When Resources Are Free – Illegal Migrant Rapists Compensated

One to get the blood boiling:

An African refugee who was jailed twice for sex offences was awarded £110,000 in compensation for having to stay in prison for “too long”.

Guinean native Aliou Bah, 26, was imprisoned twice for serious sexual assault — once against a 16-year-old girl — but was awarded the compensation for being detained for 21 months longer than his original prison sentences whilst the Home Office fought for his deportation, reports The Sun…

Following both periods of imprisonment, Bah was detained for a total of 21 months “pending deportation”.

However, the judge presiding over the case, Judge Nicholas Madge, ruled the periods of detention after his sentences had expired were unlawful.

That is $150K. Was this African Migrant making $80K per year before this? And why wasn’t he deported?

What is strange is, if you asked each citizen to rule in this case as if they were the judge, there is probably less than 1% of the population who would deny the double rapist’s deportation, free the double rapist, and then throw in the tax-free $150 grand on his way out the door.

Is this just judges being ultra-rabbits and trying to get other countrymen savaged, narcissists gravitating to the power of the judiciary and then trying to ruin other’s lives, or might it even be a rabbit drive to incite anger in the populace against migrants, in preparation for what is coming, so we will focus on anyone other than them when everything comes down?

I mean aside form the morals, what judge slaps such a kick me sign on his own family name?

The loss of logic and reason in high r-selection is beyond description. It can only be documented, with the hope some day those who look back will understand we were as baffled as they are.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because nobody is giving you $150K for raping women

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  1. Jaded Jurist says:

    As an attorney, I’ve long been a proponent for the “rule of law”.

    Such rule occurs only in a lawful society, however. We have long ceased to be, or even seem to want, such a society.

    The time of “self help”, where the wronged take justice into their own hands, is nigh. And, strangely, it relieves my burdened amygdala to contemplate it.

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