German Greens To Offer “Sexual Assistance” Welfare

Surprisingly, it is already covered by healthcare plans in Holland:

Sex with prostitutes will be paid for by the Government for anyone too poor for a hooker and deemed to need sexual assistance under German Green Party plans.

The party’s care spokeswoman Elisabeth Scharfenberg says doctors should have the right to issue the free prescriptions to their patients for ladies of the night.

The Greens’ plans consists of patients obtaining a medical certificate confirming that ‘they are unable to achieve sexual satisfaction in other ways, as well as to prove they are not able to pay sex workers on their own’…

‘In Holland, prostitutes are paid by the health insurance fund’, she said.

There will be two sets of people. One will oppose this, slightly bothered by the moral implications, bothered by the waste of resources, and just generally feeling that it is wrong somehow. The other type will furrow their brow, contemplate the idea, and think it has some merit. “Why not?”

These sets will align in other ways, from aggressiveness, competitiveness, and protectiveness, to support for marriage and longer relationship durations, opposition to sexual activity among children, to support or opposition to feminism, to homosexual tolerance, to perceptions of immigration, to economic predilections toward either capitalism or redistributive mechanisms. Likewise they will divide along lines of political ideology, and the candidates they will vote for.

And the prevalence of these mindsets will wax and wane with the availability of resources in the nation.

Politics, and the declines in our civilizations, are all about r/K Selection Theory. It is all human brains reflexively adapting reproductive strategy to conditions of environmental resource availability. Once that brain adapts, and expresses that underlying psychology, that then produces the drive to one ideology or the other.

Spread r/K Theory to your friends, because you don’t want to pay for somebody else’s prostitutes

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  2. b says:

    Hi! In Sweden, in difference from other Western countries, buying sex is criminalized. So, even if the leftists would love to promote promiscuity and increase taxes, they can’t even suggest the German ‘generosity’, because it is against the law. But govt could change the law! 😉 For instance, create an exemption, since it is the govt that will have to buy the sex services for the migrants. The article doesn’t mention that there is rapidly increasing HIV spread in EU, about 160 000 diagnosed with HIV 2016, official records. So, selection is clearly on the way.
    What do you think about Richard Dawkin’s extended phenotype?

    • Like philosophy, there are many ways to view things, though I suppose viewing the effects of genes more broadly is probably useful to creating a model of the system in your head.

      • b says: This are some of the data sent to Trump and Tucker asking them to help. Included here only gang rapes 2010-2015. I had no idea Trump will act on it. I couldn’t stand it anymore after the sadistic gang rape of a girl in Nynäshamn, on the street, and the media keeps hiding who the rapists were. But the girl came out in Peter Springare FB group, now 210 000 people in just few days, showed her completely destroyed face and accused the PM for false security. Trump/Tucker helped immediately to inform ppl of the gravity of situation so they act more carefully at least. Now people know there is a vicious predator out there, they suspect media cover it up, police hands are locked, and impotent judicial system, i.e. their sense of security has been false for a while. Yet they still enjoy watching celebrity debates on state paid channels, I guess to normalize the shock.

  3. CE says:


    Diseased Migrants’ Sexual Emergencies + Sexual Welfare = Diseased Prostitutes –>
    Diseased Prostitutes + German Men = Diseased German Men –>
    Diseased German Men + German Women = Diseased German Women and on and on we go…

    This doesn’t even begin to cover the moral implications. I find prostitution abhorrent anyway, but to be taxed to pay for healthcare coverage which spans prostitution is an entirely different league of unethical. Although, if these men are blowing their proverbial loads into abortion-happy whores rather than impregnating women who might bring the spawn to term this could bare some eugenic effect, and perhaps we might see a drop in sexual assault figures. Now that I think of it, perhaps the spread of diseases will become bad enough that it begins to cull a particular segment of the more r-selected population – again eugenics. Let the culling commence.

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