Why Is The Left Attracted To Islam?

American Thinker poses a hypothesis, by showing how a definition of Arab culture mirrors PC culture:

Notice what happens if we substitute the word “P.C.” in place of the word “Arab,” and then restate Dr. Kafaji’s psychological diagnosis as shown below. Who among us “irredeemable deplorable Americans” does not feel that this passage aptly describes socially mediated life under Social Justice Warrior P.C. extremism that has only intensified in Obama’s America?

“[P.C.] culture is a judgmental culture, and anything a person does is subject to judgment … inducing many fears … with serious consequences on individual lives. Avoiding such judgment can be the constant preoccupation of people, almost as if the entire culture is paralyzed by [P.C. gossip]. In other words, all of the people in [P.C.] society are [meant to be] hostages of each other. [Author’s substitutions]”

There is an analogy there, but it is not the reason leftists crave Islam.

Leftism is a brain program, designed to make the organism survive and reproduce most effectively under conditions of r-selection and resource glut. As r-strategists, leftists are programmed to migrate to areas of free resource availability. In studies migrators have high carriage of the leftism-predisposing gene DRD4 7r.

This psychological design has imbued them with a suite of behavioral drives, from novelty seeking, to migratory urges to travel, to lack of disgust, to a desire to curry favor with out-groups such as the natives where they are migrating to. Also they evolved an urge to turn the out-group against other in-group members, as a competitive strategy to defeat any fellow r-strategists who migrated to the new land in search of free resources with them.

As time went on, and r-strategists found themselves born in lands of essentially limitless wealth, I believe these urges were corrupted. These r-strategists were not about to migrate, but they still had a desire to be surrounded by out-groups, and a desire to turn the out-groups against fellow in-group members. So if the r-strategist does not want to migrate to Mohammed, bring Mohammed to the r-strategist.

Today, in wealthy lands, instead of migrating to the foreign out-groups, r-strategists are programmed to import the foreign out-groups, because they are programmed to want to be around them. To the extent that r-strategists are programmed to desire turning out-groups against fellow in-group members as a competitive strategy, a violent, hostile out-group like Islam just feels like the perfect group to import.

The r-strategy is about reproduction, plain and simple. It doesn’t produce greatness, it lacks loyalty and honor, and at its core it is kind of inhuman by the standards of K-selection. But when resources flow freely, it will swell and bring a return of the harshness that will ultimately re-establish the greatness of the species.

Tell others about r/K Selection Theory, because it explains everything about the leftist mind

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  2. CE says:

    Very nice breakdown, especially relative the link to which you were responding. I would also add the leftist’s need for conflict avoidance into the equation and the camouflage they think they acquire by attempting to play both sides of the fence. Many r-strategists effectively blend in with would-be in-group K’s. By pinning far out-group against near K’s, they can slither around the violence to free resource consumption – so they believe, while the violence itself acts to quiet their primary amygdala trigger: the carrying capacity of the environment being reached. They believe that psychological surrender to out-groups is something which signals “don’t shoot, I’m on your side” while their genotype/phenotype and culture/language allows them to blend in with near K’s.

    The r-strategist is like the broke heroin addict who always seems to get his fix by the end of the day. They’ll do anything and everything to get the resources but will exhaust all paths of least resistance first. Greatest amount of resources for the least amount of caloric expenditure.

  3. The left is no more attracted to Islam than the right is

    • dirkhblog says:

      The Left fights Christmas and everything else Christian yet they demand we tolerate every wish of imported Muslims.
      President Hollande only came to power through the Muslim voter bloc which votes to 90% left.
      Leftists *LOVE* Islam if only for the votes.

  4. Pitcrew says:

    Throughout American history migration took a western flow, this is likely why we see such a den of r on the left coast. Not to say that all settlers where r, probably the opposite, but the people migrating and not building just tended to keep going, all the way to Cali, probably because the settler types couldn’t stand them so we see more of their descendants & friends there today. Also, saw Dances with Wolves the other day, the Lakota Sioux seemed very K and Kevin Costner’s character clearly appeared r. The Sioux generally appeared K, fighting all that entered their domain, but after defeats and exposure to European technology (and booze) they became r, and remain so today. It makes me think about the Amish and their destiny with their traits. Do you think the Amish are more r with a high birth rate and passiveness, or are they more K, favoring hard work and shunning of novelty? It’s important because their birthrate is about to start making big demographic dents in the midwest, absent immigration. Post-collapse I suspect many groups will be living like armed Amish east of the Mississippi, and like Sioux west of it.

  5. Pitcrew says:

    This attraction to the ‘other’ reminds me of Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. The Sioux were K then, but after a few losses and heavy exposure to European tech, booze and welfare are now r. I’ve seen demographic projections for the Amish in the midwest, would you take them more for r or K strategists AC? They are very fecund and passive, but also hardworking and they shun technology.

    • Amish are an interesting case, where they seem to actively enforce a social ban on r-ifying stimuli, to keep themselves K-ified in terms of work ethic. And yet, if things went hard K, they would be destroyed very quickly.

      I don’t know where they fit in, or what would have molded that in their evolutionary history.

      • FrankNorman says:

        The main problem the Amish have is their pacifism, right? They rely on non-Amish for their physical defense.
        Control-freaking narcissistic Leftists would be a threat to them as well – such people would want to destroy the Amish on principle.

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