Investigation Into Harry Reid Bribery Shut Down

Dingy Harry may have had his hand in the till:

State and federal agents may have waited nearly three years to pursue financial records about offshore accounts that a prosecutor believes could link a $2 million check from a Utah bank to a reported attempt to bribe a powerful U.S. senator — even though they had access to a copy of the check and key witnesses as early as 2013.

And that may just be the one which wasn’t covered up sufficiently.

Notice how old Harry chose to get the hell out of Dodge once a new Sheriff, who was well outside the DC establishment, stepped up to run for the highest office in the land. I couldn’t figure why he was not running for re-election when he had his ass in such a tub of butter.

The first years of Trump’s Presidency may see an incredible amount of corruption exposed and prosecuted. If Trump were a normal President, he would try to stifle that to prevent the story of DC corruption from overshadowing his agenda, but I suspect this is no normal President, and this will be no normal Presidency.

r/K Selection Theory needs help to go viral, because the establishment will never do what’s right

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