The Hypocrisy Of A Special Prosecutor Investigating President Trump

Rush points out one point of hypocrisy:

Wednesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh argued former President Barack Obama “actually did” what New York Times report has accused President Donald Trump of doing…

According to Limbaugh, Obama had the FBI back off of an investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Screw that. Bill Clinton was allowing advanced computing and nuclear weapons tech to drift to China as he was taking Chinese gov’t campaign contributions. Gore too. George W Bush was constantly bending over backward for the Saudi’s, and I’m sure some on his elitist circles was making tons off oil deals at the same time. Obama was pictured bowing, and apparently kissing the Saudi King’s ring, to say nothing of what he did with the Iranian deal, and he was raised a Muslim. And Hillary was taking contributions for the Clinton Foundation, from people at the very moment the had business before the State Department she was ruling on.

And that ignores Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the email scandals, and so on.

Every one of those had more evidence of a President being owned by a foreign power than exists for President Trump, of all people, being in collusion with Russia.

If I were Trump, I would dig up the Deep State’s dirt and use it to blackmail them. What were the Special Access Programs on Hillary’s server that would have ignited a Civil War? I guarantee you there is nothing McCain and Graham and the rest of the establishment cucks would fear more than a Civil War.

Or just find some way to create a government office that would act as a watchdog on some Deep State activity, and introduce the plan as a threat to them. Bring in the ACLU, Judicial Watch, Freedom Watch, Landmark legal, and any other government watchdog to man an office that will dig into Deep State illegal activities, and have the Law Enforcement authority to be a real pain in the ass. Threaten to audit the gold in the Federal Reserve. Threaten to open the books on K-street’s paybacks to legislators, and create a system to close the loopholes which are letting government officers get bribed.

Deep State is rabbit central. They want ease, and fear a populace uniting against them. Create a threat that would fully out them and unite the nation against them, and then watch how fast they capitulate and give up on trying to take out the lawfully elected President.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because mutually assured destruction is a great way to create peace

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  2. Pitcrew says:

    The Clintons, Gore, W, Cheney, Obama and Co. All Baby Boomers. No Vietnam experience. All pushed diversity. All increased federal spending. All over-extended/abandoned the military. Weirdly too, they seem to have mostly daughters- besides freaky Biden, and Bills bastard. Could be a low-test thing. McCain is the outlier though- but I suspect he’s just a hot-head. Graham is obviously homosexual. Kerry served in Vietnam, but his other behavior makes him suspect. Its actually weird, of these powerful people they actually have a statistically higher rate of having daughters. The average is supposed to be around 50%, the elite class seems to be around/over 70%, out of almost 50 I’ve counted, with democrats higher than repubs. It must be some r-selected effect generated by post WWII resource abundance.

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