Women Are Now Proposing

Another marker:

Many modern brides living in the age of female empowerment aren’t waiting for prince charming to pop the question — they’re taking their happily-ever-afters into their own hands.

“I knew if I proposed he would have a ring and I wouldn’t be like a kept woman,” said Rebecca Reed, who proposed to her boyfriend in July on their one-year anniversary date. “I was like: I’m taking it by the balls and doing it.”

Danielle Sinay, emboldened by the women’s movement, asked her boyfriend of three years to marry her in October.

“Knowing it’s accepted and seen as something positive opposed to a flaw, I felt a lot better doing it,” she said.

Planner Ash Fox is staging a proposal next week for a female client asking her boyfriend for his hand in marriage.

“She’s making it happen for herself,” she said of the traditional set-up for the unconventional question. “You shouldn’t have to wait for a guy.”

Again, a small thing, but you didn’t see it in the fifties. It is another small measure of female psychology becoming more aggressive and decisive, and less passive and submissive. It would seem strange to see a feminine psychology grow more aggressive in response to increased ease and satiety, but not if you understand r/K Theory.

Spread r/K Theory, because times and mores change

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11 Responses to Women Are Now Proposing

  1. everlastingphelps says:

    A woman who is incapable of manipulating her lover of three years into proposing to her (and has to rely on guilting him with her own proposal) is incapable of the manipulation required to maintain and healthy relationship.

  2. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    Hey AC, check out the pic in this tweet:


    It’s spreading 😀

  3. Frank says:

    This probably has less to do with female psychology and more to do with the utter collapse of masculinity in the Western man.

    • R stategist? says:

      Due to the ingratitude of most women plus the certainty of divorce, traditional marriage is no longer convenient.

      Preparing for divorce, not for a happy marriage, is the most convenient thing.

  4. ACThinker says:

    Be interseting to see the 5 and 10 year divorce statistic on these marriages. I’m willing to bet that a person who first makes commitment and asks is less likely to ask for a divorce/change their mind that the person receiving the question.

    Once an individual comes to a decission, it is generally difficult to sway them off of it. But if they are suggested a path (“will you marry me?”) it isn’t their decission, it is the outside suggestion. 70% of divorces in teh US are thoguth to be initiated by the wife, not the husband. Most divorces in the US are no-fault, thus not adultery, battery, etc.

    These are different decission and resistance to change making mentalities/pathways. Very intersting to see how they fair. how that might tie into r/K ? I’m not sure, because it seems more r (assertive women, etc) But at the same, lower female initiated divorce, and potentially lower divorce rates? that is K. Although as I always say, it isn’t the result (birth control=no kids) but the motivation (no kids means more sex) that defines the r/K in modern man (and woman).

  5. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    This is why the West needs to cut foreign aid to Israel:


  6. Gaius says:

    Isaiah 4:1 appears to be coming in the near future

  7. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    Foreign entities messing with USA elections and extremists censoring conservative politicians:



  8. Anonymous White Male says:

    So, does the “guy” get to pick out the wedding colors, songs, parade down the isle to the Wedding March, throw the bouquet, wear frilly lingerie on the Wedding Night, you know, all the female bullshit? “You shouldn’t have to wait for a guy”. Seriously? What if he says, “I love you like a friend, but not in that way”. I guess you have to wait for a guy a little longer? Unless you want to be a carpet muncher.

  9. Pitcrew says:

    “I knew if I proposed he would have a ring and I wouldn’t be like a kept woman,” said Rebecca Reed, who proposed to her boyfriend in July on their one-year anniversary date. “I was like: I’m taking it by the balls and doing it.”

    This is what is called a turn OFF. And he would have a ring just layin around? Where are these weirdo women coming from. If they divorce, does the guy get to keep the house and kids in this case? This attitude enables financial predation.

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