Society Struggling With Mental Illness

It is creeping up:

Close to 10 million Americans suffer from chronic depression, bipolar disorder, or another serious mental illness. Depression alone is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In the United States, mental illness, including depression, takes an enormous toll on health outcomes, quality of life, and economic productivity.

Despite its importance, mental illness is often poorly understood and subject to misperceptions by the general population, government officials, and even those who suffer from mental illness. Partially as a consequence, just under one-third of individuals with serious mental illness, defined as diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorders that result in functional impairment, are untreated in the United States. In 2014, an estimated 44.7% of the 43.6 million adults with any mental illness, and 68.5% of the 9.8 million adults with serious mental illness received mental health services in the past year.

We’re seeing more of the extreme versions of it hit the news as high amygdala-environmental stress meets undeveloped, stress-intolerant amygdalae. Mostly they just make a last stab at ruining the normal, decent people’s lives, before putting the guns in their mouths and cashing out.

If you picture the true K-selection of a prehistoric man, you see a clan of well developed amygdalae, which would not tolerate the neurotic, suicidal stupidity of any modern leftist and their undeveloped amygdalae, let alone a mentally ill idiot. Each day they had to go out together on hunting parties and function as a seamless group, and every so often their lives and fortunes were interwoven during wild battles where only the victorious would survive.

In those times, Darwin was ruthlessly culling the mentally ill, and culling the rest of society to ostracize and remove them from the group before they got everyone killed.

I find it interesting to picture such a time, and how flawless the human machine would evolve to be under those circumstances.

Then I picture today, and realize that for all our technological advancement and increased “compassion,” we are really destroying and wonderful accomplishment of the world and evolution.

Of course with 90% mortality in the Apocalypse, it is likely a lot of that will be remedied for us.

Fortunately, the mechanism is more powerful than we are.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because we need to police our in-groups

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5 Responses to Society Struggling With Mental Illness

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  2. ACThinker says:

    The prehistoric K tribe you mention also would not make people neurotic the way the modern r life does

  3. mobiuswolf says:

    10? 100 million I’d believe. Ten is ridiculous.

  4. dc. sunsets says:

    When hardship comes, most weak people who live in their delusion-bubble will basically dissolve. Whether that means they get sick and die, slowly let themselves starve, or simply sit down in a chair and expire from no obvious COD, it is WILL and WILL alone that causes a living thing to continue to the next moment alive. We are now surrounded by those who clearly have no will beyond the self-referential loop in their heads.

  5. 234534647643632 says:

    Sometime ago I found some interesting data about Finn suicide rate, and it surprised me to say the least. When I asked a Finn guy why he thinks it is so high he told me that they have a saying there that basically amounts to: “To be born in Finland is the same as getting a winning lottery ticket.” meaning that if you don’t get into too much trouble and do your school studies and obey, you can have a pretty nice life, but most people find their lives devoid of meaning and end up killing themselves despite having no lack of resources, which is interesting.

    Who would say that having a solely materialistic view on life a person to lose all enthusiasm for life… Is it perhaps the lack of passage rites on Western societies a major contributor to these kind of patterns? Is it a lack of nationalist identity and pride, that gets crushed under the boot of (((progressive))) (I take it that you mean what the echo around a word means) “values” and promote the never ending dissolution of national identity and pride as well as the promotion of a disregard for the nuclear family unit in favor of (((empowerment)))?

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