FBI Ran An Informant In Trump’s Campaign

As always, these targeting operations never run piecemeal:

Once the decision was made to target Trump’s operations, everything was done to get total control and penetration. The wiretaps were just one part of the total package.

It is interesting. I imagine they must assign something like this to a special team of leftist partisans. I can’t imagine these were regular FBI surveillance teams, who I would assume would have members who supported Trump, and would have rebelled against this – especially after the election when exposing it would have prevented an outright coup against a lawfully elected President. But I really have no idea how that would work.

Along those lines, I suspect Kelley is still trying to get some degree of isolation from the Deep State monitors:

Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly just did something he should’ve done the day he took his job. He banned the use of personal devices by staff and guests in the White House. The ban will go into effect in the coming days, and the reason is obvious: security.

There is no way to fight technology with any degree of certainty against world-class intelligence services. Your best bet is to simply operate as if all technology is compromised, and keep it as far away as possible whenever possible.

Every one of those cell phones was a potential bug, a potential remotely operated video camera, and potential tracking device, a potential espionage tool by any staff who were turned into assets, and a potential opening into the White House network. It is crazy a President has so little control over his own government, but this is the game.

The article also contained this little tidbit

It only took two weeks after Trump’s inauguration for Cory Louie, the White House’s chief information security officer, to lose his job. It’s unclear if he quit or got fired, but he was never replaced…

A month later, a report emerged that White House staffers were using encrypted messaging apps on personal phones to communicate, an act that may have been illegal.

They got rid of their in-house Deep State monitor awfully quick, and moved to encrypted apps for communications. Never think Trump is an amateur. I will bet he even knows who the source or sources in his campaign was.

While I have no idea what the deal is with Bannon of late, it never escaped my notice he was a career Navy intel officer. When you are a target of the machine, the machine will exploit every relationship that everyone around you has ever had. I have no doubt Bannon would have been approached by his best friend at the Pentagon in his Navy days, back when he gave daily intel briefings directly to the CNO. The only question is how he handled the approach, and what his priorities were. Hopefully he turned them down, but you can bet they were prepared to apply pressure, and make it painful.

And everyone, from Trump’s head of security, to the Marines he brought on board as staff, would be probed in that way, using old acquaintances wherever possible. And then there would be others who could be blackmailed over things the all-seeing Deep State turned up on them. Literally, everyone you cross paths with becomes a potential vulnerability once you are a target. You need to be a walking amygdala-detector.

It doesn’t bode well for the Apocalypse. This is a covert, behind the scenes war for now, because times are r and amygdalae are low. For now, those fighting Trump want to gain the advantage of fighting, without being exposed openly and enduring any potential adverse consequences of fighting.

When times turn K and this becomes about survival instead of additional billions in a bank account, expect the stakes to heat up, and this battle to emerge more into the open. Then we will all have to watch our asses, and an overt coup could be a real possibility. The Strzoks and McCabes of the world will be much more aggressive once things turn K. Nothing we have seen in the wildest epochs of history will be out of the question then.

We are no different from the humans who lived through the most amazing times in history. We merely lack the experience of living through such times, so we have no idea what is possible.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because the covert war is heating up

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4 Responses to FBI Ran An Informant In Trump’s Campaign

  1. Pitcrew says:

    I always thought the Bureau used chicks with nice racks to be informants. That and really penetrating background checks.

  2. Otodo says:

    Recently converted groupie! Not down with the Nostradamus struggle but learning from many of your postings! Much thanks to AC!

    He who strikes the King must strike to kill – I hope Trump goes all bully pulpit Convention of States on them (conventionofstates.org), sell off 3/4 of Fed land, reverse Kennedy’s EO allowing unions in the Fed, cut their budgets to 1/3, abolish a load of agencies, etc. Wish him luck with this bunch. Anyway, he is on the counter-offensive and the game is afoot – unprecedented times in US history.

  3. Dan says:

    no need to compromise or plant staff, any cell phone can be turned into a hot mike with a SS7 exploit

    • Unless Trump’s security guys knew that and kept cells out of critical meetings. When you get coverage, it will all roll out together for that reason. You never know when one window in might get closed, so you always get as much redundancy as you can.

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