Rabbits Are Guided Solely By Minimizing Amygdala Stimulation

Joe Rogan toys with a rabbit:

I find this video interesting, as it highlights how the leftist’s entire cognitive program is to perceive amygdala stimulation, and then do whatever immediately alleviates the angst, no matter how minor it may be. None of his thought processes are logical, they are all just a simple effort to shut off amygdala stimulation.

In the immigration debate, his immediate response is to let all migrants do what they want, to avoid the amygdala produced by conflict. When challenged, his immediate response is to assert migrants already come over freely, and nothing wrong is happening. When challenged over falsities, he immediately presents any justification he can conjure, no matter how silly, to avoid having to admit he is wrong. When Joe throws him in a guillotine while fucking around, he says it was fun, and Joe is a fun guy. Amygdala-off.

You can see how when the God Emperor unleashes the storm troopers with orders to kill every rabbit on sight, many rabbits will openly proclaim that leftism went too far, and the mass executions are a perfectly rational response which they support.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because amygdala needs to be embraced

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5 Responses to Rabbits Are Guided Solely By Minimizing Amygdala Stimulation

  1. Pitcrew says:

    The social signalling isn’t there yet for rabbits to proclaim that leftism went too far. We are at the point where the American people, personified in Rogan says “Touch me again – I’ll put you in a choke hold”. That was the election of Trump. Now the liberals and democrats are sticking out their little finger to touch us, again.

  2. Andy says:

    I go with Master Chim on the JQ. Joe Rogan is a fake tough guy that thinks he can be passiv aggressiv cause he did MME once. This is the same shit he did with Crowder when he got high in front of him and then was a total dick. There is no threat from the guy who was obviously drunk or/and high and still he grabs him. I had many barfights with these kinds of tough guys that say “you do/say XY again and i will take you down” and they will never deliver on their threat, cause they are phony fuckheads. Rogan said once on one episode “i’am so filled up with conflict man” and then he starts shit over and over again. Joe Rogan himself is a fucking rabbit, or at least a trained puppy that just sometimes shits on the rug.
    See that moment the guy touches his kidney area and jokes about if he would get his gun? Rogan knows there is no threat from this guy. Hes just a fucking puppy or kitten that plays with a small rodent. He could get stabbed in a situation like this with just some shit the guy could have grabbed from the counter.

    Fuck, you triggered my barfight hardend amygdala with that fucking video.

    And fuck joe rogan.

    • Rogan isn’t fake in hand to hand- he knows what he is doing. He did a lot of contact Karate, so knocking heads won’t screw with his head, and he has done a lot of BJJ with Eddie Bravo. Obviously he will have trouble against a guy who pulls a knife or gun, but unless you have decided to kill him by stabbing or shooting, he’s trouble.

      Not saying he won’t get mentally screwy if you pull his pot supply, he has said as much. But he would be beaucoup dangerous to go with hand to hand in a bar, unless you are actively training. Grappling conditioning is very difficult to maintain without grappling regularly. Stop, or take time off, and you will go rubber-armed very quickly in a fight with someone who is actively conditioned to it.

      • Andy says:

        Karate is for faggots. Its the poster child of commercialized phony fighting styles that live off mystic and exotic but don’t get you anywhere in a real fight. What bugs me even more then Joe Rogan beging a dickhead is that he has no scalp that one could cutt off his shit filled dopehead.

  3. Duke Norfolk says:

    Holy crap, who are these weirdos Joe is hanging out with? WTF is up with the creepy creature with the tie on in the background? I know it’s CA and all, but jeeeeezus.

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