Christianity Is K, And It Is Coming Back

Once r/K takes over, you won’t be able to be conservative without being K.

Over at the conservative website RedState, author Sarah Rumpf wrote this provocative thought (emphasis in original):

“There are many of us on the right who rolled our eyes when social conservatives warned that gay marriage would be a slippery slope, and soon liberals would be advocating for pedophilia and bestiality and mercy knows what else.

It would be really great if the activist left would stop working so hard to prove their critics right.”

Rumpf, who identifies herself as a conservative who “support[s] gay rights,” is complaining about the shocking exploitation of a nine-year-old boy by sexually progressive magazine Teen Vogue.

Described by the magazine as “impressive and magical,” nine-year-old Nemis Quinn Melancon Golden has been turned into a drag queen named “Queen Lactatia.”…

But to Rumpf’s original point, there was a great deal of effort put into the marginalizing of us “social conservatives” (read: “Christians”) over the marriage issue by leftist progressives who seized upon their media stranglehold to paint us as backward bigots intent on depriving people we “hate” of their “right to be happy.”

Certainly, there were… many other self-proclaimed conservatives, who happily tossed their Bible-believing allies under the bus as narrow-minded Chicken Littles in order to attain some kind of cultural approval as the “reasonable conservatives.”

The truth is that for those who understand the reality of God and submit to His moral authority, all this sexualizing of our children was glaringly easy to see coming. God’s moral law is just as binding as the physical laws He established for our benefit.

Good article. It goes to show, the Cucks are of no use for advancing K. They are, in reality, the forward reconnaissance units of the r-strategy. They seek out where K is weak, and then exploit the weakness by offering the rabbits cover as they invade. Have no illusions, where the Cuckservative bimbo quoted opposes pedophilia today, she will one day sing its praises, because it is consensual, and it makes the children so happy, and that is what will make her feel modern and just and fair and popular as she castigates us for being “hateful.” Even in her quote, you get the impression she is more embarrassed that this pedophilia impacts her reputation than she is upset that a child’s life is being ruined.

To me, a big argument in favor of Christianity is that it basically is an owner’s manual for the K-selected human being. Eons before anybody ever contemplated the idea of reproductive strategies, there was the Bible, explaining how to be K-selected.

Now, we can look back, and see how all of these traits are logically and scientifically sound. We can see the mechanism behind them. We can see how science supports every aspect of it. We can even see the Apocalypse, complete with the four horsemen, warming up right before our eyes. But way back before all of that, there it was, truth revealed and ascribed to by decent people the world over because there were just enough glimpses behind the curtains every so often to let people know it was truth.

The Creator gave people just enough of what they needed to help them find their path.

On the bright side, churches are going more K:

Spong, a theological liberal, said congregations would grow if they abandoned their literal interpretation of the Bible and transformed along with changing times…

But the liberal turn in mainline churches doesn’t appear to have solved their problem of decline.

Over the last five years, my colleagues and I conducted a study of 22 mainline congregations in the province of Ontario. We compared those in the sample that were growing mainline congregations to those that were declining. After statistically analyzing the survey responses of over 2,200 congregants and the clergy members who serve them, we came to a counterintuitive discovery: Conservative Protestant theology, with its more literal view of the Bible, is a significant predictor of church growth while liberal theology leads to decline. The results were published this month in the peer-reviewed journal, Review of Religious Research.

We also found that for all measures, growing church clergy members were most conservative theologically, followed by their congregants, who were themselves followed by the congregants of the declining churches and then the declining church clergy members. In other words, growing church clergy members are the most theologically conservative, while declining church clergy members are the least. Their congregations meet more in the middle.

… when it comes to growth in mainline churches, Spong and other liberals are right to claim that Christianity must change or die. They just get the direction of the change wrong.

That is because they got the direction society was going wrong. When times are r, it can seem as if the decline will never end. They assumed things would always go r, and they were wrong. It is a common problem among those too weak to embrace K on their own, because they need the approval of society.

All the cucks ever wanted was to gain the approval of a society they assumed was going to be r. Selling out the K-selected within our society to establish their reasonableness just seemed like good common sense. But they miscalculated, and now the society is going K, in every regard. As a result they will neither get the respect of society, or the phony nods of approval from the leftists who they tried so hard to get to vouch for them.

Before all is over, they may even have to go back, right alonside their migrant pets.

Spread r/K Theory, because things are turning K, and as a result Christianity is back. Deus Vult.

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6 Responses to Christianity Is K, And It Is Coming Back

  1. Pitcrew says:

    There is definitely some kind of Christian awakening happening, I see it more and more everyday. The media lies about it however, saying average people are less religious than ever. That is very clearly an attempted anti-Christian psyop.

  2. Man in the Middle says:

    An obvious problem with churches trying to bend over backwards to fit into popular culture is that doing so lessens their unique message TO culture. If the sermon in your local church differs in no important way from whatever is being said on TV, then why go to the trouble of getting dressed and heading out to church? Odds are that slick TV preacher is more entertaining anyway.

    As a pastor in a declining mainline church, it soon became clear to me that the only growing churches were the ones that actually stood for something, even when they were opposed for doing so.

    In my last seven years before retiring as a pastor, our congregation didn’t even put our denomination on our church sign, because we did not want to have to explain the crazy ideas being pushed by our national staff.

    One of the great joys of my life since retiring has been being able to be part of churches that actually stand for something, and are growing as a result. Our current pastor even admitted voting Republican in 2016, and members of the congregation talk happily about their guns and plans for going to the range.

    It will be interesting to see how our current church does long term compared to the mainline brand church next door, which thinks of itself as super open and tolerant, but devoted several nasty sermon comments to President Trump the one time I attended a service there last month, and has less diversity of color in the congregation than our independent Christian church.

    I think Jesus’ comment on this was along the lines of “If you will not give them bread, they will eat a stone.”

  3. info says:

    The K-shift would include a return of Patriarchy.

    • Andy says:

      If you wanna know about Christian Patriarchy, read the writings of puritan Pastor Increase Mather. The christian patriarchy is a abrahamistic patriarchy, which means the patriarch just uses women up the same way Abraham did. Its the closest to the reproduction model of actual rabbits.

      • info says:

        High investment parenting that comes with having a father and mother. With the Patriarch as head of the household is K-strategist.

        The rabbitry involves single motherhood and promiscuity and early menarche.

        Birth control skewed the advantage towards K-strategist families.

  4. Andy says:

    “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.
    -Luke 14:26

    That could also be writen by Stefan Molyneux. lol

    Christianity is a religion of the urban poor. What the average Burger knows as christianity, protestantism, is the germanisised version of it. And this gave birth to the doctrine of salvation which gave birth to socialism. Christianity is the most cucked religion there is. Jesus was an apocalyptic preacher who fortold the endtime that would destroy the jews. And he surrounded himself with the lower classes. Christianity became popular across the roman world because the roman world was full of poor urban drags without families. And it will be for that exact same reason when christianity makes a comeback. Because we have a lot of poor urban drags.

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