18 Year Old Killed And Chopped Into Pieces In Italy By Nigerian Migrant

Mexican-level violence:

A 29-year-old Nigerian migrant drug dealer has been arrested by police in the Italian commune of Pollenza after being accused of killing an 18-year-old girl and chopping her into pieces.

The Nigerian, identified as 29-year-old Innocent Oseghale, was arrested earlier this week by Italian Carabinieri after the body of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro was found dismembered and dumped on a street with parts of her body stuffed in suitcases, Il Giornale reports.

The Carabinieri in nearby Macerata were able to identify the Nigerian in connection with the murder after examining CCTV footage from the area.

This will change the next generation. Imagine being in High School, and the pretty girl in your class just wasn’t there one day because she was found stuffed in a suitcase by the side of the road. Every day you will see it and think about it. That is mortal salience, and it is documented to make people turn conservative.

And that is probably the age when it will happen the most. Guys who are prone to violence and want to protect will begin thinking violent thoughts to prepare their psychology for the day such violence happens across their path. And those thoughts, at that critical phase, will change who they grow up to be.

It is also amygdala-stimulating, and when stimulated the amygdala will be scanning the rest of the brain for related stimuli, to link the irritation up to in the brain. Think about how integral to this crime the perpetrator’s skin color and migrant status appear. That will poison the next generation against the very idea of migrants, and other races, as well as all the traitors who want to import them.

In short, Generation Zyklon is prepping for the Civil War, even as it is enduring these horrors today.

Spread r/K Theory, because people are changing

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10 Responses to 18 Year Old Killed And Chopped Into Pieces In Italy By Nigerian Migrant

  1. Pitcrew says:

    “Innocent Oseghale” These African names are satan level ironic.

    Removing these, “people” will require a level of organization only a government can provide.

    My only worry about Gen Z is if they wait too long or are too outnumbered in “diverse” communities. If they spend too much time playing vidya or have their face buried in a smartphone, and not learning physical activity or sports they won’t be able to organize properly at the small level. Video games make too many kids think they can just become “leaders” and “commanders”. It also produces out of shape, fantasy chasing men. Sports teaches natural hierarchies that are necessary for males to become productive members of their in-group.

    There are problems with sports focused communities in diverse areas- it can give kids the wrong impression and can turn them into civ-cucks- which is a recipe for ruining a young life. So parents need to keep their children more active within their own in-group. Real life will not be a game like Call of Duty or Hearts of Iron- controlling territory will not give a man, who thinks he’s a leader, an endless supply of perfect 141 IQ, 6’4” White, Blond, blue-eyed Aryan warrior Men – who fight for free, won’t need wives, are weapons trained, have their own weapons and will just go and die. Playing video games also won’t train a “commander” in interpersonal relations, leadership, collecting resources and so forth. History also has yet to show an army that fought for free, didn’t need food, and supplied it’s own ammo and gasoline and even fought distant conflicts when their families were under threat.

    This is why the only winning move is for White people to put down their game controllers, get their faces off of a screen and get active in their respective communities and governments. There should also be a ranking system for people who were to varying degrees, degenerates. You can’t get led around by a degenerate, or former degenerate. It just risks adding to the destruction of your in-group. That is, after all, a meritocracy.

  2. This is an incredible blog I have no idea why you don’t have more comments. Brilliant posts every day, I only just found it a week or two ago so catching up but your ideas are all spot on, and really the final missing piece in understanding the world at large.

    Great great job man.

  3. Robert What? says:

    Wait … since when is it illegal for a migrant to do that?

  4. j says:

    https://apnews.com/b643ccb5726b481ca2c86072d20ef9a8/6-Africans-shot-in-Italy;-anti-migrant-ex-candidate-arrested It looks like someone tried to revenge Pamela’s killing. Of course the traitorous politicians are using it to shame the natives.

  5. Jeff Wood says:

    That was quick:


    I don’t know how the link came to include the word “tourists”. The headline refers clearly to “immigrants”.

    The other side of Italy from me. I have been waiting for something of the sort. I doubt if we are at the start of a trend yet, but this incident is a straw in the wind.

  6. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:


    Far Right politician arms up and responds with act of violence.

    All this could have been prevented if migration was managed properly in in the first place.

    Reading tweeter reactions the leftards are quick to cry that fascism is terrorism but as always fail to see all these acts of violence are but symptoms of an insane migration policy.

    If people want to stop far-right groups from gathering more and more support then they better start speaking up and pressure more moderate parties to enforce border security and get rid of benefit hunters that keep invading the west while being priveleged with impunity for their crimes in name of the disease of the politically correct and other flavors of cancerous cultural marxism.

    We all better start dropping redpills on moderates IRL so they can understand that if we dont all speak out against the stupidity of unleashed cultural marxism, then civil war is going to become unavailable.

  7. Theaitetos says:

    The Daily Stormer reports that an Italian skinhead from this city went on a shooting spree (though 0 killed) in the area, where this migrant lived, targeting exclusively black males. Italy’s Generation Z might soon like Benito Mussolini again.


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