Democrat Councilman Resigns After Furry Profile Leaks

Nothing unusual about this:

A Connecticut councilman is resigning after his profile on a website catering to “furries” appeared on social media — but the outgoing first-term Democrat insists his animal costume fetish has “nothing to do with sex.”

New Milford Councilman Scott Chamberlain, who was up for re-election, is stepping down after a town resident posted several screenshots on Facebook of the lawmaker’s profile on a private website for “furries,” a subculture of people who don animal costumes, sometimes for sexual gratification…

Chamberlain, whose avatar resembles a fox named “Gray Muzzle,” insisted to the newspaper that his interest in the subculture stems from an appreciation for animal characters like Tony the Tiger and Mickey Mouse.

“It’s nothing to do with sex; it’s an interest in cartoon animals,” Chamberlain told the newspaper Thursday.

I tend to see all behavior as amygdala-driven. Although the furry culture (and the Bronie culture) are not an area of study I’ve examined closely, I tend to think this is an escape from the amygdala-stimulation being produced by the real world. More than likely there is something about normal life this guy is bothered by, or cannot tolerate. Maybe he was conditioned by a hostile childhood to expect confrontational interactions, maybe there is something about the real him he is bothered by, or maybe he has attached negative sensations to the reality around him. But there is something about putting on his costume, and being somebody different in a cartoon world that is allowing him to escape something.

Perhaps that allows sexual drives to take over as it seems to do in many in that culture, or perhaps it just assuages a misery which he experiences, absent the fantasy. But on some level, we all know that it is a sign that there is something off, which will probably leave us better off shunning such an individual.

The irony is, I suspect if he experienced brief periods of horror to reset his amygdala’s expectations, then he would be better able to enjoy the remaining periods, and he would no longer need to escape into fantasy to make himself feel normal. There is nothing like random periods of running for your life to make the quiet moments spent on the couch with a beer and a bag of chips seem a lot nicer.

K-selection is the answer to a lot of mental dysfunction, probably because our brains evolved to function in the presence of adversity. Remove the adversity, and the brain breaks down, and that seems to actually prevent many people from enjoying the world.

It is ironic. Just like the agent said to Neo in The Matrix, we need pain to survive. Otherwise, we become like a virus.

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7 Responses to Democrat Councilman Resigns After Furry Profile Leaks

  1. everlastingphelps says:

    I know some people who were involved in exposing this guy, and one of the parts left out of this version of the story is that he’s now a pariah in the furry circles, who have denounced his rape-meh stance.

    That’s right — he’s disgusting even to furries.

  2. Michael Kumpmann says:

    Your argument about escapism mixed with sexual fantasies reminds me on this academic round table discussion about that degenerate “moe” trend in japan:

    (In case if you do not know: Moe is essentially Anime which does not focus on story or anything intelligent, but just by showing “cute” girls doing “cute” things. Often borderline sexual, like the infamous movie title “Sleeping with Hinako”, which is no porn, but sounds like porn.

    Many people basically think moe is essentially borderline pedophilia motivated by men who are afraid of grown up women.)

    • Michael Kumpmann says:

      One funny thing about this article is, it implies that many creators of the previous trend in anime (basically “the decadent modern society has to die in a huge apocalyptic event for us to become really free and awesome”, think of movies like Akira, Wind of Amnesia etc.) look with alienation and confusion at the moe trend of anime, which is about harmless, non threatening worlds with lots of immature, cute, child like girls. Sounds pretty much like r/K divide to me, too.

    • Moe is the combination of two sensations. A “gap” in expectation, like a princess who swears like a sailor, combined with the parental sensation of wanting to protect. Because kiddies being sexual is the easiest way to produce a “gap,” moe is usually degenerate.

  3. Gaiseric says:

    SJWs Always Lie. The Furry stuff is creepy and weird, and would probably have cost him reelection. His resignation is prompted by his toleration of rape.

  4. Robert What? says:

    I’ve never understood someone “reviewing” a book they’ve never read or a movie they’ve never seen. It must be the pinnacle of self absorption and self delusion that such people believe any one cares what they think.

  5. info says:

    As a example. You can see how well adjusted men in this environment are:

    Shows the kind of life every upper-class man needs to live to function.

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