Italy To Go Nuclear On EU To Ship Migrants Out

On the path to K:

Senior Italian government figures are threatening to issue European Union visas to 200,000 migrants, granting them unrestricted access to the bloc’s borderless Schengen Zone. Deputy Foreign Minister Mario Giro and Senator Luigi Manconi told The Times that the government was discussing issuing migrants with temporary visas which would allow them to leave Italy and move freely through the bloc’s 26 Schengen countries.

Mr. Giro and others from the ruling Democratic Party believe Italy can exploit the little-known European Council Directive 2001/55, drafted after the Balkans conflict, to give temporary EU entry permits to ‘displaced people’ – triggering another wave of mass migration into Northern Europe.

“Letting migrants travel once they reach Italy would create a real problem for our EU neighbours. But I hope it would force France to confront the migrant problem head on,” the government minister said.

This is how r transitions to K. First, all the rabbits try to subtly exploit the rules, to quietly force the discomfort on others. Eventually the others find rules to try and force the discomfort back. All of them are trying to assuage amygdalae without actually enduring the stress of a conflict, and the rules are perfect for that.

That will all continue until the discomfort builds somewhere, to the point that those individuals abandon the rules, and just force all the discomfort back on everyone else, rules be damned.

Once you get to the breakdown of rules, you know the discomfort which produces K has progressed enough that K-selection is about to begin. If I were to time things in the stock market an abandonment of rules somewhere might be an indicator I would look for.

That building discomfort is the key though. It is the root of K. It is its absence, which allows the advancement of r and it is its steadily growing nature which will inevitably bring back K through the amygdala development it produces. As this story plays out, Italian amygdalae are growing, and when they send all their migrants to France, then French amygdalae will grow too.

Those growing amygdalae will then play their role everywhere else. If there is to be a trigger to the economic collapse, it will be developed amygdalae beginning to drive protectionist behavior, and ending the irrational exuberance which is all that seems to keep our myriad of present day economic Ponzi schemes humming away.

When it all comes down, the irony is it will have been the rabbits, creating messes like the migrant disaster, who will have destroyed the very conditions they need to survive.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because it is all coming down and it is all due to the rabbits

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  2. Phelps says:

    That might be enough to break their welfare states. A CCCP style collapse could result from this.

  3. Jeff Wood says:

    I live in Italy. It has been obvious, even to me, that over the past few years the patience of the people has been wearing thin.

    When immigrants are mentioned – we had a few dumped in our village for a while – faces close. When Italians go silent you know something is up.

    I have suggested that next time we have immigrants, the hunting club have one of their gatherings in the Piazza, with rifles in gunslips so all legal. The silence following that was thoughtful.

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