Harvard Offers Anal Sex Workshop

A month old, but should probably be added to the list:

While students demanded that a lecture from scholar Charles Murray be canceled in September, Harvard University hosted a workshop on anal sex this week.

As a part of Harvard University’s sex week, the Ivy League Institution hosted an anal sex workshop entitled, “What What in the Butt: Anal 101.” The workshop taught students “how to put things in their butt,” according to a report from The College Fix.

You would think elite academia would be spared this kind of degeneracy, but under the tenets of r/K, it will arise wherever threat is minimal and resources are maximal. On top of that because r-mating is based on show and flash rather than substance and ability, r’s tend to be designed to compete socially for ability-independent status in environments where violent threat is non-existent, meaning they will tend to gravitate into elite areas when there is no honest test of fitness due to resource excess.

Still, even knowing the mechanism, Harvard unabashedly promoting non-reproductive anal sex is a surprising mark of the degree of descent into r.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because the anus really isn’t designed for these kinds of things

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5 Responses to Harvard Offers Anal Sex Workshop

  1. JimP says:

    Sometimes what we call r just looks like good old fashioned evil to me. The devil thrives in r.

    Regarding your astute “honest test of fitness” remark – compare the background of potus with the swamp. The swamp has created layers not of fitness but fitting in, with overlapping layers of corrupt media, punditry, administrators and donors to protect the whole thing.

    It worked quite effectively as a wall but once someone breached it they are a great deal less capable of fighting threats. Legends are being taken out by harassment claims for petes sake.

    Meanwhile a guy who in business terms has been forged like steel in the cut throat nyc real estate market is ready for anything.

    He’s inside the gates and like a scythe he’s going to be increasingly difficult to stop,

  2. Pitcrew says:

    Their rivalry with Yale is getting a little out of hand.

  3. Bob says:

    Peak rabbitry.


    This fits well with your idea that dulled amygdala seek more and more extreme forms of sex for stimulation. What could be more extreme than sex that kills you? (ie, catching AIDS on purpose?) Disgusting, but fascinating nonetheless.

  4. Weso Phuct says:

    I have wondered for many years about why these people seem like sickos and just plain weird. Your r-K theory makes more sense than any other explanation.

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