The Playboy Mansion Was Bugged

The intel game is everywhere:

He always filmed the encounters. He had two large video cameras over his bed and he had these giant screens across from his bed. He had a whole library for these sex acts with different people and the video librarian told me Hef planned to use the footage against his associates if they ever threatened to come out with a memoir about him or the mansion.

For many people, the Playboy mansion was a safe haven from the paparazzi and private detectives. A married comedian came for years, bringing different girls to have sex with. I had to take many food trays into the room where he was with these girls.

There was always cocaine around, though Mr. Hefner didn’t partake, preferring weed (he would often have parties where he invited all the marijuana growers in California to the house).

The entire grounds were under surveillance. There were cameras everywhere and all the phones were bugged. The staff had to be very careful and the men weren’t allowed to speak to any of Hef’s girls or socialize with them.

Hef, who seemed quite a tool in many ways, was amassing tapes of all the celebs who were banging girls at his parties. You wonder who has all those tapes now. I am noticing this seems to be a theme among those who are successful.

I like to think I am a bright guy, but if I had begun to enjoy high success at 23 or 24 years old, I do not think it would ever have dawned on me to do this to everyone who I ran across. Had I been Hef, and found myself running a porn magazine, my thoughts would have run to producing the most high quality porn magazine available. Was I that much more naïve out of the box than everyone else?

It makes me wonder if things like this were Hef’s idea, or if he was merely a cog in a much more sophisticated machine that was doing it. Do the people prone to success in an r-world innately see the social networks as more important than the products, and see blackmail as merely a highly effective social lever in their socially manipulative toolbox to help them sell products? Or is there something larger that recruits the blackmailable, and then sets them about blackmailing others themselves?

Regardless, understand you may always be under eyes. Comport yourselves accordingly.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because you tell one person and ten others can hear about it from the report

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  1. rien says:

    One of my suspicions is that people in power are not in power because they are the best, but because they are blackmailable. The whole satanic business could well be because of this. I.e. provide a mechanism for blackmail, not because those people are actually into this stuff. The same may be (partly) true for the pedo stuff as well.

    You want in?, sure… here is a party we want you to go to….

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      The Bloody Shovel had a post on this recently “Biological Leninism”. There are two ways to organize a power structure. If positions are secure you have hereditary aristocracy. If positions are not secure, people pick subordinates who are less competent (or sane, normal, law abiding, etc) then themselves in order to keep their positions.

  2. Pitcrew says:

    The people prone to success in an r world are sociopaths. ASDP people tend to have alot of the same traits so the machine may not be as big as it appears. That machine definitely exists though, and Hef was a part of it. Every CEO, politician and top cop was too, until Trump.

  3. everlastingphelps says:

    I’m sure it occurred to Hef the first time he was threatened with the tape of him that someone else owned.

  4. Andy says:

    Well, at least there is a backup against rape aligations. Had a case in my country couple of months ago where a videotape saved two guys from prison.
    On the other had, whoever goes to the Playboy Mansion to fuck bunnies deserves to get blackmailed and destroyed. Fucking degenerates.

  5. ERTZ says:

    The times one needed to anticipate a spy seem to be over – now we have to expect whole echelons of spies spying, in competition with each other or parallel to each other.
    Consider PCs and smartphones – there is not _a_ spyware on them, but often whole ecosystems of different spyware from companies in hardware and software, ISPs, government, serious and kiddie hackers, even spouses and friends. The question is not if you are spied on, but how many parties spy on you.

    I now let my imagination run free, for I think it should not be so much off the truth:

    The playboy mansion sure was under surveillance.
    From whole echelons of spies:
    (sorted from lowest class in expertise to highest)

    +Neighborhood kids eyeing over the fence for some boobies
    +postman trying to peek in
    +Neighborhood pervert in nearby home behind curtains with telescope
    +amateur paparazzi with camera in car
    +professional paparazzi with high-powered cameras in ghillie suit looking like a piece of a bush
    +internal hidden cams/bugs by Hefner to protect himself from blackmail through rape accusations from his girls
    +internal same tech, but not built in, more mobile (in bags or shoes etc.) by girls who hope to blackmail
    +internal, hidden bugs from servant/maintenance man who acts on his own terms or is paid for it by paparazzi or other externals
    +local police spy cams and audio bugs investigating suspicions of prostitution
    +FBI spy cams+bugs investigating extortion charges of some sort of some party
    +foreign low-tier countries’ intelligence agency gear protecting “party guests”, Arab princes etc.
    +CIA/FBI spy gear hoping to get blackmail material of political or economic elites
    +serious-tech level bugs of Russians or Chinese, hoping for blackmail material of US elites
    +serious-tech level bugs of US counterintelligence, trying to defend against Russians and Chinese
    +NSA/Mossad-level “implants”

    Probably I missed a lot of potential interest groups, for example business rivals etc.

    My point:
    A place like this is probably home to a whole multi-layered ECOSYSTEM of spy and anti-spy gear.

    This place was publicly known, and perhaps was actually rather tame in terms of what really went on there.
    But there may be places where the real action happens, where “elites” have orgies, perhaps rapes, perhaps joy murders, or pedophilia-related activities – the places the public does not, and probably will never, know of. You know, where the really exclusive “parties” happen.
    The low-level surveillance will not be there; but the top-level agencies should all tip on each others toes there, for the blackmail material that is to be had, and for the need to prevent exactly this happening by defensive agencies.

  6. Sam J. says:

    A lot of people are talking about that post. It’s hit a nerve and it’s very, very good. It’s very enlightening of societal events.

  7. Sam J. says:

    I’m not sure that lined up correctly so to make sure I’m responding to the post about the Bloody Shove post “Biological Leninism”.

    I’ve have a idea. The attacks on Men groping Women have become epic. I wonder, I just wonder, could it be that they are throwing a few of their people to the wolves to trap a bigger fish? We’ll see if later we have an EPIC attack on Trump groping Women and how he should resign.

  8. c_arnold says:

    Not surprising. Hugh Hefner was one of America’s highest profile procurers and brothel operators after all. His publication wasn’t a magazine, it was comparable to the Sears catalog for whores, advertising what was available to those with the means to afford the pleasures of his brothel and clubs. I imagine more frugal popular entertainers were given significant discounts if they were willing to make themselves available to perform for the guests.

    I had always found it baffling how a guy who had high priced high profile titty bars all over the western world would suddenly have to close them down when I was a kid. When puberty hit and I came to understand how a healthy economy should work, the pieces began to fall into place. Best guess, not even the narcotics trafficking and money laundering he was involved with was enough to keep his operations going without drawing law enforcement attention.

  9. 987987998987932879_730YUcj1 says:

    Watch this:

    Q anon basically confirms that Hugh was a Clown In America.

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