Teen Vogue Says Toddlers Understand Consent, So They Can Share Their Toy With An Adult

The Teddy Bear is good, but what really sets this piece off is the fat, giggly-eye’d lesbian with the short-sleeve arm tattoos and the bow tie, so euphoric that now she can molest children morally:

There are a lot of worthy efforts out there to help people understand consent by showing how simple it actually is. Maybe you’ve heard some of them: if you’ve ever ordered pizza you understand consent, if you drink tea you understand consent, if you understand stealing you understand consent. Those are just a few, but still we see court cases and studies that show people still don’t really understand what consent is. Well, a new video from Lindsay Amer, who runs the YouTube channel Queer Kid Stuff shows exactly why there’s no excuse not to grasp consent. Even toddlers understand it.

In a video alongside her trusty teddybear, Teddy, Lindsay explains what consent is. She asks Teddy if they’ve ever noticed that Lindsay asks if they’re ready before they start every video, and waits until Teddy says they are to start. This, she says, is consent. “Consent is about consenting or giving permission to someone for something,” Lindsay says. But in her explanation, Lindsay proves that there’s really no reason for anyone not to understand consent, since it’s something that we even practiced it as toddlers.

“The easiest example is sharing,” Lindsay says. “When someone asks you to share your toy with them, you can always say yes or no. When you’re playing with someone, you should share your toys because it’s the nice thing to do, but you always have that choice to give or not give consent.”

You can hear the pedo in that statement. “The only moral thing for you to do is share your toy with me, little Bobby. It is the right thing to do…”

This is the path to normalizing pedophilia, right before us. We say, “It will never happen.” But back just two decades ago, in 1997, I remember nobody would condone homosexuals adopting children, or gays in the military, and transsexual men with their schlongs exposed in a women’s dressing room in front of little girls would have been unimaginable.

We were just letting gays marry, so they could be happy. None of that other stuff would ever happen.

Now all of that is supported with the force of official law enforcement agencies. Gay adoption is supported even despite scientific research showing molestations are off the charts in gay adoptions, and gay parents are celebrated on TV as wonderful. Want to physically remove the perverted tranny who is waving his schlong in the face of your 6 year old daughter in the changing room at the local YMCA? Get ready to be frog marched off to jail by the police, because he has a legal right to do it. The government says so.

Mark my words, if the Apocalypse is not fast enough, child molestation will become a societally-accepted thing, and even the Cuckservatives at National Review will demean us as overly reactionary and too uptight if we oppose it. You will see fat, grotesque men walking in the mall, holding hands with the little transsexual boys-dressed-as-girls who they molest every night, and if you complain police will have to arrest you for hate crimes. It will be called consensual, and you will be the bad person for opposing the love.

r-selection knows no boundaries, and we are on the most slippery part of the slope.

Interestingly enough, the subtitle of that article is that “It’s like sharing.” I will bet that is an argument pedophiles know to use with kids when molesting children – the child is sharing their body with the pedophile. “It’s like sharing your toys with me, so it is OK.” Remember how Justin Trudeau’s Foundation with the pedophile symbol on it used the motto, “Learn, Share, Change?” I’ll bet in the future we will be looking at an FBI memo on pedophile code which says that “share” is a code word for molesting children. Look at Trudeau’s motto, in that context. “Learn, Be Molested, Change.”

Tell me there isn’t a strong stench of pizzagate wafting around that one.

I used to laugh at Hitler speeches. I didn’t understand a word of German, but the sight of this little guy with the funny moustache getting up there, and then waving his arms like a maniac as he screamed with bug-eyes, pointing his finger to stab the air, and then madly beating the podium with his fist for emphasis of each word as you just knew he was saying, “We need to kill every last one of these sub-human motherfuckers!!! EVERY…. FUCKING…. LAST….. ONE…. OF…. THESE…. MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!” And then the stadium would go wild. It all seemed so ridiculous to me.

God help me if I am ever in the middle of a stadium today talking about leftism. I would be the exact same thing, only I might break the podium with my fist, pick up a piece, and head butt it in two for emphasis as I emphasize we need to kill everyone – and burn the whole society to the ground.

In all seriousness, this is a turning point. Before, I really didn’t understand the emotional fury behind Hitler speeches, or why the stadiums didn’t view the whole scene as ridiculous. Although I am not yet at the point I am ready to start up the ovens and throw the leftists into them en masse, I can look at similar periods in history now while stroking my chin thoughtfully, and fully understand how they got there. The Germans had a large degenerate left-wing segment of their society which had sold them out to greater Europe after WWI. They were pissed, and it festered, until Hitler the socialist showed up and promised to destroy their nation’s traitors completely. I understand now.

And I suspect most of the rest of society is going to follow on behind me. These are violently-strong, deeply-imbued, totally-uncontrollable instincts we are beginning to see tripped. Child molestation is no joke. Treason and betrayal of countrymen for foreigners is no joke. Support of rape of our women is no joke. We are on the same path, have no doubts. All that is missing is a little resource restriction and a leader who promises to destroy the traitors and degenerates.

Given how far r we have gone, and the fact the pendulum always swings back a commensurate amount, we may really have some wild times on their way. Hitler may be seen as the weak medicine compared to the prescription generation Zyklon is going to seek out.

The Apocalypse will produce the hardest-core K’s the world has seen in a long time, and they will, for a brief moment in time, coexist on the planet with the most morally depraved, mentally degenerate, traitorous r’s history has ever seen.

They will not coexist for long however, because they cannot coexist for long. It just isn’t in their natures.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because we want to see everyone call to burn it all down

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22 Responses to Teen Vogue Says Toddlers Understand Consent, So They Can Share Their Toy With An Adult

  1. Robert What? says:

    One thing I don’t get. I understand that one of the goals of r strategy is to maximize your offsprings even though there is little or no parental involvement. So then what attracts r strategists to prepubescent children? There is no possibility of reproduction.

  2. rien says:

    I have read TEPBP and have now almost finished the narcissist.

    The understanding that I gain from that is huge.

    But taken together it also starts hinting at good vs evil.

    Why do these two concept exists? they are almost surely about two distinct traits in humans. I.e. the concepts started because there were two basic trends in humans one that improved humanities cause, one that worsened it.

    The mere existence of the concepts of good and evil must mean that these are observable in men.

    Then I am remained of saying like “everybody has (the capacity) for good and evil”. And “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

    Especially that later one worries me. Its consequences are terrifying. K’s have been manipulated with “good intentions” for so long now, that… “TEOTWAWKI” does not even start to describe it.

    • It is even more if you deal with real evil in person. I realize looking back, my narcissist Bob knew something. There were moments where I now realize he was in on the joke, and he was reveling that I, at the time, wouldn’t have believed there was a joke. The guy was an imbecile, and couldn’t have kept a secret to save his life in most areas, but whatever this was, he took it seriously and kept the secret. What it was he knew I cannot imagine, but he knew something.

      There is something much deeper in the world, but I can’t see it fully, I just know it is there. What we see is like the shadows on the wall. What the light is, what is creating the shadows, it is all too complex to understand if you’ve never seen the source, which we haven’t. All we’ve ever seen are the shadows, so we can’t visualize the full, real truth. We see the themes of good vs evil here, and from what I have read from credible people, including Harvard psychiatrists who started out not believing at all, I am fairly certain if we sat in on exorcisms we would eventually see something mindblowing that would confirm for us that there is something much deeper than we ever dreamt of.

      It is why I think as amygdalae come online, and people get more attached to reality, religion comes back into vogue. People are not getting more cognitively attached to reality, and at the same time becoming more fantastical. They are seeing truth more, and they are seeing it more everywhere.

      Once you realize that, these pedophiles, the leftist activists destroying nations, all of it is not just idiocy. It is malice – and evil.

      • Pitcrew says:

        It does feel like Narcissists are hooked into something else- like an evil dimension that they can project into or draw from. But I feel they are essentially Anti-mimics. They pick up on your good mood or positive energy, or your productivity, and it triggers their small, weakened or fractured amygdalas into action. They are then using 100% of their conscious energy to sabotage you and what you’ve built- in an attack you don’t even see coming, because you’re busy doing other stuff, and before you know it. This is why its just best to stay away from them, and of course, continue being happy and productive.

  3. Sophie says:

    No, children DON’T understand consent when it comes to sexual acts, because children don’t understand the concept of sexuality & sexual act. I was molested twice as a child (luckily it was just some groping, but still horrible). I still can vividly remember of how i was completely have no idea about what was going on, and what these people’s intention was when they lured me/groped me, so i just get along. I was totally clueless back then.

    This is why adults should protect them at all cost. Left alone, children were completely clueless and will just get along, sometimes out of fear.

    And that tattooed lesbian turd… Leftists look so horrible to the the eyes, and so poisonous to the moral fiber of society. There’s no reason to keep them.

  4. 1488 says:

    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” -David Lane

    Hail victory.

  5. Aha says:

    Man, it’s like a relief, finally you see it. It clicked for me when I read about the conditions of Wiemar Germany, the r selection that ultimately bought Hitler to power. I started to tell people of the parallels between 1933 Germany and the present day USA or even just the Western world. Some people recognized the pattern others didn’t or refused to see it, to stay in that comfortable bubble.

    Over the last 5 years with all the gay marriage, and out right pedophile academics trying to normalize pedo life in academia. Serious, it’s been happening in University here in Australia the last 5 years or more. Not only that academics who write the pedophilia normalization have actually had a hand in educational curriculum.

    They called it “Safe Schools” I shit you not mate. The lead academic was the one who promoted normalization of pedophilia in academia. “Safe Schools” is normalization of LBQT whatever in school, under anti-bullying premise. Since gay marriage they now want to change the sex education, the leftist r started promoting this straight after the yes vote… slippy slope is real.

    After all the K’s complained about it, being it had already been implemented in one of the states, and still is to this day. This certain curriculum had to be taken over by the states education department and slightly modified, as even they realized it was too much too soon. Sickening eh.

    I remember reading about a class exercise normalizing homosexuality to 11 or 14 year olds can’t remember the exact age but young. Half the class had to imagine being straight the other half homosexual, pretend to be in an intimate encounter, and then swap scenarios, and describe how they felt….???? Promoting homosexual mental masturbation literally… it would make me sick.

    Now if my country is teaching this shit to teachers and students here, does it make you wonder why all these young teachers in America are now being caught having sex with young boys? Generally this academia stuff spreads all over…

    Google it and you’ll find it.

    • bikermailman says:

      Among the first things Barack Obama did was create the new position “Safe Schools Czar”. A guy named Jennings, he was homosexual, a big NAMBLA supporter, he produced pamphlets for teaching in public schools that introduced or even gave details on fisting, watersports, all sorts of garbage. For the barely pubescent. This was back in early 2009. And Bathhouse Barry put this monster in charge of forcing policy.

  6. info says:

    This is why consent is inadequate foundation for sexual morality. The most basic is natural law provided by the bodies themselves like the changes wrought by puberty that make a person suitable for the act both physically and mentally. That and the input of parents to ensure that the spouses are suitable candidates. With the final decision decided by the father.

    Then we have the bible which not only mandates sex within the wedding bed but the minimum age for that:

  7. everlastingphelps says:

    Remember — if the hot secretary blows her sexy boss, there was no consent there, because there was a Power Imbalance. In fact, all PiV is rape because there is always a power imbalance between men and women because Patriarcy.

    When it comes to a fat lesbian and an innocent toddler? No power imbalance there!

  8. Sam J. says:

    Really good point. I’ll have to remember that.

  9. Sam J. says:

    For all of you wanting to look at how absurd these people are read the new book by Moira Greyland and printed by Vox Day. My God her parents were completely insane.


    AC,”…Hitler speeches….you just knew he was saying, “We need to kill every last one of these sub-human motherfuckers!!! EVERY…. FUCKING…. LAST….. ONE…. OF…. THESE…. MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!” And then the stadium would go wild. It all seemed so ridiculous to me.

    God help me if I am ever in the middle of a stadium today talking about leftism. I would be the exact same thing…”

    Maybe you didn’t mean it to be funny but I got a huge laugh out of this. No it’s not really funny but in the same way soldiers laugh about gore in the field. That kind of funny.

  10. ACThinker says:

    There is a Jordan Peterson Vid about Hitler. Peterson talks about reading a book with a title something like “dinner conversations with hitler” where it is the written down comments of hittler over dinner. And the thing Peterson comes to is that one of our personality traits has a subtrate that is partly catagorized by our disgust reaction. And that for hitler this reaction number was off the chart.
    I think in most K people this catagory is going to be higher … much higher than in r people.

    here is a link https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=jordan+peterson+on+hitler%2c+youtube&&view=detail&mid=42440E41C54C208BA32142440E41C54C208BA321&&FORM=VDRVRV

  11. jim says:

    I wish the title were worded differently so that I could share this to normies on faceberg. They would only see the title and be shocked and take it the wrong way like I was promoting the act and possibly report me without ever reading. The middle part, about Hitler, wouldn’t offend them and it would possibly change their views on him if they decided to read the whole article and got to that point. I’m right there with you. I didn’t understand Nazi Germany at all until a few years ago in the light of our current societal context.

  12. John Morris says:

    We already lost the pedo war. As soon as the finish shooting the survivors in WW Trans they will roll right over the paper opposition to pedo love. They won the prerequisites decades ago and have been awaiting the right time to roll up the victory.

    Consent is the key. Children couldn’t, end of argument. But decades ago we allowed them to inject the idea of teens “will” have sex, glorify high school romance and sex in popular media and even the idea that an eighteen year old virgin was an oddity. So obviously we are now comfortable with the idea teens can, will and even should have sex with other teens. So they can obviously consent to sex, as long as it is with another teen.

    Next they attacked the age barrier. Semi-hot teachers sexing up horny teen boys? First one went to prison but now we snicker. Lucky boy. Then the lesbians sex up girls and play the gay card to end objections based on female teacher – boy student being normalized. NAMBLA has been quietly explaining how haters just don’t understand the important of the “mentoring” a confused young gay teen gets from an older gay man.

    So what is left? What it has really been all about from the start, horny old pervs openly getting the sweet young poon they crave. And what argument do we have left other than social inertia? One touching yet transgressive HBO special about forbidden love and it is game over.

    Who will be the holdout at National Review who gets sacked for objecting past the moment when $current_year makes it “unconservative” to be inflexible? Lets start a pool.

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