What Will Happen When Wearable Tech Meets Artificial Intelligence?

I was reading this page on face reading and saw the following image, and had the most amazing insight into the future:

Narcissists, psychopaths, and Machiavellians require low amygdala to ply their shitbaggery. You will never see a narcissist better at masking their assholia than one who is fully in control of his victim’s perceptions. He brings roses, and basks in the rosy glow of his target’s adulation as she cannot help but be charmed. But over time, they make small mistakes, here and there. As those mistakes add up, their victim begins to notice a pattern. Things may not be as they seem.

As this revelation grows, the Triad personality begins to feel the reins slipping. They know they are losing control, and their victim is beginning to see behind the mask. The response is a gradual increase in amygdala, and as that amygdala grows, their ability to mask their nature fades. They bring roses, the victim looks a little suspicious of them, and they think to themselves, “she knows.” The realization panics them, the panic shows, she sees it, it confirms her suspicions, and the panic grows just a little more as things spiral out of control.

Eventually, the victim is hiding in the bathroom as the narcissist is banging on the door outside with both fists, screaming at the top of his lungs, spittle flying everywhere, and suddenly the spell is fully broken.

I thought about how artificial intelligence can spot homosexuals. You just feed in the pictures, and the AI learns, and pretty soon you don’t need to tell it who is gay and who is not. It just knows things regular humans can’t discern, using indicators that regular humans can’t even identify while watching the machine program itself.

Imagine when we are all wearing the future equivalent of Google Glass glasses, it is filming everyone we meet, and you can upload an app to it which can detect Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Machiavellianism on the faces of people we meet in real time. Like a Terminator robot, you meet someone, shake their hand, and down the side of your view of them scrolls their psychological scores for all of those traits, as below them flashes in big red letters, “Alert! Alert! Major League Asshole!” (I assume the programmer will have a sense of humor – and experience with those personalities.)

Suddenly, you are in super-critical mode from the get-go, scrutinizing every smile for phoniness, and they are already on high amygdala, because they know your glasses have outed them instantly, even before you said “Hi.” The strained smile, the nervousness, it invades everything and you see it from the start, skipping the whole charming deception phase of the relationship.

And it doesn’t happen just in the social realm. Job interviews, TV shows, salesmen – you are a triad-spotting machine. Politicians with the triad traits can’t get elected, triads can’t get married, and they never amount to anything because nobody wants to hire them because nobody wants to deal with them. They are the next generation’s untouchables.

AI on wearable tech may facilitate an incredible evolutionary jump for those who use it. It may allow Darwinian Selection to aggressively cull for things so subtle that we can not even spot them, and thus elevate Darwinian selection’s effects and speed to a degree we would never believe.

Add in an Apocalypse, where those with the balls to, can kill whoever they want on sight, and Darwinian Selection may not even describe the evolutionary leap our species will take.

We just have to get the tech up and running as fast as possible.

Spread r/K Theory, because the days of narcissists and psychopaths may be coming to a close

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  1. Pitcrew says:

    The only thing you can really pick out is people high in dark triad traits seem to have some facial asymmetry, and the effect appears reduced in males. The male high in machiavellianism looks like he would be a short guy so that looks like a Napoleon complex to me. Also, one thing to consider, people with amygdala dysfunction will likely self medicate with food/drugs/alcohol. So they are likely to have fatter/puffy faces, because they will generally be fatter, less healthy people. Lawyers, politicians and muslims will sure be having a hard time if we start weeding out dark triad traits. Probably quite a few sportsball americans and natural PUA’s too. Women definitely won’t like it, as their behavior seems to reward these types (often reproductively) up until about age 30.

    • Interesting. It may also related to physical ability. I have noted guys who couldn’t compete as kids in physical aggression seem to develop an innately subversive, Machiavellian psychology, lying and stabbing people in the back while pretending to do it accidently. I suppose because that was the only way they could “win” as kids. Guys who as kids felt they could win in the physical realm, would learn to go at it openly and seek to win, and as adults they innately went face to face and toe to toe.

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  4. Out of the 15 faces, I only got four wrong. (3, 12, 13 & 14) Very Interesting…

    • The bottom line is a couple of those guys may just not have been caught yet, and an arrest for assault is not necessarily a sign of a criminal mind. I’ve known guys who weren’t arrested who should have gotten the death penalty, and I’m sure there are guys who got arrested over stupid shit who were OK people. Of you looked at the rate of correlation it might be just exactly what you did, and you were right about the assholia and the arrests were off.

  5. another jim says:

    Google? Or should I say googlag? The dark lord of Redmond? spybook Facespy? Why would the dark triads running the tech industry want to be outed? Why would the NSA/TLA Deepstate allow us to see them clearly? Hope is not a plan.

  6. John Calabro says:

    I don’t why but I find it easier to tell a female Narcissists or crazy then males. Why would this be?

    Hey anonymous do you believe their is such a thing call that some PUA and MGTOW say about some women that they look at them will say that the women has the crazy eyes?

    The woman on the last picture with Gary Ridgeway I look at her and I see crazy eyes (I guess you have to be crazy or go crazy if you are with Gary). I get a gut feeling and feel distress and sick when looking at the women and Gary on the bottom and this is before reading.

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