On Amygdala Manipulation at 4Chan Using Racial Cuckoldry

I was perusing 4Chan lately mining for material. One of the posters over there posted that some leftist organization or other had hired a farm of trolls to show up on /pol and try to demoralize the white autists there by regularly posting stories and porn photos, of black men having sex with white women.

The theory apparently was that most of those guys are autist geeks, and thus the sight of black men sleeping with what they would see as their own white women would make them jealous, trigger their amygdalae, and in doing so make a set percentage uncomfortable enough there to leave and abandon the meme battle. It would be a good strategy to demoralize the group, and I would assume it came from Brock, or one of his type.

Sure enough, of late there are a lot of posts by people talking about how blacks are sleeping with white women, and they are even posting openly pornographic pictures of black men having sex with white women in the threads.

This site is purely r vs K, and takes no position on the racial issue. When the Apocalypse comes, I want the pogroms to track down every r-strategist leftist and destroy them, regardless of race, religion, or creed.

Although I don’t care, I suspect the net effect of that would probably be separatistic, because I think being driven K probably minimizes out-group mating preferences. Therefore black K’s who survive would likely naturally in-group with blacks, and black women would tend to not need the amygdala-stimulation of the taboo of mating out of race. Likewise whites, Asians, Latinos, and so on would all tend to separate on the whole racially, and mate preferences would remain within racial in-groups.

Regardless of the in-grouping, if we are all K we can live side by side, respectful of each other’s warriors and their freedom, in peace and prosperity. And God help any outsider who attacked our nation, because a united nation of K’s, even of different in-grouped racial groups, who are freed from the constraints of traitorous r’s in battle, would be devastating once united by a common enemy.

Regardless, I recognize the Chans and their autists are a vital part of the meme factory that got Trump elected. So I am going to jump into the waters of the Chan war by laying out how to use an understanding of amygdala to turn an attack on the Chans into a counter-attack on the left, leaving the left demoralized and unable to find a way forward. When the war comes, we can hoist the black flag and begin stacking bodies, but for now we are constrained to this meme battlefield, so we will derive our joy from defeating the left on their own territory.

In doing this, I hope the readers here will begin to see these battles in terms of the real battlefields they are being fought on – the battlefields of amygdalae. For those who are new here, the amygdala is the organ in the brain which produces stress and cognitive discomfort, and which with repeated exposure to it, can adapt to tolerate stress better. As it does this and grows, it produces a larger amygdala which associates with more rightward political ideologies. Leftists, by contrast, have amygdalae too atrophied and accustomed to ease, and thus unable to tolerate stresses. As one can see in some of the recent incidents of triggering, this weakness can rise to almost comedic levels these days, due directly to the ease and plenty we enjoy in the West.

First, lets examine the battlefields we are fighting on. The first battlefield is the mind, and amygdala of each individual Chaner. The leftist group’s goal is to demoralize them by introducing a negative, aversive-stimulus-triggering stimulus into their amygdala, so it will attach to /pol, and reduce their drive to go there to meme. So our goal will be to take that negative, aversive-stimulus-triggering stimulus and change the context in which the channer’s amygdalae view it, so it will be seen as a positive. We will do this by implanting a small piece of data that will cause their amygdalae to recharacterize the incoming stimulus as a positive.

I love the idea of context shifts, because they are the ultimate reprogramming of the human brain. The brain sees something one way, and you introduce a small idea that reprograms how their amygdala views incoming stimuli entirely. We are aided in this by the way the brain works. The amygdala wants to relieve pressure, so if you can introduce an idea that allows the brain to feel better, the brain will tend to adopt that idea more easily than a context shift which was disquieting.

So how to shift the context of those images and ideas. The left wants to post pictures of black men having sex with white women and make it a negative to the racial purists of /pol. We are going to shift the perspective of the Channer who observes such a picture, causing their amygdala to view it as a positive. To do this you first need to put yourself in the mind of a race purist who wants to preserve racial purity, and visualize their mindset and beliefs. Since racial purity is vitally important to them, we will use that, showing how those photos are conducive to the idea and maintenance of racial purity.

What do you know about a woman who allows herself to be photographed having sex, so it can be posted on the internet, to begin with? Chances are, she is an r-strategist at the least, and she is probably nursing a whole plethora of mental issues and would make a horrible parent. Women who link up with low IQ thug type blacks and migrants, which was a common theme among the images, are likely also r-strategists, of low IQ themselves, and since all of that is at least partly genetic in origin, those images are actually images of the purifying of the white race in progress. Those photos are the dregs of the white race being removed from our gene pool.

As those women leave the white race, they leave behind, in the white race, the quality women who don’t allow themselves to be photographed in that way, who are demure, not sexually promiscuous, are loyal to their mate, and who would make great mothers. In a way, those photos are images of Darwinian selection in progress. Even further, they are taking mating opportunities away from black women, and “whitening” the black race with the promiscuous dregs of the white race. Those are our dregs, that we want to get rid of before they contaminate our genes, and they are drifting out and diluting the minority genes in the minority gene pool.

I would then draw the analogy between the white race, and a pack of wolves. Wolves are kept fit by the constant selective pressure of a natural world which culls their weak. White humans have no such selective pressure, as the degeneracy in our race shows. We need some force to come in and remove our weaker specimens. I would then point out that the racial purist should view those women letting photographers photograph them publically mating out of race as a selective pressure, culling those weaker genetic specimens with mental issues and weaker family drives from our race. To that end, every photo represents a purifying and a strengthening of the white race. This is how we get rid of our weaker specimens. Even better from the perspective of a race warrior, those degenerates are not wasted, but rather they are sent into minority communities to dilute the minority genes, even as our race grows stronger and more pure.

Once the Channers begin to see it that way, and welcome the photographic evidence of the white race’s purification and the dilution of minority genes in our country, the leftists will realize that their threads are having no effect, and they will abandon their efforts.

To that end, when dealing with leftists, there is a second battlefield which you might even view as the primary battlefield, which is the leftist’s amygdala. Leftists are bent on ruining the happiness of others. Their amygdalae are seeking a relief from a perpetual angst that afflicts the miserable. You see this in another group of r-strategists – narcissists. They need some way to make others miserable. If they find such a way to ruin the happiness of others, they will go back to it over and over again. But if you ignore what they are doing, it drives them even crazier, and they will abandon the effort. So this context shift, by turning off Chaner amygdala-based stress responses, is actually increasing leftist amygdala-based stress responses.

Now there is a counter meme which I hesitate to even release here, because it could potentially be dangerous. But I feel I should touch on it because it is a good example of exploiting amygdalae the same way, but in the other direction. It takes a positive the enemy enjoys, and poisons it for them by attaching triggering aversive stimulus to it.

The left wants to destroy the white race, so to them, every case of interracial mating is seen as an advance toward their goal of making the entire world brown. Their amygdalae like it. But suppose every case was seen as a case of making the world more white, and gradually eliminating the minority genes through dilution?

If you want to create a racially separatist society, create a theme of “Pouring some milk in the coffee.” Emphasize how every white who mates with a black is stealing a mating opportunity from a black, and thus replacing black genes with white genes in the black population. Every case of interracial mating suddenly becomes an act of white imperialism, supplanting poor minority mates, which already had it so difficult, and diluting their minority genes, replacing them with white genes within their own racial group. Every such pic is a case of a white mate supplanting a black mate, and thereby whitening the race.

Point out that because of the innate racism of white-supremacists in the west, there will always be a white race that exists genetically isolated from the other racial populations (and indeed it will only be purified by the out-group mating of its weaker, more degenerate members). Black and brown races, by contrast, will inevitably end up diluted and “whited,” because such races have no comparable racist movements that exist to preserve the purity of their minority races. Point to whited minorities that look like whites as examples of the process in action. Barack Obama is merely step one in the whitening of the Black race in this argument. Rachael Dolezol is the end goal.

In fact, if I had a position of power in the KKK or some other white separatist organization with a press office, I would publicly encourage the mating of our degenerate whites with minorities, and claim I wanted to see whites eventually replace all black genes with white genes through genetic dilution, using the less moral and less sexually chaste, more r-selected members of our race who we want removed from our gene pool anyway.

I suspect because blacks experience more economic deprivation, they tend to be heavily in-grouped, and thus such a meme, making mating out of race be seen as an active attack on their group by racists and white supremacists, would have an enormous effect on the perceptions of interracial mating within their group. As the less datable and more r-blacks latch onto the meme, to oppose members of their own race ignoring them as mate choices in favor of out-group members, I could see this making black/white pairings almost impossible within the localities of black communities.

Hispanics would likely respond less, so I suspect there the primary benefit would be in the angst such an idea, of interracial mating as advancing white supremacy, would provoke in leftists.

Again, those are just but two examples of using context-change in the amygdalae. One takes an amygdala that sees something as a negative, and adds a piece of information that recharacterizes it as a positive, while the other takes something seen as a positive, and changes the context within the amygdalae, making it suddenly triggering, and a negative. It is an extraordinarily powerful technique.

I suspect these context changes will work best for the right, because conservative amygdalae naturally want to de-trigger, while ultra-triggerable leftist amygdalae will naturally fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. So it will not take much to relax a conservative’s naturally untriggerable amygdala, nor will it take much to send the left wing off the rails and trigger a live periscope cutting spree by triggered SJWs.

But there are two things you will probably need to do in order to pull off a context change. As in this case, you need to get inside the heads of the players, see what is important to them, and use that to shift the contexts of incoming stimuli. Second, it may help when doing this to not be too immersed in the field you want to delve into. Immersion absorbs your own amygdala, focuses it, and that makes the fluidity of thought necessary to play out different contextual variations difficult. I suspect hyper-triggerable leftist amygdalae may be poorly designed to do this out of the box.

I suspect were I a diehard racial purist, I might have been too triggered by the conflict, and all the imagery, to see outside of the battle in front of me. By being emotionally detached, I was freed to see another way to exploit the emotions around the situation to pull and push on the various amygdalae involved. Knowing r/K, and its role in the genetics of populations didn’t hurt.

Now if anyone here is on 4Chan, feel free to spread this post around, and as you go through your day, examine how context affects the triggering of amygdalae around you.

This science is the most powerful thing out there outside of r/K Theory, as we engage in the meme wars of the Trump Presidency.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because brains are computers waiting to be hacked

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10 Responses to On Amygdala Manipulation at 4Chan Using Racial Cuckoldry

  1. Kharmii says:

    Racial purists have been doing that undesirable women meme for years already. The biggest tropes are the fat white women who date minorities or the ‘zoo-keeper’, which is a crazy white woman with daddy issues who goes out and finds the most simian looking minority to get with. Years ago, there was a meme that showed a stack of bricks next to a fat white women with the caption, “Both will be laid by Mexicans”.

    As for the ‘milk in the coffee’ meme, this is causing sjw Tumblrinas to eat their own. They constantly complain about how fan girls will take black characters and whiten them up in their fan art. Same goes for obese characters who are drawn thinner. No matter how much they try to bully and brainwash people with ‘beauty at any size’ or that minority traits are desirable, people will always view thin people with Caucasian facial features as the ideal standard of beauty.

  2. info says:

    ” And God help any outsider who attacked our nation, because a united nation of K’s, even of different in-grouped racial groups, who are freed from the constraints of traitorous r’s in battle, would be devastating once united by a common enemy.”

    From this it can be said that majority of conflicts can be avoided by looking for 3rd party that is instigating the conflicts. Once that is discovered the conflict would stop.

  3. Ned Flanders says:

    off topic re. chan. QAnon dropped more stuff last night. either the greatest real-time Tom Clancy fanfic or we’re seeing fireworks soon.


  4. Pitcrew says:

    The way I see it, Race is just the starting point for K. Ethnicity/Supra-ethnicity comes next. There is a distinction between Northern Euros and Southern Euros, as well as Western Euros and Eastern Euros. Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Thai all kind of can’t stand each other. Poles despise Ukrainskis, Ukrainskis the Russians and Russians detest Poles. Even decades from now, I don’t know if nationalist Irish and nationalist English will be playing nicely. Still Euros are a community, but of separate and distinct Nations. America is the newest.

    Regarding inter-racial pairings, especially Euro – African, I think people are picking up on a bit of malice on the part of the participants. First, in public, these people kind of demand acceptance, which is r. They can’t make their own community and go there, because they are r-strategists so they come to yours. Especially Black males who seem to be communicating “This is atonement for slavery and your race will be diluted” while also saying “accept me”. Africans sold themselves into bondage, and every race has practiced it, and America ended it, so Americans are blameless in this regard. People tolerate certain things out of politeness, but polite people never forget an insult, and K strategists don’t change their stripes. Black people often insult so much they forget they’re even doing it.

    Continuing on your proposal AC, remember the Chinese strategy of giving the largest, closest group of Xiongnu Chinese concubines until low and behold within 3 generations the Xiongnu who had not left China’s borders were essentially Chinese themselves. The Chinese army then killed their nobles and the Xiongnu quadroons became peasants.

    There is also the degree of separation to consider when K selection approaches. For example, Russians are White, but every Russian is a descendant of a Khan. Russians visually would not be amygdala triggering in K selection, but at least in America, their language spoken would most definitely be. Chinese would be outgrouped visually, with mixes have slightly better luck. This is just the way it is. In K selection you can only pick one group. You can NEVER pick two, because like smoking, it’s bad for your health. That being said, sensible blood quantums do apply.

    I didn’t make these rules, it’s just the way things are. I observe the world and report what I see if it advances a conversation.

    • I agree. I think as those studies with babies and race show, the amygdala is wired innately to cue in on any difference. Once those amygdalae are thrown into battle mode by the Apocalypse, in-grouping and splintering will occur along all lines of demarcation.

  5. CrazyTM says:

    Challenge accepted. By naziwhitesupremistwhowantstokillanother6millionjews <=you know I'm kidding there eh. All I ask for, is a link to the specific sub reddit or whatever, here, as I've never done reddit. I'll bookmark, make profile, and shall sow my chaos magic, and salt the etherwebs with leftists brains exploding, from my consistent skull f87king them. I do have bragging rights to "The cure of black magic!", from my young days in football.

    Before I was introduced to the r/K theory on The Apricity quite a few years ago, I had this meme war already on Topix. This meme war was exactly the same, black on white baloney. So I have a natural game plan, which comes to me naturally of course.

    I would start with sex magic game, teach the autist geeks how to f88k, literally the skenes glands the lot, including debunking all the muh black dick bullshit. Making it clear to the leftists that you are passing on natural alpha chad knowledge to the autists so they can pass there genes on. Framing it so we are giving power to the white autists IRL. Leftists run away from fear I really enjoy it. Unintended consequences really ticks them off, yes reframing to either a positive or negative in our favour makes them feel less intelligent, and strategically impotent.

    Then as the leftists search for the inevitability civilization going r and chocolate from mixing I will add in the racial conservative cleansing of the race, with the whitening out of the blacks with r selected genes… could even troll with selling white eugenics in a laboratory to black women.

    I have quiet a few ideas for the slut shaming, how to pick an honest submissive woman, how to convert an r selected woman to K, hell I could even think of a christian reborn slut regime for the actual sluts. So shaming sluts to reforming sluts. Makes all the white knights and chads happy. Hopefully will have the leftists screaming in there heads….

    This sounds like fun man good times.

  6. gxg says:

    Fascinating insight! On a similar note, I’ve often wondered is why white women aren’t actively shamed by the pro-diversity crowd for scooping up the very best black men.

    As it stands right now, a white woman who dates a black man is given praise for not being a “racist,” when in reality, she’s doing something truly horrible to black women, who already have a terrible time finding a decent man to marry and build a life with.

    Maybe one way to solve this is by suggesting that white women who date black men are racist and selfish for exploiting (and stealing from) their black sisters.

  7. Sam J. says:

    “… I would publicly encourage the mating of our degenerate whites with minorities, and claim I wanted to see whites eventually replace all black genes with white genes through genetic dilution…”

    That’s a very strong meme. There’s another site where he pointed out the very same thing when I complained about miscegenation one time. His view was Whites were spreading their genes all over. Here’s his site. He has some truly profound insights into society and human behavior.


  8. Sam J. says:

    “…majority of conflicts can be avoided by looking for 3rd party that is instigating the conflicts. Once that is discovered the conflict would stop…”

    This is it exactly. It’s THE whole point. Even with all our problems if we could be left alone to sort them out I think we could do something half-way decent but…

    This is why my default point is we must get rid of the Jews. Peacefully if we can but by any means necessary.

    It does no good saying, this one or that one, are not the problem because if you’ll notice none, or maybe 10, really go after the issue that it’s the Jews causing a vast majority of the problems we have. They operate as a group and it works for them. They’re not going to stop and it will get worse and worse until they are killing us in the streets. It seems that most people in charge slack up a little when they have control but the history of the Jews is the more they control the more ruthless and inhuman they become.

    It would be nice if we could work some kind of deal but the history of the Jews is they never will. It’s us or them.

  9. Stilicho says:

    Alternate meme to use to counter this: hyena catches slow gazelle.

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