Donald Trump Was Pitch Perfect On Interruption

I just need to post a quick note on how perfectly Donald executed the amygdala hijack of interruption.

This is a golden oldie I already covered in a blog, but as you watch it, listen for how closely it mimics Donald’s interruption style of saying, “WRROOOONGGG!”

“Balls Of Steel!”

When Hillary was trying to compose her thoughts, formulate a rebuttal, and assess how best to present her side to the crowd to win the highest office in the land, just as she began the process:

“Baaaalllls Of Steeeeeel!”

“Secretary Clinton, what is your position on the Earned Income Tax Credit?”

“Well, Chris, I think…”


“Errrr. Ahhhh,…





And there was never any consequence to Donald. Hillary just had to deal with it. She was helpless and frustrated.

Under that pressure, having your train of thought just destroyed in a moment by an opponent who doesn’t care, and endures no consequence, has to be maddening for a narcissist.

If Hillary wasn’t on her Parkinson’s drugs, right after a five day drug holiday, Trump would have laid her out.

As it was, he wrecked her in the debate, and is well on course to win the Presidency.

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2 Responses to Donald Trump Was Pitch Perfect On Interruption

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  2. Jake Saga says:

    I agree with you. Even my wife really liked Trump in this debate. He seemed, to someone middle-of-the-road like her, calm and in control.
    How will Trump prevent massive voting and/or electoral fraud from defeating him? The recent Project Veritas videos shows it is going on, just as we all knew.
    How can we defeat shenanigans on such a widespread level, which is backed up by the system?
    I hope to God you are right about Trump winning, or we face true mass violence.

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