r-strategist Instincts Are A Short Term Strategy

Case in point:

Feminists in Stockholm are leaving areas like the notorious migrant-heavy no-go zones of Husby and Tensta because they say religious fundamentalists now rule those suburbs.

Nalin Pekgul is a self-described feminist and former member of parliament for the left wing Swedish Social Democrats. For over 30 years, she lived in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta but says that she no longer feels safe there. She claims Muslim fundamentalists have taken over and she doesn’t feel she can visit the centre of Tensta without being harassed, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

According to Ms. Pekgul, the situation for women in public life in the area has deteriorated over the past several years. She noted that there has been a rise in religious fundamentalism amongst the men in the area, many of whom come from migrant backgrounds. Pekgul attempted to combat the trend by organising coffee shop meetings but soon abandoned the idea.

r-strategist urges are designed to confer advantage under the specific circumstances that provoked them. But they are not forward looking, or designed to produce beneficial circumstances in the future. The r-strategy is designed as a short-term strategy to exploit immediate circumstances. It is not about operating with an eye to the future.

This creates amusing stories like the above. r-strategists import foreigners because they think the foreigners will keep domestic K-strategists occupied and unable to compete with the r-strategists. It is an impulsive instinct, not a logical strategy. There is no thought involved. They want it, they do it. When it produces destruction, the r-strategist simply triggers instinct number two – flee to safer areas with less conflict. Where they land, they will see lots of homogenous K-strategists around them, and that will trigger the instinct to import more foreigner savages again, to weaken the happy K’s who live there. Once there are too many foreigners you will be back to triggering instinct two, and they will flee again.

It sounds crazy, stupid, and illogical. But bear in mind how weak and pathetic the r-strategists are. Here is one who wrote a children’s book about how Santa is actually a gay man shacked up with a fay black-lover (also white-bearded), who fills in for him sometimes at malls:

That guy shouldn’t be able to survive in any environment. But if he successively imports hostiles to keep the natives occupied, and then flees and repeats the process when his instincts tell him to, it is a viable strategy to save his own ass. It is a short term strategy, he needs to keep it up indefinitely, and he will literally lay waste to every last vestige of the greatness of Western Civilization leaving a swath of civilizational destruction in his wake. This one pissant will destroy nuclear-armed nations and ultimately kill millions.

But what choice does he have? Every other option ends with him running down a street into a dead end alleyway, and the crowd filling the alley behind him, before he dies a horrible death.

Imagine what you would do to him yourself, and then multiply it by a hundred villagers with torches, pitchforks, and absolutely no governing authority to hold them back. And yet he lives. Obviously his strategy, as stupid and illogical as it is, is quite impressive if for no other reason than his type survives in our species and he specifically continues to breath air.

The key to the destruction of the r-strategy is that it is illogical. They are the locusts, swarming over civilization and destroying all the civility. When the locusts exhaust their resources, they die en masse, and so will the liberals.

All we need is the Apocalypse, and our streets will be littered with Pajama-boy bodies. ITZ coming.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because dead Pajama boys will be very satisfying

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  2. Are you going go respond to Agnostic’s criticism of r/K as applied to liberals and conservatives


    Heartiste brought it to my attention.

    • Yeah its coming, but my impression is he hasn’t really looked at it.

      • I notice if there is confusion about the theory, it’s about people who can’t separate behavior from motivation. In other words, the same behavior (giving birth to a lot of children) can be either an r-selected or K-selected behavior, depending on the circumstances. K-selected people might give birth to a lot of children if they live in an environment where a large family provides security and generates resources. The father and mother will both stick around and work hard to support the children and give them useful skills until they can start generating resources on their own. r-selected people will give birth to a lot of children because they lack the responsibility to use birth control and know that Uncle Sugar will take care of their brood. r-selected mothers also don’t care if the fathers of their children stick around and won’t take the time to teach their children useful skills. (Because why do so? They’ll get a government check no matter what they do.)
        Liberals sometimes have a small number of children whom they’ll spend lavish amounts on. At first glance, this might seem a K-selected behavior, but oftentimes the spending is for useless things like designer clothes or music lessons, things that will bestow status upon the parent, not provide useful skills for the children. Liberals will also take up environmental causes to shut down oil pipelines. At first, this might seem like a K-selected behavior because it reduces the amount of resources in an environment, but it’s not so much reducing resources as it is keeping them out of the hands of the K-Selected conservatives, who might make better use of them. r and K isn’t about behavior, it’s about the context of and motivation for that behavior.

  3. Dave says:

    Check out the documentary “Cocaine Cowboys” sometime. In the South Florida drug trade, the Americans are “r” and the Colombians are “K”. The Americans come off as swell, fun-loving guys delighted to be suddenly, stupendously wealthy. They’d smile and give you a wad of 100s as easily as you’d offer a handshake.

    The Americans never could figure out why, with plenty of profits for everyone to get rich, the Colombians were constantly murdering each other. It got so bad that triple-murders often didn’t make the evening news because higher body counts had priority!

  4. Ah, but r-selected men support one another. It’s easy to find anti-feminist diatribe online but they never start on the male feminists keeping it all running, like the leader of FEMEN. That one has pedo-face to me, or the fake half I’ll Report You To HR For Calling A Donut Black ‘smile’, trying to look appeasing even in photos. These people calling for dyscivic/dysgenic policies used to just be called traitors.

  5. And I’d question their awareness. Here, mass immigration/’immvasion’ was a deliberate strategy, they’re quoted on record saying they wanted to “rub the right’s nose in diversity” – they are not naive and must be held accountable. Saying they didn’t know allows them to play victim now and later, watch a few far-left forums and they are very, very aware.

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