.

        RE: slavery leading to r. I agree on two counts. One, the slave population is probably r-tilted to begin with because the K’s would preferentially die in combat, or K-heavy populations would be less likely to become enslaved in the first place. And then the slaves turn the masters r over time because of the “free” resources they provide. If you read Pliny the Younger’s letters (as a Roman elite, he had dozens of slaves/servants), he sounds a bit like every cosmopolitan limousine liberal today. The only difference is our unparalleled resource glut has allowed for the creation of millions of cosmopolitans and dandies. And Pliny wasn’t useless or dumb — and certainly not as r as today’s rabbits — but it’s another example of easy times creating soft men, who bring about hard times through r behavior.

        • It is funny to think the masses, each of which is slightly enslaved to the elites, may have done the same thing to the elites over the last almost seven decades, and that is why it may all be about to fall down, and we are all realizing what is going on.

  5. Anonymous says:

    BuzzFeed posted a deep fake video featuring Obama and Jordan Peele talking about fake videos and fake news.

    More front-running of possible compromising videos coming out?

  6. Californian says:

    “You are now dead. Thank you for using Stop n Drop, America’s favorite suicide booth since 2008.” They were only ten years off.

  7. roger says:

    Re: Trump War Powers

    Why would Trump sign any such bill…

  8. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:




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