Iranian Cancer Researcher Stopped By Nazi Immigration Officers

I had seen this reported as an example of President Trump’s draconian initiatives. Then the truth came out:

An Iranian citizen identified as a senior member of the country’s Basij military force was caught trying to enter the United States posing as a cancer researcher, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation who told the Washington Free Beacon that the Trump administration should begin investigating how the individual was granted a U.S. visa in the first place.

Seyed Mohsen Dehnavi, who has been identified as a member of Iran’s highly vetted volunteer Basij force, was turned away from entering the United States at Boston’s Logan Airport.

Sources familiar with the situation said that Dehnavi is billing himself as a medical researcher and was to assume residency at a Boston-based hospital. He was detained earlier this week at Logan Airport along with his family and later sent back to Iran.

Don’t wait for a correction by the fake media.

Of course from the media’s perspective, they are not lying. They are just trying to rectify the unfairness they feel when they look out on a K-selected world, with a psychology that is expecting an r-selected world.

Which raises the question how much will they lie, and how insane will they get when the bottom drops out and real K-selection suddenly rears it head?

I’m betting they will be quite insane.

Spread r/K Theory, because nothing is what the media says

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  2. Robert What? says:

    Personally I am not on the “Iran is evil” train. The vast majority of aggressive violent jihad comes from the Suni branch – our supposed allies – not from the Shia branch.

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