Does Trudeau’s Foundation Use A Pedophile Symbol?

8Chan looks at a pdf for the foundation honoring Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s father:

Learn, Share, Change is a particularly strange motto for a foundation using that symbol.

From Trudeau’s Foundation’s PDF:

I had to link to the archive, because moments after this went up on 8Chan, the Deep State monitors apparently notified their chain of command, and Trudeau’s whole site went down.

Which of course makes it seem all the more curious.

It also casts a different light on his stint as a teacher at a K-12 sleep-away prep-school, which has seen two sets of parents shot dead:

Until last month, parents at West Point Grey Academy, an elite Vancouver private school, no doubt thought they were tucking their children far from the scourge of drugs, gangs and violence. Point Grey, the premier’s riding, is one of the city’s toniest neighbourhoods; the academy’s junior school, where parents earn an average of $149,000, has been ranked as B.C.’s top elementary school for two years running by the Fraser Institute. When he still hated the limelight, Liberal scion Justin Trudeau was “everyone’s favourite teacher” there, according to alumnus Tyler Friesen. (After father Pierre’s death, students ringed the flagpole with red roses.) Trudeau Jr. taught French and drama at the senior school, where tuition can run north of $21,000.

Then, last month, the five-, seven- and 13-year-old children of Betty “the Loan Shark” Yan quietly exited the school for good. Four days earlier, their mother, a well-known Chinese underworld figure, had been found, shortly after 4:20 a.m., slumped over the steering wheel of her grey, late-model Mercedes outside the Canadian Chinese Chess Society, a suspected illegal gambling den in Richmond. Yan had planned to return home later that morning to drive the children—she called the youngest “mei mei,” Cantonese for “my little one”—to school.

So a mother and a father of students at that school were both found shot dead in separate circumstances, but everyone was told not to worry because it was obviously gang violence. And a Chinese girl as a loan shark? Do Chinese girls ever weigh more than 90 lbs? And notice how at the end, the article implies neither had criminal records, but you shouldn’t read anything into that because the most successful criminals don’t have records.

Probably good that Texas “The Methamphetamine Barron” Arcane redid his blog as a non-political site which bars political statements, before he was found slumped over in his vehicle, a well known “underworld transportation tool,” from a hit. I do worry about Vox “The Serial Killer” Day and Matt “The Bookie” Forney though.

If nothing else, the run-up to the Apocalypse does make for good humor.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because you never know these days

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7 Responses to Does Trudeau’s Foundation Use A Pedophile Symbol?

  1. Pitcrew says:

    He could be Castro’s son, in fact he probably is. One of his younger brothers (probably an actual Trudeau) died very suspiciously, and his body was never recovered. Also that symbol looks very similar to a pyramid. Such symbols also appeared on Ziggurats in Babylon. Figure out the connection between Babylon, child sacrifice and Communism. Yes, the boogeyman is real.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The triangle pointing up is also an old symbol for masculinity, where as pointing down is the feminine, and why a pink upside down triangle is the symbol for lesbians. The smaller triangle inside of the larger triangle can basically be saying, little boy, with bigger boy, in a loving embrace.
    The female pedophile equivalent also known by the FBI is the smaller heart inside a larger heart. How incriminating that they tried to remove it immediately. Trudeau is a puke.

  3. moz says:

    What is this about Tex Arcane having been killed??

    • Tex is fine. I was joking it was good he changed his blog around, or he would have been whacked. Tex redid his site as non-political, and deleted everything he had done previously. Nobody knows why, but in these days, you naturally tend to assume the worst.

  4. Truth Revealed says:

    There was a secret sex cult run by teachers at the Point Grey high school in the 1980s that preyed on teen girls.

    There was a brief investigation by the local papers but they couldn’t get anyone to break the cult programming techniques.

    The teachers are still free, the ex-students still silenced.

    If you manage to find a local Generation X female they will know or know someone who knew. Lots of girls knew about it then.

    This stuff has been going on a long time in Point Grey.

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  6. SebastianX1/9 says:

    Search for Justin Trudeau gender unicorn video and then tell me this is a normal man. Justin(e) was likely sexually abused as part of his education into the homosexual, Crowelian ruling class of the Anglosphere. The following e-celebs also have tell signs of pedo abuse: Milo, Dick Spencer, Thernovich, Jack Donovan (obvious). The English-speaking world has become Talmudic and Satanic.

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