North Korean Officials Welcomed In Cuba


“Cuba is resolutely opposing the U.S. sanctions and pressure against North Korea and expressing full support for the just steps of North Korea in bolstering up defense capabilities including ICBM test-fires…we express our deep thanks to the Korean people who are sending solidarity to the Cuban people’s just cause.”

That was Ulises Rosales Del Toro, Stalinist Cuba’s “Vice President of the Council of Ministers” (i.e. eunuch apparatchik) conveying his master’s (Raul Castro’s) support to Kim Yong Nam, Stalinist North Korea’s “President of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly,” (another eunuch apparatchik.)

The shout-out between these Stalinist eunuchs took place this week in Teheran during Iran’s “Presidential Inauguration ceremonies,” (pow-wow among terrorists/murderers/burglars) which also included Zimbabwe’s “President” (witch-doctor/dictator) Robert Mugabe. The event was reported by Stalinist North Korea’s “press.” (Propaganda ministry.)

“The Cuban party, government and people are always sided with the Workers’ Party of Korea, Korean government, and Korean people…Cuba and Korea are located far from one another, but are fighting in the same trench of continuing the joint struggle against imperialism,” (Kim Jong Un, July, 5, 2016)…

Alas, whatever else you might say about these mass-murdering, terror-sponsoring regimes, Cuba and North Korea’s vows of love and support have proven inviolate–for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

We’re not talking a typical celebrity marriage here.

Barely a year ago, for instance, Raul Castro welcomed North Korea’s General Kim Yong-chol, officially known as “Vice-Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee and Director of Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB).” In brief, he heads North Korea’s spy and cyber-warfare services. He’s roughly equivalent to our CIA director.

According to the Pentagon: “North Korea’s Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB) is responsible for clandestine operations. The RGB includes six bureaus charged with operations, reconnaissance, technology and cyber, overseas intelligence, inter-Korean talks, and service support.” The RGB also oversees Bureau 121, North Korea’s nefarious cyber-warfare agency. (As reported on May 25, 2016 by Capitol Hill Cubans)

A few months before North Korea’s intelligence chief visited Havana (in fact at precisely the time President Obama was in Havana doing “The Wave!” at a baseball game with Raul Castro) the Castro regime signed a “confidential military cooperation and intelligence-sharing agreement” with North Korea.

If the deafening of our agents in Cuba was purposeful, the Norks are the only ones I can see purposely using a sonic weapon to deafen our embassy staff.

The Russians want a closer relationship, to stave off the Muslim threat in Europe and the rest of the globe. For the Cubans, seriously hurting US intel in Cuba is like shitting on your own doorstep. The Americans, especially under Trump, will simply ship bigger, better toys in, and lay waste to every Cuban official within sight of the embassy, and maybe for some ways beyond that.

Only the North Koreans would see it as an opportunity to do a hit and run. We don’t have an embassy in North Korea, so what will we do?

If this is what happened, then either Jong-Un doesn’t have control of his sycophants, or he does, and the hit on our embassy staff was ordered by him. Both are terrifying, but it seems unlikely any Nork would go this far without Jong-un’s approval.

That would indicate a degradation of amygdala function in Jong-Un, which would mean if he ever did get a nuke and the delivery mechanism, and some bad medical news, he could decide to take out some US city before he dies.

The truly amygdala-addled are grandiose grievance accumulators. If he is one, he presently holds the United States responsible for a raft of slights, probably ranging from all the insults and embarrassments in front of his people, to his inability to get his medical complaints dealt with by top level medical care.

Remove the final amygdala-constraint on his behavior by giving him a terminal diagnosis, and you could have the ultimate bad case scenario.

I would never support losing one Marine saving foreigners, by invading that wasteland of moral failure, but I would perhaps begin looking at covert ways to bring about a regime change, if that deafening of our agents was North Korean hostile action.

I’d have to think Trump sees it the same, and something is in the offing there.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because tomorrow is promised to no one.

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  2. Pitcrew says:

    Could be awfully dangerous if the North Koreans managed to sneak a few nukes into Cuba. Missile crisis redux, of course missiles aren’t absolutely required. These Norks are bad news, I’d be stocking up on some potassium iodide tablets if I knew what was good for me.

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