Sexual Dimorphism, Politics, and r/K Selection

I’ve been really busy, but will begin posting again soon. Until then, there is a new study coming out, saying if you have bigger muscles and are stronger physically, you will be more competitive, and oppose Liberal initiatives, such as economic redistribution.

There is only one reason men would evolve to become weaker, and that is if fighting is uneccesary (due to free resource availability), and you are investing less in each offspring, so you can have more. Each individual is becoming a multiplier, instead of a competitor. That is an r-selected reproductive strategy. When K-selection comes, that phenotype disappears quite rapidly.

All of politics is a bit like three rabbits and a wolf stranded on an island, at dinnertime. The wolf says, “Well, it looks like somebody is about to get eaten.” The rabbits reply, “Let’s vote on who it will be!”

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2 Responses to Sexual Dimorphism, Politics, and r/K Selection

  1. Dura Lex says:

    Hi, I think you will find this study interesting (if you don’t already know about it)

    “Muscularity and attractiveness as predictors of human egalitarianism”

    • Thank you for that. I think a lot of research in the next decade will basically all point to Conservatives being go it free types because they have traits which make them somewhat more likely to succeed, if government doesn’t oppress them.

      In contrast, Liberals will gradually be seen as trying to subversively use government to hold back others, with whom they could not compete honestly. I really can’t imagine how Liberals will confront such a growing body of evidence, and yet there is nothing they can do to stop it. Add in a resource restriction to push the society more K, and I think you will either see Liberals retreat, or there will be some really interesting times ahead.

      Thanks again, I appreciate it.

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