Orban, Fresh Off Massive Election Win, To Pass Anti-Soros Laws

What is your first impulse?

Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, has promised to push through a controversial piece of legislation targeting civil society, claiming his victory in parliamentary elections had provided him with what could be the strongest political mandate in recent Hungarian history.

The announcement on Tuesday – combined with news that one of the last remaining newspapers critical of the Orbán government would be closing with immediate effect – led his critics to fear the worst as Orbán begins another four years in power.

Orbán ran his campaign on the single issue of migration and has blamed a network of the political opposition, NGOs and critical media of being part of a plot orchestrated by the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros to send millions of migrants to Hungary.

My first impulse is to cheer. But my second impulse is to realize that whoever is behind the scenes could have begun promoting Orban decades back, so if this side of the population rose in power, they would still have control over that movement by controlling its leader.

Now I have no idea what the Cabal situation in Hungary is. Nationalism has risen a little faster than the Cabal would have wanted, and I suspect that the Cabal wanted a lot more immigrants in Hungary to create unrest as the collapse closes in, so maybe they focused on advancing the left. Maybe Orban rose faster than the Cabal could get control over the conditions, and before they got him.

But I would be unsurprised if certain forces who manipulate events view this entire episode with tedious nonchalance, because it merely means they will alter their script a bit, eject Soros from it, and exploit a different player as they continue to profit and control, exactly the same as before.

You are not Apocalypse-ready until you view everyone as controlled and manipulated.

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3 Responses to Orban, Fresh Off Massive Election Win, To Pass Anti-Soros Laws

  1. JimP says:

    As I look at the likes of Andrew McCable, or the recent James Comey interviews, or the texts between “deep state” operators like Page and Stroczk – it’s evidently amateur hour with these people.

    And Loretta Lynch? Moron hitched her wagon to a corrupt hag with no fallback position. Why? Because she’s arrogant and stupid.

    I don’t know what constitutes the cabal, but like all things pride has a way of changing the outcome of anything.

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